The Very First Popular Video Game

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The era of video games dates back to the 1950s as a technological concept introduced at a science fair. Since then, it has brought a crazy revolution in technology by becoming one of the world’s most productive industries. So getting on the introduction as what are video games? Video games are a type of electronic games or software that runs on a computer or video game console.

It generates visual feedback for a player by involving interaction with an input device like a keyboard, controller, joystick, and other motion-sensing devices. A player can control the game. Video games can be played on various platforms such as Consoles, Mobile, Virtual Reality, Arcade, television, Web Browser, and Streaming depending on an individual’s interest. Moreover, video games have expanded their dimension by introducing unlimited genres within them like; sports, adventure, action, shooting, horror, simulation, role-playing, strategy, board games, multigame, art, etc. These genres certainly give you tons of options to choose from, based on your preferences and liking.

Popular Platform of Video Games

In the beginning, the most popular platform for video games was Arcade games. Arcade video games are like a gaming machine that is operated by inserting some coins in it. They are installed in public places like restaurants, amusement arcades, and bars, but the most popular sites for arcade games are casinos. Arcade games like pinball and Slot machines are top-rated created among the people and are willing to spend their bucks on it.

So whether it is the Rainbow Riches slot, Rooks Revenge, Hercules, Crown Gems or any other Barcrest fruit machines, they will immediately grab the people’s attention and maximize the profit of the casino's owners. Although the introduction of console owners’ profit and mobile games has taken over the popularity ratio of arcade games, we still can't deny one's joy and excitement while playing arcade games.

Earliest Gaming Machines

When the concept of video gaming came into existence, many companies started making their very personal gaming machines. Dry Edward Uhler Condon made the first gaming machine in 1940. This game machine was presented at the New York World’s Fair. This video game was based on Nim, an ancient mathematical game. For six months, this game was played by about 50000 people with the computer and reportedly won more than 90 percent of the games. After three decades, “Brown Box" was introduced by Ralph Baer and his team in 1967.

It was the first game system that was designed for commercial home use. Brown Box was a vacuum tube circuit that could be connected to a television. Two users played this game, which allowed them to control cubes that chased each other on the screen. It was also programmed to play various games such as checkers, four sports game, and ping pong. In 1972 Magnavox Odyssey system was released by Magnavox,  which received the license of Brown Box. After a few months, Atar preceded it, often inaccurately thought of as the first game console. Soon Magnavox was discontinued due to the decrease in sales. It didn’t become popular due to the poor in-store marketing campaigns but it gave the concept of digital gaming that we all are familiar with today.

Earliest Games That Took the World on Storm

When we talk about the invention of the first-ever video game, it takes us back to the time that how the gaming concept was introduced. Thus, we conclude this with the very first casino that was ever built. It was named as “Casino de Venezia”, this network was really expanded, from Monaco and how it spread to the Les Vegas, visiting Italy as well. Now let’s have a look at the popular video games:

     Pong: While coming towards the earliest popular games we cannot simply forget Pong. It was one of the first video games ever created in 1972. It was a simple cabinet arcade game that was later ported as Home Pong in 1974 as a single game console. For Atari, this game was a massive success as it became the highest performing chip available in any consumer product.

     Donkey Kong: While coming towards the earliest games that became very popular, we cannot merely forget Donkey Kong. The 1981 Nintendo release follows a group of people competing against one another for the Donkey Kong world record having the features of jumping and doing, which later evolved into Mario’s famous game character.

     Asteroids: In 1979, Atari released an arcade game known as Asteroids. This game was addictive and groundbreaking at that time by their hilarious and striking sound design.

     King’s Quest: It was the 1984 classic video game that came on with floppy disks. It was like an adventure game that provides entertainment hours while you map out the game’s various screens using green and white striped printer paper.

     Legend of Zelda: Zelda series was known as one of the greatest victories in the history of video gaming. It was a game that combines all the aspects of puzzles, action, exploration, and RPGs elements. Due to its interesting feature, the Zelda game has sold more than 59 million copies around the world.

   •  Pac man: Who can forget this evergreen game Pac man, which is still the most recognizable name in the gaming industry? It was the first real character or first face that set casual gaming appealing for both genders. You can still find this game on Google play store.

   •  Atari introduced missile Command

Missile Command was a shooter arcade game in 1980. In this game, the players have to defend 6 cities from an endless volley of ballistic missiles. It was a losing battle, so the players simply have to rack up points as the speed improves. Later it was ported to the 2600 and struck up the popularity rating arcade game.


As time goes by, millions of games have arrived in the market like Xbox and Play Station, making the gaming companies more competitive in designing their video games. Moreover, the play store and I store have made video games accessible to anyone without carrying the whole gaming devices. Although it cannot be predicted correctly in a few years, who knows that we will be experiencing a whole new level of recreation? The prediction of the gaming industry in the future is still not correct. But the changes in the sectors are totally out of the box and cannot be determined by any source or action. Thus, the more developments are happening, the brighter the future it is showing.




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