First Annual “Aerial Photography Awards” Winners Are Here! (23 PICS)

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First Place In Landscape Category: Skyggnisvatn

The highlands of Iceland.

Location: Iceland

First Place In Patterns Category: Umbrella Crossing

The crossing of umbrellas brings colors on a gray, rainy canvas.

Location: Japan

First Place In Abandoned Places Category: The Wreck

The wreck of a British WW1 minesweeper that ran aground the French coast. Buried under the sand for many years, this wreck has only been visible in recent years due to the rapid decline of the coastal line caused by marine erosion.

Location: France

First Place In Cityscapes Category: Spanish Rainbow

Location: Spain

First Place In World In Lockdown Category: We Are In It Together

One of the ways to show your support in difficult times. It is a residential apartment near my home. The residents hang the Vietnam national flags in support of those who are fighting against coronavirus in the front lines.

Location: Vietnam

Izismile Videos

First Place In Waterscapes Category: Arctic Paradise

This image was taken off the coast of Qeqertarsuaq at -25° Celsius. One of the most beautiful yet abstract places I've ever seen.

Location: Greenland

First Place In Architecture Category: Abstract Greece

Location: Greece

First Place In Constructions Category: The Frame

Location: Lebanon

First Place In Abstract Category: Tatacoa Desert

A top-down view of the rock formations of the Tatacoa desert at sunset.

Location: Colombia

First Place In Trees & Forests Category: Forest Path

A herd of sheep uses a forest road to return home.

Location: Turkey


First Place In Daily Life Category: The Lady Of The Sea

A fishing boat is dropping a net and, accidentally, the waves pull the edges of the net into a lady on the blue sea. An accident of creation.

Location: Vietnam

First Place In Wildlife Category: Flying Flamingos

Location: Kenya

First Place In Travel Category: Shanghigh

Location: China

First Place In Transportation Category: Fairway Of The Gulf Of Finland

Location: Finland

First Place In Other Category: On The Edge

A child reaches for a plastic bag that has fallen into the Amstel River.

Location: Netherlands


First Place In Hotels Category: Chromata

Location: Greece

First Place In Sports Category: Ball-Up

The physical motions of a tennis player against the clean, abstract lineage of the court created a harmonious effect on the eye.

Location: Australia

First Place In Digitally Enhanced Category: Airplanes

These aerial images are all constructed from many different photos that I took flying by helicopter. All images presented here are taken after 2015, but it is impossible to determine just one date of shooting since I sometimes use hundreds of photos.

Location: Brazil

First Place In World Culture Category: Eid Congregation

South Asia's largest Eid-ul-Fitr Congregation was held in Gor-e-Shahid Boro Math, Dinajpur, Bangladesh. According to the organizers’ claim, over 600,000 devotees participated in this Eid congregation. The prayers began at 8:30 am with devotees coming from different parts of the region. Eid-ul-Fitr is a Muslim festival of happiness celebrated all over the world.

Location: Bangladesh

First Place In Documentary Category: Fire Attack

Firefighters from the Jersey Airport Rescue & Firefighting Service work as a team to attack a simulated aircraft fire. These live fire scenarios are designed to ensure the crews are fully skilled and ready should a real incident occur!

Location: Jersey, UK


First Place In Industrial Category: Energy Storage

Location: Germany

First Place In Accommodations Category: Colors Of Dubai

Real estate shooting for accommodations in the Burj Khalifa.

Location: UAE

First Place In Environment Category: Flood Water Has Damaged Crops

In Bogura, Bangladesh, flood water has damaged crops worth around Tk83 crore (£8 million) in the current season. The amount of damage in Sariakandi Upazila is around Tk68 crore (£6.4 million), while the combined amount of damage is Tk15 crore (£1.4 million) in Sonatala and Dhunat. The district agricultural extension officials and other agriculture officials provided the information after discussion with local farmers who were affected by the flood. In this season, at least 50,000 people have been waterlogged in Sariakandi Upazila alone. According to the Upazila agriculture office, 7,535 hectares of land have been submerged in Sariakandi.

Location: Bangladesh

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