From A 1961 Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe To A Black Matte Roadster (12 PICS)

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Ever wondered what a Volkswagen Beetle Deluxe would look like if Batman was driving it?

When you look at Koldal’s take on the Volkswagen Beetle, you can’t help but think “hey, isn’t this something Bruce Wayne would probably drive?” And you’d be correct in thinking that many online are of the same opinion.

Its sleek matte black aesthetic paired up with an elongated body does hint at the similar designs of Batmobiles over the years, but there is one slight discrepancy there—there is a hood ornament with the Superman logo as well as the word “Superman” written in cursive on the back.


Well, it’s not the Batmobile but designer designer Danni Koldal’s custom VW Roadster built from a Beetle Deluxe

So, apart from the new paint job, the car underwent some drastic changes, namely the elimination and modification of certain parts. Koldal said goodbye to the original chrome bumpers of the Deluxe and got rid of the fender-mounted turn signals. Also, he got rid of the old side mirrors and went with a more old school “torpedo” design appropriate for race cars.

What is more, there is no roof and the windshield was chopped off, making it seem more menacing and lower than it was before. Oh, and the car was also lowered as well. The shiny rims and whitewall tires were also matched appropriately to make sure it fits the old-school aesthetic.


The car features a custom-built hot rod-like body as well as a sleek matte black paint job

Now, if it was just an aesthetic overhaul, the car should still be pretty much the same under the hood—likely a 4-speed transmission with a 1100 to 1600 CC engine boasting 25 to 40 horsepower and around 60–70mph (96–112kmh) top speed depending on the engine.

The Volkswagen Beetle community is surprisingly huge and mods such as this are no rarity. Bored Panda has already covered another VW project called the Volkspod, where Brent Walter took apart an original VW Beetle and created two adorable motorcycles for himself and his wife.


Izismile Video Collection

The car was lowered, the windshield was chopped off, and ‘torpedo’ mirrors were put on to give it a mean look

By the looks of things on Koldal’s Instagram, the car has also been in exhibitions and was even featured on a random t-shirt in Thailand, as spotted by his friend who was on vacation there.

Koldal’s VW roadster has recently been making headlines online, with people falling in love with the design. While some were not Beetle enthusiasts, even they admitted that it’s one sweet ride.


One commenter joked that it ought to be called “Das Gangster,” seemingly alluding to Volkswagen’s motto “Das Auto” (“The Car”). Others wished they could get it, but, alas, the only way to acquire one is to make it into a project just like Koldal did.


Many think it’s what Batman would drive, but the body features a Superman hood ornament and trunk sticker


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