These Billboard Designs Are Very Clever! (50 PICS)

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"These McDonald's Billboards Double As Bee Hotels To Support Biodiversity"

"Women's Aid - Look At Me"

"In a world first for digital out of home Women’s Aid created an interactive ad which shows how we can all make tangible changes in the fight against domestic violence. The creative employs a unique use of facial recognition technology which allows the interactive screens to recognise when people actively pay attention to an image of a bruised woman. Those who look at the screen get feedback via a live video feed that runs along the bottom of the ad as a visual ticker-tape, registering an increasing number of viewers. As more people notice the image of the women her bruises slowly heal, demonstrating to passers-by that by taking notice they can help confront domestic violence by not turning a blind eye."


"BBC’s Dracula Billboard Confuses People During The Daytime But Grabs Attention At Night"

"BBC World - See Both Sides O The Story"

Izismile Video Collection

"This Tiny Ant-Man Billboard At A Bus Stop"

"Sick Legend Of Zelda Street Art"

"Coca-Cola Hand Knitted Billboards In Serbia Using Traditional Knitting Techniques"

"Capsico Sauce: Burning Hot. Dabur, India"

"Corona Oceans Week Billboard With Wave Made From Plastic Gathered In UK And Chris Hemsworth On The Surfboard"

"Save Some Money And Save The Environment"

"Denver Water Billboard"

"The Billboards That Came From Nature And Went Back To Nature For Toyota Prius Ad Campaign"


"Clever Weather Billboard"

"Red Hat - People-Powered Billboard"

"Hotwheels Loop"

"Sea Shepherd Switzerland"

"An Ad In Warsaw, Poland"

"Haste Passes, Consequences Remain"

"Brazil is one of the recordist countries in motorcycle accidents in the world. Therefore, the importance of producing creative, impactful and efficient advertising campaigns have the goal of raising awareness, to educate bikers about traffic growing. After all, a thousandth of a second can have consequences for the rest of your life."


"See, I Can Draw The Sky..."

"The Milwaukee Brewers Have An Opening Day Billboard That Unravels A Little Each Day As The Season Approaches"

"Saw This Sign Advertising A Black Hole Planetarium At The Liberty Science Centre. Definitely The Best Billboard I’ve Ever Seen"

"Coke Billboards That Point You To The Nearest Recycling Bin"

"Double Grill & Bar Creative Billboard Advertising"

"Billboard In Houston"

"TV Rain (Russian TV Channel) - Rain Will Wash Away The Lie"

"Dozhd means rain in Russian. That’s why we placed this simple message on a billboard: Dozhd washes away the lie.

We just had to wait for the lie to be washed off - literally.

For one month a web camera was streaming a video of the billboard on the main page of the channel’s website. When it rained, everyone would get a 50% discount on a subscription.

Not a single national news media outlet mentioned the billboard."


"Designers Used McDonald's Arches As Direction Markers To The Restaurants"

"Ad For Panasonic's Nose Trimmer"

"The Way This Billboard Uses Its Pole To Make A Really Big Straw"

"The Most Incredible Billboard Collaboration I've Ever Seen"

"KitKat Break Slogan"

"Coca-Cola - Refresh"

"Earth Day's 2019 Theme Is "Protect Our Species". Even The Ones We Are Afraid Of! How Are You Respecting The Planet Today?"

"Lost In Space Ship Crash Billboard"

"This Companies Campaign Utilizing Only Half A Billboard To Get Their Point Across"

"When Leaving Early For Happy Hour Doesn’t Go As Planned"

"Funnel Campaign"

"Naval Museum Billboard"

"Rust Free Knife Ad In Vienna, Austria"

"The New Mini Incredibly Safe Billboard"

"Carnival - Current Temperature - This Billboard Ran In NYC From January To March"

"Pond's Facial Wash"

"Chilled Mars Billboard"

"Bojangles' Flour"

"For a brand-building idea that would create some online buzz and engagement during last week’s NBA All-Star Weekend, LGA created an eye-catching billboard for Charlotte-based Bojangles’ Famous Chicken n’ Biscuits that simulates one of basketball’s most popular pregame rituals and the famous biscuits’ most important ingredient. The billboard celebrates the chain’s stars of breakfast – Master Biscuit Makers – by showcasing the dramatic image of a real biscuit maker tossing flour in the air like an athlete. To add to the action, the billboard periodically shoots simulated flour, using a fog machine, to signify that Bojangles’ bakes its made-from-scratch biscuits every 20 minutes."


"Calgary Stampede 3D Ad"



Matty 4 days ago
#11 these billboards are just an extension of how people convince themselves they have more sentiment and empathy than they do. "Oh ,that's terrible, we should do something." and then they go buy more bottled water and swipe to the next distraction. FO
Edmund 3 days ago

You really shouldnt be on this site.



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