These Stories Can Lift Your Spirits! (41 PICS)

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"Hello World, I'm 15 Minutes Old"

"Just Finished My Chemotherapy Treatment And All That's Left Is Steroids And Radiotherapy And Then I'm Cancer Free"

"When You See A Guy Bottle Feeding A Kitten On The Subway"

"Colorado Man Reunited With His Donkey, Ennis, After Fire Swept Through His Town"

Izismile Videos

"After Not Seeing My Grandparents For Months, They Finally Figured Out How "To Work Facetime." This Was My Grandpa’s Face When He Saw Me"

"Went To The Shelter To Look At Dogs, They Didn’t Have Any There But Once This Lil Girl Saw Me She Started Pawing At Her Cage. Now I Have A New Forever Friend"

"My 93 Year Old Dementia Patient Painted My Cat, I Have No Cat But I'm Starting To Fall In Love With This One"

"Today Is The Day This Little Lady Becomes My Daughter. Happy Adoption Day"


"My Cousin Was Fishing On The River This Weekend And Rescued This Deer Who Was So Tired He Was Starting To Drown"


"I'm A Horse Vet. This Adorable Little Guy Fell Asleep On My Feet While I Talked To His People"

"My Daughter's Letter To Her Teacher"

"An Autistic Boy, Who Can't Be Touched, Connects With A Service Dog, As His Mom Bursts Into Tears Of Hope And Joy"


"I Got My Pup A Matching Chair So He Would Stop Stealing Mine. Needless To Say, He’s Very Pleased"

"Captain Suzy Garrett And Her First-Officer Daughter, Donna, Are The First Mother-Daughter Pair In History To Pilot A Commercial Skywest Airlines Flight Together"

"Suzy was one of the first dozen female pilots hired at Skywest and has been flying there for over 30 years"


"My Mom Crochets And Donated 31 Blankets To Sick Children This Year"

"My 64-year-old Mother Told Us On Thanksgiving That She Got Accepted To A PhD Program At UPenn. It's Never Too Late To Do What You Want"

"My Wife's Senior Dog Can't Play Due To Arthritis But Our Puppy Loves Him Anyways"


"A Kind Stranger Drove Two Hours And Used His Drone To Recover Meadow, Who Was Lost In The Woods For 10 Days"

"Meadow was missing in our town for over a week. It has been snowing and quite cold where we were, so the whole town rallied together to search for Meadow but to no avail. I thought I’d try my luck and share the lost dog poster on our local Subreddit. A stranger Redditor responded immediately and offered to look for Meadow with his drone. I asked the search team to give me the more precise coordinates and shared that with him. To be honest, I lost all hope at that point as it’s been more than 10 days. I also didn’t expect a stranger to go at the length it would require to look for Meadow. Then at 3:30 PM yesterday, I got a ping that he found Meadow! The length this dude went to is insane: He drove 1.5 hours from where he was and spent forever until his drone went out of the battery to look for Meadow"


"My Husband Has Been Sober For 700 Days"

"Sikh Community Delivers Hundreds Of Meals To Lorry Drivers In Kent"


"Saved A Cat In The Freeway Today I45 No Hesitation Pulled Over Immediately, Grabbed From Traffic"

"This Gem Of A Human Feeding The Stray Cat At My Apartment Complex And Giving Him An Umbrella Since It's Raining"

"I Only Rescued Her One Week Ago And She Loves Cuddling. I Haven’t Had To Take An Anxiety Pill Since Getting Her Because She’s Like The Ultimate Weighted Blanket"

"A Shop Owner Modified His Attic To Accommodate His Cats. Now He Is Under Constant Observation"


"My Grandpa Just Turned 64 Today. He Grew Up Poor And Had Never Had A Birthday Party. Today He Had His First One And You Can See The Happiness In His Smile"

"I Wasn't Allowed To Use A Notebook At My Cashier Job, So I Started Writing My Book About Bullying On Printed Out Receipts. This Year I Finally Published My Novel"

"Volunteers All Over The World Hand Make Small Nests For Rescued Birds And Small Orphaned Mammals For Over 500 International Wildlife Rescues And Rehabbers"

"They belong to a non-profit called Wildlife Rescue Nests"

"I Couldn’t See My Family This Year (For Obvious Reasons) So Me And My Boy Made The Best Of It"

"I Really Want To Pay It Forward"


"Sometimes I Throw Doggy Treats To My Landlords Dogs Out Of My Window, This Is Now What I See When I Look Out My Window"


Greg 1 year ago
#11 you're crying...over a bandaid? Rosa Parks was arrested back in the 50's because she fought against segregation by refusing to move to the back of the bus like a second class citizen. I'm preeetty sure the "struggle for equality" is over if a bandaid is the only thing you can find to feel repressed with.
Elizabeth 1 year ago

Yet they still want reparations even though none of them were ever enslaved in their life.

And the only form of systematic racism is affirmative action which benefits minorities and punishes white males.

Welcome to America. The land where I should be ashamed to be a straight white male.
Pherbia 1 year ago

Rosa Parks was already in the “black” section. The “white” section was full, and by law she was supposed to give up her seat to a white person. She didn’t refuse to move to the black section, she refused to give up her seat to a white person.
salamoon 1 year ago
#27 thats nice, but Ive been sober my whole life.... and no one celebrates it.
i do get it, it is a thing for them, but sometimes it is weird that people do celebrate mistakes made by those people, even though they think they celebrate their strength to recover... wassat



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