Some Actors And Actresses Were Pretty Drunk Or High During Filming… (14 PICS + 4 GIFS)

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Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers

Lawrence hoped that drinking before her steamy sex scene with Chris Pratt would help take the edge off of filming the scene with a married man. However, the booze ended up giving her more anxiety.


Kirsten Dunst in Woodshock

Dunst accidentally smoked an entire joint while filming a scene for the movie. Apparently, a real joint got mixed up with the faux movie joints and the actress was so high that she had to go home for the day.


John Candy in Splash

Candy showed up late and drunk to film the iconic racquetball scene. after running into Jack Nicholson at a bar. The actor was so happy Nicholson even knew his name that Candy couldn’t turn down any of the drinks he bought.


Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street

One of the first scenes the actress filmed for the movie was her smoking hot nude doorway scene. Robbie was so nervous that she came to set shaking and took three shots of tequila at 9 in the morning. She claims it was the confidence boost she needed.


Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in The Empire Strikes Back

Episode 5 was filming in England and The Rolling Stones invited the actors out to party. The two stayed up all night drinking and got high before going to set the next morning.because they hadn’t slept a wink.


Izismile Videos

Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo in Super Mario Bros.

In Leguizamo’s autobiography, he admitted that both actors knew the movie was going to flop even while filming it… So the pair drank a lot of whiskey on set.

During a take with the van, Leguizamo was very drunk and accidentally broke Hoskins’ finger.


The Beatles in Help

Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider

Though it’s rumored that Nicholson smoked 155 joints while filming the UFO scene, the actor claims this never happened. However, he really was smoking marijuana and went through almost an entire joint every take.


Jim Breuer in Half Baked

This may not be surprising as the film is a stoner classic, but Breuer was actually sober for most of the filming. One day after filming, he smoked a joint that costar Dave Chappelle had given him. However, he got called back to set and had to film the scene where he says, “Sucks to be you, man!” while incredibly high.


Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas

Cage drank before several scenes in the film, as he wanted to get into character as a dysfunctional alcoholic. The actor claims never to drink on set but made an exception for Leaving Las Vegas.



Ethan Embry in Can’t Hardly Wait

Embry called himself “the world’s biggest stoner” during this point in his life. The actor was so high while shooting that the only thing he remembers was the director asking him if he was “altered.”


Seth Rogen in… Well, everything

On more than one occasion, Rogen has admitted that he smokes a lot of weed in his personal life and while filming movies. In fact, he’s said that there is 100% chance he’s high in anything people have seen him in.


Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa

Some might say that playing an alcoholic character put him in the mood, because Billy Bob showed up to set drunk several times.

Before filming the scene when Santa melts down at the mall, the actor drank three glasses of wine, a vodka cranberry, and a few bud lights. He claims he barely knew he was acting in a movie.


Jason Mewes in Clerks

Writer/director Kevin Smith based the character Jay off his childhood friend, Jason Mewes. When it came time for Mewes to play this character, he didn’t change a thing. The actor was either high or drunk while filming and once passed out on the floor while drinking blackberry brandy.


Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing, and Diane Weist in Practical Magic

The “midnight margarita” scene was filmed with actual cocktails. Apparently it was a little difficult to keep up the whole partying act for that many takes, so real tequila was brought into the mix and the actresses had no complaints.



Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now

The famous drunken breakdown scene was filmed on Sheen’s 36th birthday, and in the throes of the actor’s alcoholism. Not only was Sheen actually drunk, he used his own self-loathing to film a very realistic breakdown.


Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick in Drinking Buddies

Much of the movie was filmed in an actual brewery, where using real beer was cheaper than water. In most of the drinking scenes, the actors are really having beers and got pretty tipsy on more than one occasion.



Roberta 1 year ago
and thats why it's holly weird. they're distorted on reality and bought into it..and you wonder why Harvey was having fun for so long.
Ced 1 year ago
Roberta, Who the hell is Harvey?



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