Old-School Stuff That’s Still In A Good Shape (28 PICS)

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"Still use great grandmother’s sewing machine for thick fabric."


"My Great Grandfather’s Elgin Pocket watch, made in 1917. Passed down to my Grandfather, my uncle, and now me"


"Recently restored this old girl. A 1990 something Weber Genesis 3000. Made in the USA."


"Bought this in 1995 for my last year in middle school. I’m 43 now and still get use out of it."


"My mother pulled my late grandfather’s Vitamix Maxi-4000 out of storage and gave it to me. Looking forward to using this beast!"


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"The Coleman cooler I got for high school graduation…. In 1984! Has been on tons of camping and beach trips and will no doubt last me the rest of my days."


"If you give a little bit of care to this GE mixer, it will run for at least 33 more years."


"Me in my Snoopy sweater in 1981, my son in the same sweater in 2017, and my daughter in the same sweater in 2020."


"Folks got this back in the 80’s in Germany, multiple moves and one plug change later and now it’s been gifted to me and the Mrs as we move into our new place. Still makes a perfect brew. The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning is pure joy."


"My (hopefully) BIFL Squad: Vitamix Professional Series 750, KitchenAid 5 qt., Larch Wood Canada Premium Large Cutting Board."



"A 1970s Sears Roebuck promotional belt buckle that has gone through 7 years and 3 belts with me."


"Finally found a genuine used Irvin flying jacket with a beautiful patina that is the perfect fit: couldn’t afford a new one ($1000+) and I’ll be keeping this for a long, long time. So damned warm!"


"My dad got this belt in the army in 1979. Used it for 31 years and then gave it to me 10 years ago. It has been used almost daily and I plan to keep it for a long, long time. One the back there is a small carving saying JNA – ‘Jugoslovenska narodna armija’ meaning Yugoslav people’s army."


"Kenwood Mini Whisk from the 1980s. Absolute tank of a hand mixer!"


"Dad got this old Victa Pacer lawn mower when he was 25, im 23 and just moved into my new house. After a quick clean and oil she still runs like a dream. 30+ years old"



"For all my bald dudes out there – this Oster Classic 76 has been giving me weekly cuts since 2007 and it’s still going strong. I tried a few cheap ones before splurging on this and have never looked back."


"I heard you like old lawnmowers?"


"Watched my dad use the same hammer for 30 years. This was my first purchase after buying my own house."


"When I got my first car at 17 , I bought a $40 jumper cable instead of cheap $20 jumper cable , I’m about to turn 40 and this same jumper cable have been with me through 5 different car and save my @$$ and people I know countless time."


"Eva Trio pots! I love how their lids are interchangeable and you buy them separatly, making just the combinations you need. You can put them on any heatingsource and into the oven and the dishwasher. Use any tools in them. After 30 years of daily use and abuse they still look like new."



"Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Passed down from my late-grandfather. Circa 1960s."


"WELBILT mini-fridge, my grandma bought for my uncle in the late 80’s. Used it through college and then his first apartment with his fiancé. Gave it back to her when he bought a house in 2000. She had it in the sunroom for 18 years then gave it to me, both fridge and freezer drawer work flawlessly."


"The Indestructible 1970’s Honda HR-214"


"Skil 6215, I regreased and oiled in 2020 and it works great!"


"This was my dad’s EDC knife for 10+ years. He gave it to me recently, I cleaned it and it works like it’s brand new."



"Frye Arkansas Midlace. Bought in 2011 for $200. I oil them once or twice a year and they see every type of weather."


"1960’s Osterizer blender – used at least once a week for the past 60 years"


"Got this wallet as a Christmas gift when I was 12, I’m 25 now."


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Melvina 9 month s ago
#19 Have you tried to buy new battery
Lidia 9 month s ago

if you have only a couple of frosty nights a year, a juper cable can lenghten a battery use for at least two years.
And ... uhm ... what is this post about ?

And if you have a boat / a bigger lawn mower / or an electric voltage converter (that you don't want to put near the running engine) like me, you will need a jumper cable several times a month without really needing new batteries.

I'm using my jumper cable either with my car's battery or the boat's battery, if I'm in need of bigger tools for some repairs.
Hav you ever tried to connect to the battery of a 70 years old wooden swedish boat that you converted from a Penta to an electric driven one?
Trina 9 month s ago
#Larchwood cutting boards, made of Tamarack, I have the medium, love it!
Louise 9 month s ago
#2 Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction: "And now, little man, I give the watch to you."
Elswood 9 month s ago
Louise, Dennis Hopper in True Romance: "That makes you a half aubergine!"
Sula 9 month s ago
#4 If you are 43, that means you were 18 in 1995. Last year of middle school? Or just an old pic/post...
Timothy 9 month s ago
You think all these posts are brand new? You are good at simple math, but you missed the obvious understanding.
Jasper 9 month s ago
Great job old and efficient makers! God bless you!
Trudy 9 month s ago
#9. I have the same coffeemaker. I don’t drink coffee much, so it still works good as new.
Killis 9 month s ago
East wing hammers. always the best.
Missy 9 month s ago
#17 Aussie mower???



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