Enjoy These Rare Pieces Of History! (43 PICS)

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"Incredible Photograph Of A German Soldier Going Against Direct Orders To Help A Young Boy Cross The Newly Formed Berlin Wall After Being Separated From His Family, 1961"

"A Policeman In San Francisco Scolds A Man For Not Wearing A Mask During The 1918 Influenza Pandemic, 1918"

"Princess Diana Shakes Hands With An Aids Patient Without Gloves, 1991"

"Charles Thompson Greets His New Classmates At Public School No. 27 In September 1954, Less Than Four Months After The Supreme Court Ruled That Racial Segregation Was Unconstitutional. Charles Was The Only African-American Child In The School. Photo By Richard Stacks For The Baltimore Sun"

"Members Of Dutch Resistance Celebrate The News Of Adolf Hitler's Death, April 1945"

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"Statue Of David By Michelangelo, Encased In Bricks To Prevent Damage From Bombs, During World War 2"

"Jewish Prisoners After Being Liberated From A Death Train, 1945"

"Margaret Hamilton And The Handwritten Navigation Software She And Her Mit Team Produced For The Apollo Project, 1969"

"A Serbian Soldier Sleeps With His Father Who Came To Visit Him On The Front Line Near Belgrade, 1914/1915"

"Louis Armstrong Playing For His Wife, Egypt, 1961"


"A Man Rides A Bus In Durban, Meant For White Passengers Only, In Resistance To South Africa’s Apartheid Policies, 1986"

"An American Soldier Cradles A Wounded Japanese Boy And Shelters Him From The Rain In The Cockpit Of An Airplane During The Battle Of Saipan While Waiting To Transport The Youngster To A Field Hospital. July, 1944"

"Young Queen Elizabeth As A Mechanic During WW2 (C. 1939)"

"Anne Frank’s Father Otto, Revisiting The Attic Where They Hid From The Nazis. He Was The Only Surviving Family Member (1960)"

"Ruby Bridges, The First African-American To Attend A White Elementary School In The Deep South, 1960"


"Albert Einstein, His Secretary Helen (Left), And Daughter Margaret (Right) Becoming U.S. Citizens To Avoid Returning To Nazi Germany, 1940"

"A German Soldier Returns Home Only To Find His Family No Longer There. Frankfurt, 1946"

"Freddie Mercury With His Mother, 1947"

"Soldiers Returning Home From WWII, 1945"

"7'3'' (221cm) Jakob Nacken, The Tallest Nazi Soldier Ever Chatting With 5'3'' (160cm) Canadian Corporal Bob Roberts After Surrendering To Him Near Calais, France In September Of 1944"


"“The Drunk Basket.” In The 1960s, Bars In Istanbul Would Hire Someone To Carry Drunk People Back To Their Homes"

"A Hired Reader Reads To Cigar Makers Hard At Work In Cuban Cigar Factory (Ca. 1900-1910). Because Many Cigar Factory Employees Were Illiterate Lectors Were Hired To Read Novels, Poetry, Nonfiction Works, And Newspapers Determined By Consensus"

"WWI. A Canadian Soldier Tries To Comfort A Little Belgian Baby, Who Was Hurt And Whose Mother Was Killed By An Artillery Shell. November 1918"

"May 20, 1910: The Nine Kings Of Europe Photographed Together For The First And Only Time"

"Russian Inmate Points An Identifying And Accusing Finger At A Nazi Guard Who Was Especially Cruel Towards The Prisoners In Buchenwald Camp"


"Rosa Parks's Booking Photo Following Her February 1956 Arrest"

"September 3, 1967: The Day Sweden Switched From Driving On The Left To The Right Side Of The Road"

"A French Women Welcomes An American Soldier Two Days After Liberation. Strasbourg, France, 22 November 1944"

"18-Year-Old Keshia Thomas Protects A Fallen Man, Believed To Be Associated With The Ku Klux Klan From An Angry Mob Of Anti-Clan Protestors. Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. 1996 By Mark Brunner"

"Here Is How An Ukrainian Immigrant Celebrated Stalin's Death, 1953"


"Into The Jaws Of Death, 6th Of June, 1944"

"Nikola Tesla, The Last Photo Ever Of The Famous Scientist, 1st Jan 1943"

"Portrait Of Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen And His Wife, Fashion Illustrator Dagmar Cohn, 1947"

"Crowd In Times Square, New York City Celebrating The Surrender Of Germany, May 7th, 1945"

"Mobsters Hide Their Faces At Al Capone's Trial 1931"


"Fire And Fury: B-25s Are Pictured Flying Past Mount Vesuvius In Italy As Lava And Ash Spews From The Top Of The Volcano. The Eruption Killed 57 As It Destroyed The Village Of San Sebastiano And San Giorg In March 1944 While Allied Forces Were Battling For Supremacy In The Skies"

"Soviet Citizens Look At The "Wall Of Sorrow", Honoring The Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Killed By Stalinism. In 1988, The Soviet Government Allowed Information Regarding The Victims Of Stalin's Great Purge To Become Public"

"Inside Of An Airplane In 1930"

"Teenage Dating In Diner, 1950s, The States"

"Allied Soldiers Mock Hitler Atop His Balcony At The Reich Chancellery, 1945"


"Nintendo's First Headquarters In Kyoto, Japan (1889)"

""Human Fly" George Willig Scales The Exterior Of The World Trade Center's South Tower In 1977. Completing The Climb In 3.5 Hours, He Was Arrested At The Top After Signing Several Autographs, And Was Fined $1.10 By The City - A Penny For Each Floor He Passed"

"Nuclear Explosion Less Than One Millisecond After Detonation (1952)"

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Theotha 10 month s ago
#18 - I think I see where Freddie's problem started
Alexis 9 month s ago
I think I see where YOUR problem started.

Religion, The worlds oldest SCAM!!
Greg 10 month s ago
A lot of true human tragedy on display here. To think, now we have purple haired gender studies pundits screaming to defund the police and calling for socialism to pay for their useless college degrees as they tear down statues, clutching a handful of bumperstick labels for every little offense.
Meg 10 month s ago
#27 Dagen H. Few accidents, zero fatalities. Insurance claims few by 40%.
Wallace 10 month s ago
It is 2020 and mankind has grown so lackadaisical as to have lost the FEAR of GOD almost completely.
Throughout history, mankind has been served reminders of that fear, but we are doomed to repeat the mistakes that caused GOD to wipe us out in the flood.
We are at the point in our evolution where GOD will have to intervene again, to keep us from choosing death over life- from the first man and woman in the garden until now, we have never learned, and no amount of fear has stopped us.

Are we a broken creation? Is our existence faulted by design? We are created in GOD'S image, so is GOD at fault?
SATAN would have you believe so.
We are entering into the days of peace on earth, and how we get there is incredible. It is a chain reaction started with a single act of love, and like an atomic explosion, it changes the world as we know it.
Sigfired 10 month s ago

Prove it.
Carthaette 10 month s ago

LOL Keep deluding yourself that there is a magic man in the sky who professes to love all people yet despite his supposed omnipotence, allows the innocent to suffer and yet still wants obedience. Fairy tales believed by sheep.
ZombieDarwin 9 month s ago

Your ignorance is truly astounding. Perhaps the eighth wonder of the modern world?
Antonia 9 month s ago
Fear of God? I'm afraid of God--that guy is bat-sh#t crazy.
Debby 10 month s ago
Freddie stays a little gentle girl.
Emily 10 month s ago
Letitia 9 month s ago
Sorry Emily,
about 20 000 French Civilians killed in allied bombing
300 000 killed by German troops....
Care to redo your maths ?



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