This Is The Real Willpower! (51 PICS)

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“[209 lbs — 162 lbs = 47 lbs lost] (2 years) I was looking back at some old pictures and comparing them to some I just took. I didn’t think my face had changed that much, but GOOD GOD… my face and my waist just absolutely BLEW MY MIND!”


“[213 — 83 = 130] Halloween: enabling me to horrify my children more than monsters ever could. Stay safe tonight!”


“[308 lbs — 165 lbs = 143 lbs lost] 2018 vs 2020.”


“[207 lbs — 82 lbs = 125 lbs] Perseverance is worth it.”


“[249 — 147= 102 lbs lost] Still have a long way to go, but I’m glad I started!”


Izismile Video Collection

“[310 lbs −180 lbs = 130 lbs lost] This is about 4 years of progress from September 2016 to now. A picture for every year ”



“[419 lbs — 206 lbs = 213 lbs] 3 years, no short cuts.”


“[315 lbs — 90 lbs = 225 lbs] (2 years) Been hesitant to post. Didn’t do anything odd, stopped eating out (as much), no alcohol, little exercise, portion control. Still zero self-esteem but it’s a start.”


“[289 — 155 = 134 lbs lost] It’s hard to believe that both of these pictures are of me!”


“[245 — 198 = 47 lbs lost] I regained 10 lbs, but have managed to get back on track and am back in Onederland! I’ve still got a way to go, but am feeling reenergized and re-motivated!”


“[160 lbs — 130 lbs = 30 lbs lost] Exactly one year apart Sep. 2019 to 2020.”


“[134.9 kg — 82.4 kg = 52.5 kg lost] Face gains”


“[210 lbs — 60 lbs = 150 lbs] After battling depression for many years, I found a new outlook on life in fitness and well-being.”


“Last Christmas to today. I’ve made lots of changes and was gifted with a whole new face.”


“Face gains and almost to 100 lbs lost!”



"1 year and 7 months, and now we don’t recognize this person."


"This before and after is one of the best weight loss motivators."


“After 11 months of hard work, I have finally hit my goal.”


“It has been tough, but I don’t regret a thing. The loose skin isn’t great but at least I can actually breathe and move now!”


"Good job indeed!"


“The last time I saw a 1 on the scale was my freshman year of high school! Still have a bit to go, but yay for being healthier and so much happier all around!”


“My 1 year update”


“Super proud of the progress I’ve made.”


"It’s hard to believe this is actually the same person."


"This woman made an incredible weight loss journey."


"These pictures were taken 1 year apart!"


“After a weekend of mountain biking, the hobby that truly inspired and revived my fitness, I finally reached my goal weight after 7 months!”


“Christmas 2018 vs Christmas 2020”


"We’re glad to see that he’s enjoying the new lifestyle."


“There have been ups and downs to it, but I wouldn’t change even a moment!”


"His “after” looks like a completely different person."


“It’s a lot of time and dedication and privilege to be able to do this.”


"The frown to smile transformation is really awesome."


"It’s transformative and inspirational."


“I was at the breaking point when I started. I couldn’t even tie my own shoes.”


“I’m so happy I finally stuck with it! I still have more to go but I know I’ll get there!”


"Same place, 2 years and 130 lb apart"


"He looks amazing and we bet he feels tons better."


"She looks great in both photos, but her look now is the best because of that smile."


“After 12 years of trying, this year finally made it possible.”


“Day to day, I don’t always see the changes, but then a pic like this pops up and I feel proud of how far I’ve come!”


“80lbs lost!”


“158 > 113 = 45lb in 18 months”


“Three years in the making but I’m so glad I didn’t give up!”


“From grandmas table cover to much more fashionable choices”


“60 months. I came across this old video of me. I never realized I was as big as I was.”


“(178 > 120 = 58 lbs) 2018 to now”


“Have never shown my before and after pictures to anyone but proud of how far I’ve come”


“December 2018 to now. I have gained a whole new life.”




Tish 1 weeks ago
Great job, everybody!
Jerry 1 weeks ago
You can tell in the after photos who did the actual work and who just got the surgery. A slimmer marshmallow is still a marshmallow.
Osaforum 1 weeks ago
#32 didn't lose any in her face.
Dutch 1 weeks ago
Great Job Folks !!!!



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