But What Is That? (20 PICS)

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"This odd structure in a public park"

A: "Possibly an old livestock grate at the edge of a field. Allows for people to walk through but animals would be reluctant to cross. There likely would have been a fence extending from the sides to enclose the field."


"Clear glass “bell” type thing. Found in attic, likely belonged to previous owners of the house. Being held by adult male large hand for scale. The bowl area is hollow, the “handle” area is solid. Any ideas?"

A: "The stand is missing. It’s a candle holder, I have the same at home."


"Black plastic casing with a clear display. Several different icons on the display including a padlock."

A: "It’s a virtual fence where you can set the distance. This is the collar part and there is a controller part somewhere."


"Found on counter in medical exam room: string of plastic numbered oval beads. My own doc had no idea (but we agreed it is NOT likely to be the obvious sexy item!) Pen for scale."

A: "It’s an orchidometer used for sizing testicles at the urologist. My brother-in-law had only one testicle descend. He is fully functional and has had no problems fathering children. In high school he was self-conscious about having one testicle. They sized his prosthetic testicle. Then surgically placed it."


"Bullet type thing found in back seat of car after finding hole in window."

A: "It’s a bullet fragment"


Izismile Videos

"Found this in a forest, next to it is a big sand pit. What is this thing??"

A: "Water Sediment treatment station. They decant the floating particles like foams by using the dam like phases (maze like structure like dam, should be at least 3 dams where you skim off floating foams, and also bigger non floating particles don’t pass and you only take the middle water)."


"It has a spout on top but when you pick it up it plays a tune like a music box, help!"

A: "Decanter. We had one growing up that played the tune of “how dry I am” when lifted."


"My Grandmother gave this to my Mom and told her it was a scarf… We can’t figure out what it really is."

A: "It’s a Yorscarf. It’s an L shape except it has a little hole along the seam somewhere for that long piece to thread through"


"Ovoid iron plaque, shield shape, approx 12” wide by 16” tall. Looks like Hercules fighting the Hydra in center scene."

A: "It’s a decorative plaque, neoclassical style."


"Red braided ropes with fabric sleeve – they came in the mail yesterday and I don’t know who sent them"

A: "It’s a soft shackle for off-roading."



"Brush and silicone point tool? Found in old tool bag"

A: "It looks like an OXO electronic cleaning tool."


"From great grandmas collection. What is the purpose of this spoon?"

A: "Jelly server spoon"


"What’s mounted to the centre of this bus’s wheel? Seems to be from Argentina if that helps"

A: "It is a Central Tyre Inflation System."


"Large intricately carved wood panel found in a Hawaiian home. It seems to depict a war scene between monkeys??? Possibly a Hindu Hanuman depiction? What is this depicting? Why are they fighting? Any idea as to country of origin? Why the diagonal line (is it separating dueling forces)?"

A: "I believe it is a scene from the Ramayana. Part of the Hindu scriptures. Bottom right appears to be Lord Rama and His brother Laxman with the monkey army."


"Solid metal Egyptian-looking scarab. My gma believes she got it somewhere in Europe a long time ago. It has hieroglyphs on the underside and is fairly heavy for its size."

A: "Likely a paper weight. Did a quick google for “scarab paperweight” and found a lot of similar items."



"What are these cylinders mounted on a roof?"

A: "Old-school solar water heaters for a swimming pool"


"Metal box attached to hot water radiator in older (1912) house."

A: "An old radiator humidifier. You put water in it so the air doesn’t get too dry."


"A coworker (in a medical office) gave me a small Christmas goodie bag that included only a scratch-off lottery ticket and this white rubber 6 pronged object. There are no markings on it, it doesn’t feel strong enough to hold anything, it didn’t come in its own packaging, it doesn’t glow or light up."

A: "Its for your covid mask. Takes the strain off of your ears."


"What are these dandelion looking things on the top of a ski lift?"

A: "These are for lightening protection. These actually dissipate static build up before lightning strikes, making it likely to strike elsewhere."


"Found in the kitchen, hand held utensil, feels like a similar material to the ice cream scoops that use body heat to scoop easier. No markings or logo."

A: "A citrus juicer similar to a citritwist"



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Lonzo 11 month s ago
Cornie 11 month s ago

Yes, it is dumb, most plastic items can't speak, so this one is not out of the ordinary. Bleeding ears are also not out of the ordinary, obviously you haven't had to wear an elastically stringed mask for a lengthy amount of time.
Also, the word [email protected]#king does not have an asterisk in it, if you are going to make us read it have the balls to write it properly.
Isaac 11 month s ago

[email protected]# has an asterisk in it when a website has rules. you still know what was said so getting on the "grammar nazi" cr#p, when you didn't even spell it correctly, is just stupid. you could have stuck with your first topic and looked a lot smarter, regardless if someone agrees with the efficacy of masks or not. shut the [email protected]#k up
Ophi 11 month s ago
Love these posts!
Lydia 11 month s ago
#5 What's this bullet-like thing? It's a bullet. Oh, ok. Thanks.
Mariah 11 month s ago

dash 35 JC-LOL



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