Only The Most Interesting Stuff Is Here! (41 PICS)

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"Meet Narnia, A Rare Two Faced Cat"

"A German Circus Is Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience. And It's Cool"

"Turkish Garbage Collectors Open A Library With All Of The Books Citizens Discard In Their Trash"

"Some Drugstores In The Czech Republic Introduced Shampoo And Shower Gel Filling Machines. Customers Can Refill Their Empty Bottles With Various Products So They Don't Have To Buy A New One Everytime"

"These 3 Jewish Men Arrived In Auschwitz On The Same Day, & Were Tattooed 10 Numbers Apart. 73 Years Later, Sandi Bachom Photographed Them Meeting For The First Time For The Last Eyewitness Project, As Free Men Who Survived To Build Families And Prosperous Lives"

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"My Grandpa In Front Of The Plane He Flew In World War II. He Is 97 Now"

"A Bonsai Apple Tree Growing A Full-Sized Apple"

"This Tiny Lizard Perfectly Shedding Looks Like He's Wearing A Tiny Lizard Space Suit"

"Biracial Twin Sisters Born To A White Father And A Half-Jamaican Mother"

"Anti Poachers Guarding The Gorillas Selfie"


"U.S. Marshalls Escorting The Extremely Brave Ruby Bridges, 6 Years Old, To School In 1960. This Courageous Young Girl Is Known For Being The First African American Child To Attend An All-White Elementary School In The South"

"This Wolf And Bear Pair Were Documented Travelling, Hunting And Sharing Food Together For 10 Days"

"It Is 'Kukur Tihar' Here In Nepal. Today Is The Day When Dogs Are Worshiped And Thanked For Their Loyalty"

"Photographer Gets One In A Lifetime Shot Of Meteor By Accident"

"I Run Down An Old Dirt Road. Trash Is Dumped There. One Day I Stopped And Found A Box Of Money. All The Envelopes Are Different Countries All Over The World. Mostly Date From The 1700s-1900s. The Oldest Is A Coin From 1621. I’ve Got Some From Countries That No Longer Exist. I’m Still Researching"


"About 100,000 People Take To The Streets Of Warsaw Poland To Oppose Tightened Abortion Law"

"Hanako, A Koi Fish Who Died At The Age Of 226. In 1966, Two Of Her Scales Were Removed And Extensively Studied To Determine Her Age. She Was The Longest Living Koi Fish (C. 1751 – 7 July 1977.)"

"Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geodes. Discovered Yesterday In Artigas, By The Mining Company Uruguay Minerals"

"I've Been Training Myself How To Draw Photorealistically For A Little While Now. Here's My Best Sampling From Each Year Of Progress"

"The Arabian Sand Boa Never Fails To Amuse Me, As It Strongly Resembles A Small Child’s Best Effort At Drawing A Snake"


"This Is What Sunset Looks Like From Space"

"A Spring That Flows Through A Living Tree"

"Chimp With Alopecia Reveals A Truth Usually Concealed In Fur: Chimps. Are. Ripped"

"Married Couple In China Discover They Appeared In Same Photograph As Teenagers"

"Himalayan Griffon Vulture Showing Off Its Fake Eyes"


"This Is How Big Kiwis Are"

"This Is The First Flower Ever Grown Entirely In Space"

"This Is Daisuke Inoue, The Inventor Of Karaoke. He Did Not Patent The Machine Because He Wanted To "Teach The World To Sing". He Earned Nothing From The Billion Dollar Industry His Invention Has Spawned And Has No Regrets. Photo Is Of Him And The Very First Karaoke Machine Ever Made"

"Baobabs In The Mist. Madagascar"

"Here Are My Removed & Genetically Modified White Blood Cells, About To Be Put Back In To Hopefully Cure My Cancer! This Is T-Cell Immunotherapy!"


"Clouds In Harrodsburg, Kentucky. No Filter"

"I Stayed Up Until 4am To Capture This! Hdr Waning Moon - Composite Image"

"The Tomb Of Ramesses Vi, The Valley Of Kings, Egypt"

"Russian Photographer Andrey Pavlov Takes The Most Mind-Blowing Macro Photographs Of Ants That You Will Ever See"

"Sweet Octopus Chandelier My Buddy Made And Installed Today!"


"In Finland Temperature Gets As Low As -40c In Winter, The Trees Are Covered In So Much Snow And Frost That It Looks Like Landscape From Another Planet"

"This Ad Hoc Theater Made From Hay Bales"

"It's Snowing In Australia At The Moment And Its Not Every Day That You Get To See Kangaroos Hopping In The Snow"

"Mosaics Of A Roman Villa Were Found Under A Vineyard In Negrar, Italy"

"These So-Called Wine Windows Were Used By Vintners In Italy To Sell Wine During Plague Pandemics In The 17th Century. Now They Are Coming Back To Use Due To Coronavirus"


"On This Day 40 Years Ago Terry Fox, A 21 Year Old Canadian Who Lost A Leg To Cancer, Began An East To West Cross-Canada Run To Raise Money And Awareness For Cancer Research. He Ran The Equivalent Of A Full Marathon Every Day And Made It 143 Days And 5,373 Km Before He Lost His Battle With Cancer"


Jude 11 month s ago
#12 we all act according to our needs
#37 all I see is a death trap
Fran 11 month s ago
#37 I agree, death trap for sure.
Randy 11 month s ago
#11 because all 6yr olds choose their schools...
Micky 11 month s ago
Randy, In US, southern states did not allow blacks and whites to attend the same school, regardless of geographic proximity. In 1954, Supreme Court said that's unconstitutional. Southern governments blocked moves to integrate schools for the next 10 years. Finally Feds ordered schools to desegregate... So Ruby here needed fed escorts to get to the school in her neighborhood. Unimaginable bravery.
Ced 10 month s ago
Micky, I graduated high school in '64. Never attended an integrated school (Alabama). But, like Randy inferred, 6yo's don't choose their schools. Neither do 17yo's! I remember a student asking our HS principal what he would do if a black person tried to integrate our high school. He said that he would take that person into his office and have a discussion about why and what they hoped to accomplish and explain to them what they might expect from the other students. When asked, "What would you do if they still wanted to attend" he replied, "I'd get them a class schedule just like we did for you". I never heard anyone utter a bad word about our principal.
Kate 11 month s ago
#40 is the actual home improvement project everyone should be working on. Sure cheer me up if I'm walking down the street and suddenly a hand appears out of nowhere offering me a cocktail.
Winnifred 11 month s ago
#4 the shelf dispenses laundry detergent, fabric softener and dishwashing liquid, not shampoo or shower gel
Peg 11 month s ago
#41 Soon to be on the new Canadian $5. At least should be.
Harold 8 month s ago
It's a excellent initiative too . It's could be used in more stores.



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