Our Parents Were So Cool! (46 PICS)

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"My Mama Circa '83. This Explains Why I'm The Uncoolest Person Ever, Cos She Took It All! Oh And That Bike? She Built It"

"My Mom At 18 Years Old Protesting The Kkk In 1976 Atlanta, Ga"

"My Mother When She Was A Tank Instructor In 1984"

"My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde School 1982. I Think He Was Cooler Than Me"

"Late 1960s, My Dad"

Izismile Video Collection

"My Dad Made Anything Look Cool (1981)"

"My Dad Sculpting A Bust Of My Mom, 1980s"

"My Dad And Friends Look Like The Cast Of Stranger Things (1982)"

"My Mom Looking Like A Queen On Her Wedding Day 1979"

"France, 1985. My Mom Feeding Me Backstage During A Ballet Dancing Show"

"My Mom Would Always Talk About How She Was An Editor For Tiger Beat Magazine When She Was A Teenager In The 1960’s. She Would Brag About Spending Time With The Stones And The Beatles. We Always Thought She Was Telling Tall Tales. Uncovered This Pic Cleaning Out Her House Last Week"

"My Mom, 1954. She Came To America In 1948 At Age 18. She Hardly Spoke English And Was Looked Down On Because She Was German And A War Bride. She Later Did Some Modeling - This Is Just One Of Many Beautiful Photos We Have Of Her"

"My Pregnant Mom At Gunpoint Trying To Get Home. May 1969, Berkeley"

"My Mom In ‘78, Glendale, Ca. Newly Immigrated From Japan And Working Her Butt Off -But Still Managed To Save Up And Buy This Chevy Impala For $500"

"My Mother Skateboarding Barefoot In California, 1974"


"My Mom's All Girl Rock Band In The 60's"

"Mom, Circa 1970, After Completing Her Master's, The First Woman In Her Family To Do So"

"My Mom And Bob Ross During An Event In Central Park, NYC In 1989"

"My Mom Working As A Dj, Late 1970s"

"My Mom Was A Boston Park Ranger In The 80s"

"My Dad Was A Popstar In Argentina. Here He Is With Ella Fitzgerald, Mid 1960s"

"My Dad In The Late 80s / Early 90s. One Of The First Rockers In China"

"My Parents When They Were 16 And 17 (1987). They’ve Been Together For 34 Years Now"

"My Dad At The 1966 International Science Fair. He Was A Finalist In 65, 66, And 67. In This Picture He Created A Perfusion System To Keep A Rat Kidney Alive When Removed From The Body, Like A Heart-Lung Machine"

"My Mom And Dad Building Their House In 1953. My Mom (91 Now) Still Lives There"

"My Mom In The Early 90s. She Painted Her Own Shield"

"Me Looking Up To My Fighter Pilot Dad In The Late 1980's"

"After Their First Fight, My Dad Apologized To My Mom Through Polaroids. The True Og Of Apologies, My Man (1987)"

"My Mom And Arnold On A Date In The 70s"

"My Dad Taking A Selfie, Using A Piece Of Wood To Activate The Shutter, Circa 1957"

"My Cool Mom Partying With Robin Williams And Billy Crystal In LA, 1982"

"My Dad Showing Mr. Rogers The Process Of Designing Toys On Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (1986)"

"My Dad And His Partner While They Were Undercover. This Picture Was Taken After They Stopped A Bank Robbery In The Late 70s"

"My Dad Wasn't Famous, But His Moves Were Pretty Cool (1977)"

"My Dad Taking A Smoking Break While Fighting Saddam Husseins Army In The 80s"

"My Dad's First Car, A 1939 Ford. He Bought It With His Own Money That He Earned While Farming. He Was 11 When He Bought It, So This Photo Was Taken In 1948"

"My Dad In Saudi Arabia In The 70's Working As A Us Military Contractor Diving In The Red Sea"

"Mom Wasn't The Pilot, But She Was A Tech On The F-4 Phantom Back In The 80's"

"Mom’s Senior Portrait That My Grandma Refused To Let Her Publish In The Year Book (1976)"

"My Dad 1969 Bronx, NY. Speaking Against The Vietnam War"

"My Dad And A Tiny Kitten Looking Like A Modern Hipster In The Early 1980s"

"My Dad (Left) Looking Like A Young Luke Skywalker, Chile, 1977"

"Mid To Late 1970s, My Dad Graduating A Class Taught By Chuck Norris"

"My Dad's Graduation Photo. Circa 1970's"

"My Mom Voting For The First Time In A Presidential Election In 1972 In Indiana, Pa"

"I Always Knew My Mom Was A Tough Lady. Photo Taken Circa 1985"


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Georgia 1 weeks ago
#5 your dad was supercool
Marsha 1 weeks ago
#11 Awesome photo!
Ernest 1 weeks ago
We are so boring!!
Didi 1 weeks ago
#3 ...tank instructor in busted APC?
Jeanne 1 weeks ago
#31 Your mom was the ham in that sandwich that night....



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