Have You Noticed These “Pixar” And “Disney” Movie Mistakes? (24 PICS)

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Monsters Inc.

In Monsters, Inc. they get power from children’s screams after they get scared by monsters. However, there was an accident and a little girl came into the monster’s world, where Mike and Sully were trying to hide her. Well, not everything went according to plan and she ended up screaming and crying after Mike takes a teddy bear from her.

When Mike takes the teddy bear the first time, there was a picture on the wall behind the desk. However, later when Sully gives the bear back, the picture is gone.


In the restaurant when Sully is out on his date, first we don’t see the logo on the menu. Later, when he starts to panic about the little girl, we can see that the menu has a logo.



At the beginning of the movie, the chef was trying to stop the soup from leaving the kitchen. In the first scene when the waiter is getting the soup out, if we look to the right next to the door there is no step stool.

However, just a few seconds later, we can see the step stool on the right, and the chef takes it to help him peek through the door.


The Lion King

In the Lion King, in 2 different scenes, Nala has a different eye color. When he is talking with Simba her eyes are blue. However, when she was about to attack Pumbaa her eyes were green. In the rest of the movie, her eyes are green.


The Little Mermaid

In the scene where the evil witch Vanessa climbs up on the vanity, she stomps a glass and she breaks it. However, in the scene before, there is no glass at all.


Izismile Videos

During the romantic scene in The Little Mermaid where Princ Eric and Ariel are on a boat, we can see that he is rowing it and, in fact, the frogs were hitching a free ride. However, later the oars are gone.


Even in the scene from above, we can’t see the oars inside the boat, they disappeared completely.


Winnie The Pooh

As Pooh was about to knock on the door, he noticed a sign that he should ring instead. In the first scene, we see the sign but there is no tail, while just a few seconds later when he goes to ring the bell there is a tail, just above the sign.


The Rescuers Down Under

As the rescuers were waiting for their ride we can see a difference in their clothing. In the first scene, Miss Bianca doesn’t have a coat. A few seconds later, when Bernard comes to the window, suddenly we see her all dressed up.


Chicken Little

After the action with the spaceship, Chicken Little and his friends saw that the alien got off and he was there with them. His nose was runny, so Little decided to wipe him and he ended up throwing the handkerchief on the ground. A second later it seems like the handkerchief disappeared.



The Fox and the Hound

When Copper was brought to his new home he first met Chief. The little pup wanted to play with him and, in this scene, we can see that at first Chief has a rope tied to his collar. When he scolds Copper out of his wood house, the rope disappears.



When Cinderella had her happy ending and she was in the carriage with the prince in the scene when she was waving, we can see that she has a long sleeve dress. But, later during the kissing scene, she has a short sleeve dress.


The Jungle Book

In the scene when the elephant was teaching a lesson he got his stick broken. We can see this in the first image when he is talking to Mowgli. A second later it appears that the stick has fixed itself.


101 Dalmatians

When Roger took Pongo for his walk in the park, the dog saw a beautiful Dalmatian girl who was also with her owner. Pongo decided to create a scene so that Roger could meet her owner. So, he went all crazy and he throws his owner’s hat on a bench.

However, when Roger gets all tangled up around this woman, he apologizes to her using his hat, the one that he actually didn’t have the chance to get back from the bench.


Toy Story

When the heroes get trapped in Sid’s house we can see that there isn’t an outlet under the window. Later when Sid starts to experiment on the toys and play doctor, there is an outlet under the window and next to the chest.



Toy Story 2

When Buzz and the other friends tried to rescue Woody, as he was sneaking in through the ventilation shaft, first we can see that he is wearing a belt but seconds later that belt is gone.


At the beginning of the movie, when Rex accidentally steps on the remote control and he turns on the TV, Hamm comes to help to turn it off. But once he does and we see the TV turns off there is no reflection of them.


Finding Nemo

When the dentist goes into the fish tank to get Nemo with a plastic bag, first we see a zip-lock bag. However, when he places the bag on the table it changes into a regular one.


Wreck-it Ralph

When Ralph was teaching Vanellope to drive, she crashes her car and her tooth falls out. But in the following scenes, and actually during the entire movie, her tooth doesn’t seem to be missing.



At first, when Pocahontas and Nakoma went to see John, their shadows seem ok. But as they get closer the shadows become even, which is not possible.



Beauty and the Beast

When people came to Bell’s house to take her father to the asylum she was wearing an apron. But later once they took him, her apron just vanished.


The Princess and the Frog

During the ball when Tiana comes down the stairs, we can see her earrings. Later, as she was talking to her friend the earrings were gone. Actually, they reappeared again, which makes this a mistake in just one short scene.



As the house was starting to go up and fly we don’t see the little boy on the porch, but somehow he appeared later. This is a very important part of the movie that we all probably missed. Still, even though the boy tells Carl that he was running toward the house, he probably didn’t have time to get to the house, because it was already in the air.


Lilo and Stitch

When Lilo went to adopt a dog and she adopted Stitch instead during the payment process we can see the wall clearly and there is no phone on it. But, when Lilo grabs the adoption form, a phone appears on the same wall.


Credits:  brightside.me

Theodosia 1 year ago
There is nothing wrong with #1, 2, and 4. #1 and 2 are perspective changes. The picture is on the other side of the pencil cup, and he flips the menu over in the second one. The third is not an eye color change so much as a light change, that ANY real artist would recognize (black and white vs. gold and blue)
Margy 1 year ago
Did I tell you that I am a Artist ? A real Artist.



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