Hidden Stories Behind Celebrity Tattoos (15 PICS)

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Lily Collins

If Lily gets a tattoo, then you can be sure there will be a special interpretation behind it. On her foot, she has a rose with a string of words in the form of a stem: “The nature of this flower is to bloom.” She had it done after the shooting of the film Love, Rosie. According to her, the message it hides is as follows: “There’s a single petal falling off to symbolize that I may look delicate, but I’m as strong as a rose.”



Rihanna is a big fan of meaningful tattoos, and this one piece of art on her body is no exception. She got “Never a failure. Always a lesson” under her right clavicle. The text is written backward, and according to her, it’s done this way so she can read it in the mirror. “It’s basically saying that it’s OK to make a mistake. Just don’t make them twice,” she said in an interview.


Sophie Turner

Sophie has a lot of small and very elegant tattoos all over her body. And this time, she decided to express her feelings toward her grandfather with another minimalistic tattoo — a simple “G” on her pinky finger. To her, her dear grandfather is her hero.


Justin Bieber

Justin loves getting different peculiar tattoos all over his body, and this one is no exception. Even though it’s written in a messy font, it serves as a reminder to him. “I look back at a lot of things in my life, mistakes, insecurities, and although I have felt I’ve wasted a lot of time, it also makes me want to be better faster! For me personally, I want to work every day to be BETTER AT 70,” explained the singer.


Kendall Jenner

A tiny, almost unnoticeable tattoo appeared on Kendall’s finger. Even though it’s just a white dot, it hides a powerful message. Her tattoo artist, JonBoy, explains: “To her, it’s the little things that matter.” However, it was done in a way that is hard to see for one more reason: Kendall didn’t want it to have an impact on her modeling career.


Izismile Videos

Billie Lourd

In honor of her mother, Carrie Fisher, the actress got a matching tattoo to Carrie’s, on what would have been her 61st birthday. The minimalistic galaxy theme with moon, planets, and stars was inked on her ankle, in almost the same spot where her mother had it.


Zach Braff

The actor got a small but very detailed tattoo in loving memory of his good friend Nick Cordero. He did it the following month after Nick died from fighting an illness. The tattoo features Zach’s friend dancing in a suit, very similar to one he wore in Bullets over Broadway, a jukebox musical, where they both had roles.


Lady Gaga

Gaga’s bicep tattoo features a quote in German from Letters to a Young Poet. It was written by her favorite poet Rainer Maria Rilke, whose philosophy of solitude she finds particularly poignant. She says that solitude is “something you marry, as an artist. When you are an artist, your solitude is a lonely place that you embrace.”

The quote’s translation sounds like this: “In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?”


David Beckham

David has a lot of tattoos all over his body dedicated to his wife and children. With all of them, he has a very tender and understanding relationship. Sometimes, he even lets them become the designers of his new tattoos that he happily adds to his tattoo collection.


Emma Watson

Emma is a true activist and doesn’t hesitate to support meaningful movements that help to change the world into a better place. She even got herself a tattoo that shows her participation in the #TimesUp movement. This movement focuses on supporting women in overcoming workplace inequality.



Kylie Jenner

Kylie is very close with her maternal grandmother, Mary Jo Shannon. She decided to express her warm feelings to her in a tattoo of her name. Like her other tattoos, it’s done in a symbolic red color and in her grandfather’s handwriting.


Paris Jackson

In loving memory of her father, Michael Jackson, Paris got the world “Bad” tattooed on her hand. The artwork was done in red and in exactly the same font that appeared on Michael’s album that was released back in 1987.


Drew Barrymore

This sweet tattoo that was done on her wrist in a catchy font is dedicated to her 2 daughters, Olive and Frankie. It was a spontaneous decision to get this tattoo, as she just walked into a tattoo shop and asked if someone was available to do it for her. She commented on this experience as, “Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm.”


Demi Lovato

In 2019 Demi Lovato got herself a tattoo of her late great-grandmother, “Mimaw.” It’s based on a photograph of her, and what makes the situation extra touching is that at the moment that she got this tattoo, the actress was 26 years old, the same age as her grandmother in the photo. “You at 26 on my arm while I’m 26, and forever. I love you more.” Lovato commented.


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is a huge supporter of the LGBTQ+ movement and diligently works on raising awareness of discrimination within this community. After the Orlando nightclub shooting, she got a rather painful in many senses tattoo inked on the side of her head — the word “Solidarity.” With it, Kelly turns to everyone: “Together, we have the strength and powerful harmony. The tragedy in Orlando devastated me and reminded me that every moment of our lives is precious.”



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