Spreading Positivity Is Not Difficult At All! (20 GIFS)

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"Complimenting people. A quick, “I like your shirt” or “Your plant on your desk looks so nice!” is so easy to do, and it makes people smile."




"If your cashier or waiter/waitress has nail polish on, compliment it! They put clear effort into that part of their appearance, possibly even paid money for it, a short friendly comment on it is easy and typically welcome.

Otherwise, a good rule is to compliment a choice a stranger made about their appearance, not something they can’t (easily) change. Her sick winged eyeliner, not her pretty brown eyes. His hair style, not his red hair."



"I’m a pretty positive person in general and I love making dumb puns or jokes. Even at my expense I feel like it’ll get a chuckle."




"If I’m approaching a traffic light, and see empty lanes, I switch over to the one in the middle, so the cars behind me can turn right on red and are not held up because of me. I hope that makes their day a bit quicker and gives them a feeling that they were able to make that light without stopping!"





"Whenever I call some customer service or whatever I try to remember the name of the person on the other end. When the call is over I thank them by using their name and say they were very helpful. You can tell that people usually forget their names."




"Be everyone’s “hype man.”

If someone tells a story or just shares an experience I try to always acknowledge them clearly, especially if it seems like few or no one else heard, assuming we’re in a group setting.

If someone puts on an act for a joke that doesn’t catch on, I try and back them up with antics that compliment theirs."




"If someone is casually picked on in that “it’s all in good fun but it’s also kind of true so still possibly hurtful” kind of way, and they can’t seem to retaliate with wit, I try to follow up with a positive spin or a counter burn if possible.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I try to acknowledge and encourage other people in subtle ways. I always hated the social spotlight because of poor self esteem, but I find that the kind of attention i get from this is just wonderful. Also it has the added benefit of making everyone love you."




"Small smiles when talking to people."




"Thanking people for small tasks that usually go unnoticed days later.

“Oh quick question, did you restock that shelf the other day? Thanks, that really helped.”

“I forgot to tell you, thanks for putting more paper in the copier.”

“Did you rewrite the tasks on the dry erase board? Thanks, I can finally read it.”"




"Waving at each car that passes as I walk along my country road. Today I was 9 for 9 on returned waves!"




"I make sure to tell every retail or customer service worker how much I appreciate them."




"When I’m talking with someone and they tell me to say hello, pass on well wishes etc. to another person, I always do, it always brings a smile to that persons face. And then they’ll respond in kind, and I’ll pass that message on back. Smiling faces are beautiful."




"Random Acts of Pizza."




"Whenever I buy something from a vending machine, I always leave the spare change."




"My parting words to everyone I interact with (usually when getting food) are “take care of yourself.” That started during the pandemic and it’s not going away after it’s over."




"Remember small details about people and ask em about it.. “how was the new coffee machine you bought?” “Did that brother in law you dont like act annoying this time?”.. idk if its any good but i notice people get a little excited when i do it."




"I work for a municipal government. I spread positivity by being someone in municipal government that actually is helpful.

Don’t know how many times I hear “wow! Didn’t expect it to be that easy!”"




"Finding positivity and calm within. When I don’t sweat the small stuff I find I am a far kinder, in touch and gentler person.

Honestly the ability to not get irritated or anxious over meaningless insignificant detail is one of the most empowering skills I’ve ever developed."




"I try to give compliments behind people’s backs where they can hear but they think I don’t know they are listening.

I live around people who have either been hurt by others or have become cynical after watching other people get hurt.

Seems to be the easiest way to spread positivity without coming off like I have ulterior motives."




"Always asking a customer service representative on the phone if they have a survey/feedback I can answer to give them all the stars for their help. If they don’t, I ask for a supervisor so I can commend the person who helped me."





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Greg 3 year s ago
This is 2020. Do NOT comment on anyone's appearence at any time, in any way. Not their clothes, not their hair, their shoes, their shirt, nothing. Leave it be. Man or woman. Don't try to be positive, don't try to be nice. The cult of 'offended' victims has foot soldiers all around you in these times, and the coworker you worked alongside for 15 years can suddenly flip on you if they realize they can make a case for sexual assault and never have to work again. The system won't even try to uphold any semblance of truth or fairness. You'll be fired, and they'll be paid off. Big companies just dump the bad PR and you're always expendable. Treat your coworkers like you treat your neighbors. Say hello, and then move on. Be careful with other races and ethnicities as well, and if saying that 'offends' anyone, this open pessimism of mine, you're just proving my point. This is the world of guilty until proven innocent cancel culture and until something radically changes our society back to some measure of common sense and we're no longer held hostage by "social justice", you need to protect yourself.
Lonny 3 year s ago
Greg, Oh, you can still compliment others. Where you are probably running into problems is not knowing that men don't give a crap about it and when you compliment a woman and she says 'thanks', you shouldn't follow up with, "Wanna hit the storeroom and bump uglies?". Not highly recommended!
Theotha 3 year s ago
Greg is a very bitter person tainted by who knows what. If you are on guard against half of what you posted your days and nights must just drag on forever.
Lavonne 3 year s ago
It's 2020...I suggest we stay away from the positive people...
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