And What Groceries Would You Buy For $100? (23 PICS)

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"Komal, Age: 35, Married Mother, Software Engineer"

"I am married and I have two kids. There are families back in India for whom [a 100 dollars] is like a monthly income"


"I'm 98, Served As A Marine Engineer During The War"

"I live in an apartment with my son-in-law and my daughter. I raise chickens."


"A Hundred Dollars Means Food For A Week"

"I'm always thinking budget, thinking practical."


"Karen, Age: 19, Single, College Student"

"I live on campus with three other girls. Usually everyday I have pizza rolls. I don't think I'm good with money at all."


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"I Collect Social Security. Not Near Enough, By The Way"

"I get 1,110$ a month, puts me pretty close to, if not under, the poverty level."


"I'm 64 And I Work As A Lunch Lady At An Elementary School"

"[Food] is a communication. It's making people happy. I live by myself. Unless I'm meeting friends somewhere, I eat alone, probably watching TV."


"Having Kids Now Is Crazy At Times"

"What Would You Buy With 100$?"

"Melina And Kevin, Married"

"We've got three kids, a dog and a boat. We love to gather around food and celebrate our family and friends."


"65 An 67 Years Old. We've Been Husband And Wife For 18 Years"

"I don't necessarily like his style of cooking. One time he made me Vietnamese Norvegian gambo."


"I Am 88, A Retired Metro Bus Driver"

"Food is sustenance. I used to [cook], I used to love to do it, all that's gone because I can't see."


"Oreos And Energy Drinks... I Have To Have That"

"I would say food is just a medium for community, family."


"My Name's Gertrude. I Go To Restaurants A Lot For Company"

"Food means nourishment, especially since being older, [it has been] very important to eat the right things."


"Brie And Ralen"

"When you have a child and you have to make ends meet, you could go to the cheapest store and $100 barely stretched."



"Dylan, Private University Student, Finance Major"

"I like to cook fresh food so I got greens. I get UberEats and stuff sometimes. I spend about $150-200 per month on it."


"Tripp, Age: 30, Single, Bartender"

"I would say I'm really striving to be middle class, but I don't know if I am quite yet.A hundred bucks means like a couple of days worth of money or one frivolous night of indulgence.

I would say I drink at least six days a week."


"Rich And Bernice, Engaged"

"We try to have dinner together, at least the nights we're at home at the same time. We don't watch TV while eating"


"We're Both 19. Everyone Says That We Eat Like Children"

"I feel like normally when we spend $100 it's not ever on this much food. We were like wow we can actually get a lot for $100."


"I Study Strategic Communications And Live In A House With 8 Girls"

"Usually I spend about $50 on groceries. I don't come from a family that has a lot of money. So that kinda sucks when everyone else is going out to eat and you just have to stay home to save money."


"I'm Going To Be A Medical Assistant"

"I spent about a quarter of the $100 on baby formula. I always cook dinner for me, my boyfriend and my daughter"


"Ryan, Public University Student"

"My room consists of a mini fridge and a toaster oven to cook pizza rolls."


"I'm Trying To Be An Actor. I'm Going To College Because My Parents Require That"

"I just buy little snacks that I can add to my school day. I spent a quarter of my budget on honeycomb. I love honeycomb. I don't cook. I eat out almost every day"




Lonzo 3 days ago
17 is spoiled
Onnie 3 days ago
#7 knows how to do it!
Roberta 3 days ago
crazy how some of those who eat junk are thin. and those who have meat and produce are fat
Vanessa 3 days ago
$100 buys us groceries for 2-1/2 weeks. Helps that we very seldom buy meat. We get meat the old fashioned way- hunting.

We very seldom eat out, but we do eat a lot of fast food- it runs or flies between 20 and 60 mph.



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