Your Quick Guide to Progressive Jackpots

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Progressives jackpots are by far the most popular online slots NZ players are choosing to play. As the name suggests, the jackpot grows progressively greater in value as players across different games and often casinos play. When one of them gets the incredible luck of hitting the jackpot, then the pot goes back down to a predetermined amount. Only to start building up again for another lucky winner to get rewarded with.

You’ll find progressive slots on offer at any of the leading online casinos. With current live updates of jackpots boasting hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. These games are the main attraction on most casino homepages and can’t be missed.

Your Quick Guide to Progressive Jackpots


The Appeal of Progressives

There are many reasons people love playing progressive. Firstly, they come in many different variants and often have interesting and fun themes that appeal to many players. Secondly, and more importantly, their popularity is due to the fact that you can win millions of dollars, without taking much of a risk with your own money.

For instance, if you’re playing other games like baccarat, or blackjack, you’ll need to be ready to risk similar amounts to what you can win. Moreover, the most popular games appear in many different casinos around the world. Which allows players to experience the familiarity of their favorite games from anywhere.

And of course, even the biggest jackpots can’t continue growing indefinitely. At some point it’s going to pay out and whoever is lucky enough to be the one that triggers it will be in for a life-changing boost to their finances.

Most Common Types of Jackpots You’ll Find Online

Whatever casino you join to play real money games, will offer similar games and jackpots. For instance, there are several types of games that offer the following common jackpots. And each one has an effect on how often and how much you can win.

For example:

Progressives – Every time a player makes a wager on a progressive slot game, a certain percentage of it goes toward making the jackpot bigger.

Network – This refers to the network of different casinos that offer access to the same enormous jackpot prizes.

Fixed Jackpot – These types of games have jackpots where the amount was predetermined by the provider. The jackpot stays the same regardless of how many players are contributing to it.

Local – Local jackpots exist by a group of games with linked jackpots in the same casinos. These games can also be available at other casinos; however, the prize is set for each casino individually.

How to Win the Next Progressive Jackpot

Casinos use Random Number Generators to provide a fair and completely random outcome to each spin. Essentially, what this means is that you can win on your first spin or sit at the machine for days and never hit the jackpot.

Therefore, there is no guaranteed way to win slots or any other game of chance. All you can do is check the paytables of each game you’re playing and ensure you’re getting enough to trigger bonus rounds and multipliers which can lead to winning the main prize. Or at least smaller but still significant amounts of money.




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