Top 5 Funniest Moments in Football History

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As entertaining as it is due to the competitiveness, football can sometimes produce shocking events that will put a smile on faces of even the most depressed spectators. These moments can come in quite handy in a situation when you might have lost serious cash on Indian sports betting sites for example. Although the main actors will be embarrassed in most of these cases, they will at least fill in the newspapers headlines in countries from all over the world. Stay tuned and enjoy the five funniest moments in the history of the game.  

Top 5 Funniest Moments in Football History


1 - Stretcher Mistake

It was really hard to choose the top spot in such a list. We decided to award it to two gentlemen who couldn’t agree on which way to go while trying to take the injured player off the pitch. Each of the stretchers pulled off to his side and the outcome simply had to be ridiculous. One of them fell, dropping the unlucky player down to the grass. Just imagine how the player felt at that very moment.

You can find the video here -

2 – Chris Brass Own Goal

Own goals are never funny to the team that concede them, but Chris Brass’ move made even his teammates laugh, although it out their rivals Darlington back on level terms (3-3) in the League Two tie on the occasion. Brass was trying to clear the ball over his head, but was unlucky to smash it right onto his face. The ball bounced back to the place where he least wanted it, Bury’s net, to make it three apiece on the day. To make the event even more ridiculous, the player broke his nose during the process.

You can find the video here -

3 – Rene Higuita Scorpion Kick

You will hardly find a football fan who does not know about Rene Higuita and his famous scorpion kick. The Colombian goalkeeper was known as “El Loco” (“The Crazy Man”) for a reason. His eccentric style involved individual dribbling runs and attempts of scoring goals. You think Manuel Neuer comes out of his area frequently? Check this guy’s video clips.

Rene pulled off his most famous move in September 1995 at Wembley where his Colombia played England in an international friendly. Higuita cleared Jamie Redknapp’s cross by kicking the ball away with his heels while having his legs over his head. It is also worth mentioning that Rene has scored 41 goals in his career. Remember, he was a goalkeeper. Remember, he was a goalkeeper. While El Loco is very funny, you may think that this video of a moose playing football is even funnier.

You can find the video here -

4 – Referee Falls Over

We’ve frequently had a chance to see referees falling over, but none came close to match the level of ridiculousness as this one. The man tried to send the ball to a player with a back-heel, but only to tumble over and fall right on his face. This four-second video will certainly make your day.

You can find the video here -

5 – The Medic Slip

Last but not least is this incredible medic slip. The medical, who was supposed to help the injured player, slipped on a wet grass and pulled off a crazy tackle with two legs in a Sergio Ramos style. There are no doubts he would be sent off for such a brutal challenge had he been a player. This way, he just completes our list of the most ridiculous football videos.

You can find the video here -




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