Parents Can Be Extremely Wholesome! (41 PICS)

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Every Parent Should Be So Cool; The World Would Be A Better Place

This Dad Is Doing Parenting The Right Way!

Dad And Daughter Time

This Dad, Who Never Promised You Maturity

Wholesome Graduation

Izismile Video Collection

It's Really Beautiful

"I Saw This Japanese Mom’s Amazing Cooking And Sent It To My Mom, Asked Her If She Could Make One For Me. I Was Just Joking Since I’m No Longer A Kid And Living In Another Continent Now. Two Hours Later She Replied With This Pic And Told Me She Will Be Practicing And Cook For Me When I Go Back Home"

And This Dad Who Sent A Hilariously Embarrassing Voice-Recorded Card To His Daughter

"A Year Ago I Sent My Dad A Meme. Little Did I Know He Printed It, Dated It, Hand Laminated It, And Put It In His Office"

And This Dad Who Has Been Proud Of His Son's Work At Every Age

These Parents Who Made A Legit At-Home Blockbuster For Their Son

Best Advice


This Dad Who Overnighted Mangos To His Daughter Because She Forgot To Pack Them

This Mom Who Belted Out A Classic Song In Public Just To Cheer Up Her Kid

This Dad, Who Took What He Learned And Ran With It


Guys, My Mum Wants You All To Cheer Up And Look At Cute Babies

A Dad Who Firmly Believes In Solidarity

"My Dad Has Been Peeling Oranges For My Lunch Since Kindergarten & On My Last Day Of High School I Got This Instead"

This Mom And Gma Who Make Sure To Never Miss A Game

"My Mom Sent Me This Picture Of Her And Our Family Dog Showing Their Pride. It Made Me Smile To Know They Support And Love Me And The Lgbt Community!"


This Dad Who Praised His Daughter's Makeup Look

Dad Who Sent His Daughter A Cake

"My Mother-In-Law Set Up A Sweetheart Table For My Fiancée And I On What Was Supposed To Be Our Wedding Day"

Heart Exploded


Wholesome 100!! Dad Made Custom Controller For Her Specialy Abled Daughter So She Could Play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Ever Since I Came Out My Mom Has Sent Me Rainbow Hearts

"My Mom Recently Moved In With Me. She Spent 30 Years Working In A Jewelry Store. I Needed A New Battery In My iPhone. She Immediately Looked Me In The Eye And Said “I Got This”. Welcome Home Mom. I Love You."

This Dad Who Was So Proud To Walk His Son To School No Matter His Son's Age

"I Asked My Bar Guest What She Was Writing. Turns Out She Has 3 Daughters And She Writes 5 Lines A Day To Each Of Them. These Will Be Gifts When They Get Married One Day. Mom Of The Year"


"My Daughter’s Entire 1st Grade Class Had A Virtual “Fort Night” Together To Celebrate The End Of The Year And Boy, Did Her Dad Deliver On The Fort Making"

And This Dad Who Sat In On His Daughter's Grad School Class Just To Embarrass Her

"My Son Broke His Wrist And It Extra Sucks Since We Are Stuck At Home For At Least Another Month. I Decorated His Cast And Now He Loves It And Is Super Happy To Finally Have A "Tattoo""

She’s Got Great Chat, An Eye For Colour & This Only Cost Me £1.

This Dad Who Took The Family Dog To A Motorcycle Event

Middle School Lunch Period Is Hard So My Mom Wrote Me Encouraging Notes To Read At Lunch


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