These Are Not The Best Wildlife Photos… (46 PICS)

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"Bottoms Up!...might Get This One Printed On A Canvas"

"The Time I Took A Picture Of Two American Goldfinches Through A Window Screen And It Came Out Looking Like A Cross Stitch."

"Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today....."

"What’s Your Problem?!"

"I Knew There Were Raccoons In The Tree But I Couldn’t See What They Were Doing Until The Flash Came On/Pictures Came Out..."

"If 2020 Was An Eagle"

"Spotted This Guy While Delivering Parcels Down On The Beachfront Community. C A M O F L A G E"

"We Broadcast The Possum Signal Only In The Most Dire Of Garbage Emergencies"

"My Teenaged Son Went To The Coast. I Asked To See The Pictures He Took, And This Was Literally It"

"Posted This On A Bird Watching Group Thinking It Was A Cracking Photo. Not A Single Person Liked It At All. Must Be Cr#pper Than I Thought"

"Found The Most Majestic Anemone On The Beach The Other Night. It Reminds Me Of Something, But I Can't Quite Put My Finger On It..."

"Scary Little Egret From Egypt"

"Spent About 25 Minute Slowly Crawling On My Stomach Through Frozen Mud On A Cold Winters Morning, Lining Up The Perfect Shot For The Last Exposure On My Analogue Camera, After Standing Magestically For The Entire Time I Was Crawling, The Second I Take The Shot It Looks Directly At Me And Lets Out The Loudest Burp I've Every Heard."

"I Was Photographing A Penguin, Put The Telephoto Lens On And It Waddled Over To Stand Less Than A Meter Away So All I Could Get In The Frame Was Its Foot"

"Just An Alligator And Turtle Eating Spaghetti Together. Yes They Had A Lady And The Tramp Moment. Mont Belvieu Texas."

"Heard A Noise At The Door. Thinking It Was The Friendly Raccoon I'd Seen A Few Times This Week, I Got My Phone Camera Ready To Get It's Picture. However, I Opened The Door And Saw This"

"Was Supposed To Be A Pelican"

"I'm New To This Group, Does This Count?"

"From Vancouver, The Bird Was Parked On The Hood Of My Car, Shot At F16, Giving Lots Of Depth Of Field. Scary!"

"My Friends Cat Bailey Escaped His House. So I Set Up A Trail Cam. He Was Hangin With Da Big Boys In The Back Yard"

"No Outside Light On When I Got Home, Cursed Husband For Leaving Pipe I Tripped Over On Path To The Front Door. Once Inside, Husband Vehemently Denied Any Pipe Misdemeanor, So I Turned On Outside Light To Prove Him Wrong..."

"The Majestic Blacktail Deer. Play Catch They Said. It'll Be Fun They Said. No Need To Worry! If You Are Unaware, Bucks Lose And Regrow Their Antlers Every Year. This Guy Will Only Have To Look Like A Dork For A Couple More Months"

"From A Couple Years Ago While Checking Wood Duck Boxes For Work. This Lil Thing And It’s Friends Jumped Out (They Nest In The Boxes For The Winter). I Proceeded To Freak Out Because I Didnt Want It Crawling Up Inside My Pants. My Coworker Found It And Took A Picture For Posterior Posterity"

"Behold The Majestic Red-Tailed Hawk Update: Hawk Is Fine"

"We Decided To Go With A Less Traditional Tree Topper This Year"

"What An Unusual Bird On My Deck This Morning!"

"Nudist Squirrels Of The Northern Bruce Peninsula. This Guy Has Been Around For 2 Years Now. He Doesn't Have Mange, As His Skin Is "Clean" (No Sores & Dry Skin Associated With Mange), Just Genetically Hairless. Hoping To See Him Come Springtime!!"

"Just A Couple Of Vultures In The Hospital Courtyard. Nothing To Worry About."

"Notice A Couple Of Really Tiny Deer On Top Of This Fence..."

"Not A Penguin This Time At The Fence... But Equally Cute. Curious Elephant Seal Pup"

"Managed To Snap This Shot Of What I Believe To Be A Bobcat"

"On A Trip To Antarctica, I Was Fortunate To Witness A Gentoo Penguin Wedding."

"If You've Ever Wondered What A Happy Scalepuppy Looks Like, Here's A Visual For You"

"I Nearly Bumped Into This Blubbery Rock Yesterday And Let Me Tell You, When My Wife Pointed Out What It Was I Felt Very Close To Death. The Irony Is That We Had Just Given Up Spotting Any Elephant Seals After A Long Beach Walk Lol"

"Omg Please Caption These Eyebrows! Yes, He Just Got Busted Eating From The Bird Feeder!"

"Look Who I Found In My Patio!"

"Derek Put The Seagull Down"

"Hold My Beer, I Am Going In..."

"So This Guy Was Stalking Me At Work One Day"

"Bug Photobombs Are The Best!!"

"This Was The Last Photo I Took Before I Was Chased Across A Hilly Field, Screaming And Running As Fast As My Legs Could Carry Me"

"All I had wanted was a closer hawk photo. I did not see this beast in the grass. My husband was in the car on the side of the road, and he responded to my screams by rolling the windows up as I barreled towards him in superhuman flight whilst the badger snarled and gained on me. He thought it was bees or hornets (and left me for dead which I shan’t forget), but no. It was a very large and very angry member of the Mustelid family."


"Note To Self, Make Sure Your Trunk Closes When You Hit The Button!"

"The Fattest Squirrel I Have Ever Seen. He Lives In Our Yard And Eats The Neighbor’s Chicken Feed And Chases Off Any Birds, Bunnies, Or Other Squirrels That Try To Get In His Space"

"My Dad Has Dementia And Can't Remember What Squirrels Are Called So He Calls Them A-Holes. Turns Out The A-Holes Are Everywhere"

Tony 8 month s ago
clapping clapping clapping heart heart heart
Nat 8 month s ago
omg squirrel is fat
Chat 8 month s ago
I feed squirrels during winter when food is scarce, a couple of them are quite chubby



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