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It goes without saying that the favorite subject of casino fans is anything related to gambling. As no conversation can go on for hours without changing the tone now and then, jokes are always welcome among friends. Therefore, the best choice is to have some casino-related jokes as aces up your sleeve. See what just happened?


Well, there are several types of casino jokes one can share with friends. Therefore, choose those that better suit your group of acquaintances. At least a few of them will be enough to grab the attention of even that friend that cannot take the eyes of their mobile online casino, such as Jet Casino.

Top Casino Jokes to Share With Friends - Jet Casino

The Best Casino Jokes to Tell Your Friends


Great casino jokes were segregated into groups, depending on how they are told and if they need interaction or not. The chances are that those that you appreciate will also match your friends’ taste for jokes.

Question Casino Jokes


Questioning jokes are often great to steal some laughs because the element of surprise and expectation give them some spice. However, the effect can be quite contrary if the joke is not a good one.

        Do you know why pirates cannot play cards? Because they are standing on the deck!

        How does an Eskimo make a house of cards? Igloos it!

        What has no organs but a heart? A deck of cards!

        What becomes a poker player if he breaks up with his girlfriend? Homeless!

        Have you ever heard about the sarcastic gambler? No? He is a real eye-roller.

        Do you know why Santa Claus is an easy opponent? He always checks twice.

        An iguana runs a casino. What is the name of that movie? The Lizard of Odds.

        Some gambler on a wheelchair enters a casino after smoking pot. What do you call it? A high roller.

Why Q&A Casino Jokes


Similar to normal question jokes, “why” jokes are among the most popular ones and, with the right tone, get everyone ready to laugh. Once again, pick those that you are sure your friends will enjoy listening to.

        Why did Africa ban gambling? Too many cheetahs.

        Why did a British guy bring french fries to the casino? Because he was told that he had to bet with chips.

        Why did the dealer abandon the deck of cards? Because he cannot deal with it anymore.

        Why are casino players and politicians different? Casino players actually tell the truth sometimes.

        Why was a casino player looking for meat below the poker tables? Because he only goes for low steaks.

        Why should you bet real state in casinos? Because the house always wins.

One-line Jokes About Casino


As for those who prefer to tell the joke at once, one-line catchy phrases with puns on casino might be the best pick.

        Your best shot at getting a Royal Flush is by going to the bathroom.

        Getting married is like a deck of cards. First, you just need two hearts and a diamond. However, you end up wishing you had a club and spade.

        Gam-bling addiction is what defines people who wear anklets.

        I wonder if a glassmaker with a gambling addiction suffers from win-dough pain.

        There was a tiger playing poker last night. He went home furious, saying that was the last time he played with a cheetah.|

        I once met a T-Rex working as a croupier as a disguise for his handgun business. That is what I call a small arms dealer.

        Last year I lost 250 pounds. I’m never back to that English casino again.

The Takeaway


Sharing casino stories and jokes with friends lead to that great feeling when you manage to make someone crack a chuckle. Some are really smart, others quite simple but still fun to tell. Similar to casino games, there are no guarantees that the return will be favorable to the teller, but it definitely has great odds in your favor.




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