People Will Do Anything To Earn Some Extra Money… (15 GIFS)

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"Be armed and discreet security in a costume, at Christmas time. The costume was a cartoon police office, like the park ranger from yogi bear, complete with oversized hat and badge. Even had a Snidely Whiplash mustache to go with it.

It was like our normal uniform with a cartoon twist."




"Sold a jar of urine to my then girlfriends brother so he could pass a drug test. Maybe not that weird but wasn’t expecting it that day"




"Not me, but my friend. He snorted parmesean cheese for a beer. He got such a bad sinus infection that the doctor’s bills were well over $400. Can’t make this [email protected]#t up lol."




"I chugged 16oz of pancake syrup for $10."




"Pissed all over a weirdo in San Fran. Totally not into that but some nut job offered me 100 bucks to piss all over his torso in the middle of a park in near the city.

Would do it again."




"I was a chemistry tutor in college. This guy paid me $100 an hour to sit beside him while he studied for his chem final just in case he had questions. I wasn’t supposed to be on my phone or read or anything, just sit and wait patiently. Three hours in silence and he asked ONE question: did I set this up right? Easiest but strangest money I ever made."




"Was paid cash to attend a meeting by this small tech business who was trying to negotiate some sort of deal. They were in the fake it til you make it stage and couldn’t really afford a lawyer or a good business manager.

All I needed to do was wear a suit, bring a nice briefcase, take an occasional note, stare people on the other side in the eyes until they felt uncomfortable and remain quiet.

Then at a point where I was given a signal I said loudly to the guy leading “our side” ..””You know I think this is the biggest waste of your time and certainly mine. We should just go”. They all nod their heads, pack their stuff and walk out. We get downstairs to the cars and they hand me my cash and we part ways. Found out later they did become somewhat successful, not sure if it was from that deal or not. But they do some decent work in SoCal."




"When I was 15 I worked for a duck retriever club. I was paid to hide behind a blind and throw dead ducks into the air. The hunter would fire a blank into the air and release his dog to retrieve it to train younger dogs.

By the end of the day in Texas the bag smelled pretty ripe. I was paid $50 a day."




"Drank expired milk. Little did they know, it was still perfectly good, but I pretended as if it was chunky and sour."




"Paid my buddy $5 to eat a pinecone"




"Found an old bamboo stick on a job site and for 20 bucks my foreman took a big swing and broke it over my @$$. Would not recommend"




"Focus Groups. I got in with some folks who staffed focus groups while I was in grad school. Did a few a week. No one in the group was supposed to know anyone else, but a few of my friends did them too so we just acted like we were strangers. Paid well and in cash. $50 an hour typically, sometimes $75."




"I ate a golfball of Wasabi for 100$"




"I did a voice-over for a YouTube video to help a friend’s daughter with her University entrance application. She had to do a art film about a guy hanging out with a cup of tea (it was a “commercial” extolling tea’s health benefits), and they decided they needed someone with an English accent to make it sound more “genuine”. Well, I have an English accent and used to be an amateur thespian when I was younger so I volunteered my services.

They paid me by buying me lunch, so that worked out for me. Her daughter got into the school she wanted and has since graduated and now has a career so I’m glad I was able to help in a small way.

Wish I could link the video, but it appears to have been taken down (it was about 10 years ago)."




"Paid audience member. A lot of those pre-taped boring @$$ shows that has the crowd laughing hysterically somehow despite the utter [email protected]#t/unfunny going on? Yeah, they’re a bunch of Angelinos being paid minimum wage to sit there and laugh and clap on command.

Did that quite a bit in the lean years when I was still trying to be a professional musician in the scene. Thanks to that, I discovered my personal hell – being stuck in a room with unfunny “comedians” and being forced to laugh at their jokes for $9 an hour at the time (this was in the mid 2010’s)"







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