And What Do You Collect? (49 PICS)

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"This Is One Of Several Alphabets Assembled By Belgian Type Designer Clotilde Olyff From Stones Collected At The Beach"

"I Started Feeding Bar Nuts To These Crows That Are Regular To The Patio Of A Bar I Work At. My Collection Of Gifts Finally Started After 3 Months"

"A Year Ago, I Started Staying In And Peircing State Quarters, Instead Of Going Out And Getting In Trouble. Here Is My Collection So Far"

"My Doctor Has A Kept All The Pictures Kids Have Drawn Of Him"

"Perfectly Round Rocks I Found On The Beach. Bonus: Egg, Dorito, And Watermelon Rock"

Izismile Video Collection

"This Is My Periodic Table Of Elements With Actual Elements"

"My Grandfather's Pencil Sharpener Collection I Inherited"

"Over The Past 15 Years My Dad Collected 1,785 Bowling Balls And Built A Giant Bowling Ball Pyramid"

"Collection Of Reference Seeds Found In My Grandad’s Attic"

"Since The Late 80s, My Office Has Been Collecting Used Staples That Were Removed From Documents That Needed To Be Microfilmed/Scanned. Here Is That Collection"


"The Product Of 15 Years Collecting Shedded Antlers From The Woods"

"Our Tire Sticker Ball Turned 6 Today"

"My Grandma With Her Birdhouse Collection"

"Some Of My Favorite Arrowheads. Amazing Little Pieces Of History Collected On Our Private Property In Southern Arizona"

"2 Years Of Collecting Sea Glass"


"My Sand And Dirt Collection From Every Place I Visited"

"My Girlfriend Cleaning Her Monopoly Collection"

"She has about 600. There are some duplicates and most are sealed. The oldest one is from the 1940’s I think. My favorite is the Harley Davidson one which weighs about 20 pounds"


"My Four-Leaf-Clover Collection (Plus A Couple Five-Leafers In The Middle)"

"The Airbnb That I’m Staying In Has A Collection Of Rubber Ducks In The Bathroom Wall"

"I'm 14 And Here Is A Picture Of Me And My Chess Medals"


"My 100% Complete Collection Of Every LEGO Shield Ever Made"

"My Shark Tooth Collection"

"I found them all on the beach"


"This Collection Of Objects Swallowed By Children"

"I Helped My Dad Alphabetize His Vinyl Collection"

"My History Teacher's Presidential PEZ Collection"


"This Is My Gameboy Mosaic Made Out Of Gameboy Games. Note: No Games Were Harmed And All Are Removable And Playable"

"Weapons Collection From The Royal Armouries In Leeds, UK"

"Marble Collection From The 1800s. All Made From Polished Semi-Precious Stones"

"My (87-Years-Old) Father's "Ugly" Golf Ball Collection"

"My old man, who is now pushing 90 and can't get out to play anymore, was always the guy who would hit his shot, then poke around in the woods and ponds looking for golf balls. He saved buckets of good golf balls, but his real pride and joy is his collection of "ugly golf balls". He was overjoyed any time he'd find a rotten old ball that had been hit by a mower and left to decay. The guy got a hole-in-one once, complete with a big plaque. He promptly lost that golf ball. But he invites strangers into his home to show them his ugly golf ball collection. It's the little things!"


"Local Pharmacy Has A Display Of Antique Medicines"


"My Aunt Has A Spoon Collection That Has A Tiny Spoon Collection Right Above It"

"Friend's Mom In Australia Has A Collection Of What She Found In Her Home"

"I Collect Rocks That Look Like Eggs"

"My Granddad's Tool Collection In His Shed"

"I Collect Food Shaped Erasers"


"My Entire Bow Tie Collection, Minus The One I'm Wearing Now"

"A Small Part Of My Vintage Camera Collection"

"My Mom Collects Sand From Beaches All Over The World"

"My Game Collection Is Finally Out Of Storage! Wife Surprised Me By Building Shelves As An Anniversary Gift Today"

"Someone Had All The Failed Presidential Candidates Bumper Stickers On Their Car"


"My Dad's Little Metal Detecting Museum"

"An Array Of Cake Pans Collected In The Lifetime Of My Late Grandmother Taken From A Roof Top"

"My Dice Collection"

"My Grandfather Used All Of His Hotel/Motel Keys He Received From His Job As A Travelling Salesman And Made Them Into A Map Of The US"

"My Copy Editor Father's Collection Of Worn Down Pencils"

"He started using them on the recommendation of one of my teachers back when I was in high school. He's got a whole box full of them. I'm not sure about the exact make, but the brand is Palomino if anyone is interested."


"The Only Remaining Picture Of My Childhood Star Wars Collection"

"My Dad's Lifelong Collection Of Matchbooks"

"A Collection Of Things My Local Shop Has Pulled Out Of Flat Tires"

"Fun fact: the white circle in the top left is one of those security tags for clothes."


"The Amount Of Train Tickets I’ve Collected By Commuting To University For One Year"


Lonzo 4 month s ago
I collect nude pictures ... Of myself yahoo
Manoah 4 month s ago
I collect broken hearts dirol
Sheryl 4 month s ago
Collecting stuff is just a fancy form of hoarding.
Mitch 4 month s ago
#44 So he stole like a thousand keys. Great guy!
Dre 4 month s ago
#10 seal that trash can and send it to forged in fire :)
Maisie 4 month s ago
#6 Where did you get the Uranium??
Alice 4 month s ago
Maisie, Not all uranium is enriched and there are places in the world (like my garden) where you can find it in the rocks and if you have a hammer and a blow torch you can get some out.
Absalom 4 month s ago
Love #28 and #43 I have both a Marble and a Dice collection, 1003 marbles but only 12 are very old. I got them from my grandfather. My dice collection is only up to 594, but I keep collect more as I go.



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