Who Knows What This Is… (21 PICS)

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"Found on a Pacifica beach, what is this?"

A: "It’s seaweed that was once red!"


"Black and brown growth on lawn, appeared this week!"

A: "A cluster of Stinkhorn mushrooms. Flies love them"


"Found this on the beach near KSC. Definitely one of the more interesting things I’ve found. Some sort of weather devise, but any more details than that?"

A: "It’s part of a weather balloon, specifically a radiosond that collects the weather information. There should be a phone number to call. Very cool."


"Found this in the store. It’s all made of wood, with 11 colors and 2 pieces each. May I know what it is for and what it does?"

A: "It’s a Montessori Color Box"


"Drawing found in my father in law’s effects"

A: "That is an old school photo copy of a patent drawing . Looks like some kind of trocar."


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"Weird metal part that comes in a matchbox every once in a while."

A: "It’s an extension for lighting candles"


"Breath-o-matic device? Bought at a Chicagoland estate sale this past weekend. What is this?"

A: "It’s a piece of art by Frank Limone"


"Spotted in a Culver’s between the wall and a fridge."

A: "There’s likely replaceable glue mats on the inside. It attracts less attention than the noise a zapper makes and also allows the technician to see what kind of insects they are dealing with so they can tailor their treatment to them."


"Small round silver box, What is this?"

A: "It’s a pill box made from coins"


"This was found in an old toolshed. It’s made in Sweden by Bahco. Some sort of tool?"

A: "I believe it’s for pulling out nails back when they were square my dad had one like 20 years ago."



"I found this room in an abandoned building. Can anyone tell me what this building may have been for and what these things hanging from the ceiling are?"

A: "It’s a miners’ changing room. The hooks and baskets lift their work clothes up and out of the way of the next shift."


"Wooden Weiner dog, tail end is removable, body is hollow, is this more than a decoration?"

A: "It’s a toy made by Brodhaven Mfg"


"What is this hole under my partner’s porch? He just moved in a few days ago (to the apartment not the hole). It also looks like…raw sewage?"

A: "That’s sewage from the house. Something is blocked down the line."


"Where did this tiny glass bead come from?"

A: "Looks like an Egyptian scarab bead, there are many types/designs."


"What is this wooden ball with dice-like imprints?!?"

A: "That is a batting cage ball that has sat out for a long time and dried out."



"Found this at Goodwill for $2- only 5×2 inches and very ornate"

A: "It’s a chocolate pot."


"What’s the bump in this railroad fence for? Seems like it would make it easier to climb."

A: "According to industry literature, the bump is to add strength. It probably prevents bowing or sagging in the fence over time and keeps a professional, secure appearance."


"What is this single-stringed instrument? I recently got it as a gift, and the seller apparently said it was from Morocco and made by a Tunisian craftsman, but I don’t know how accurate that is."

A: "Rebab which is a Ottoman/North African spike fiddle"


"What is this on my pomegranate cutting?"

A: "This is a scale insect, likely in the family Coccidae. There are varied treatments available for getting rid of them. I’ve used horticultural oil to great effect in the past. Anyhow, get them under control before they become a problem!"


"Very tiny metal cylinders with sharp pointed end, what are they used for? Found in a misc hardware cup at a local thrift store. About 3 mm in length."

A: "These are hobnails. An old way of increasing shoe traction."



"What is torpedo looking thing sitting within a small Greek village by the seaside?"

A: "Years ago in the Navy, a ship I was stationed on had similar items for spreading out mine hunting nets and cables. You could drag these behind the ship, and depending how you tied off to it, it would ‘walk’ out away from the ship to the side taking nets or cables with it. I doubt this is mine hunting, but I bet it is (commercial?) fishing related for the same general purpose."


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Sinah 10 month s ago
#21 a similar technique can be applied when fishing with what is called an "otter" (yes, like the animal) in Norwegian. You have a board with a long line in it and walk along the shore. The shape of the board will cause it to go out from the shore when dragged so you can fish on deeper water and still drag the lure (which hangs in a shorter line from the "otter" into the water) parallel to the shore.
Mahala 10 month s ago
Sinah, Same in English/Scottish. We use otters too.
Otha 10 month s ago
Nr. 12 may be a box for knitting needles



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