Even Unpopular Movies And TV Series Are Loved By Some People… (18 PICS)

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“Green Lantern. Gotta love Ryan Reynolds.”


“The fourth and fifth seasons of Arrested Development. Yes, I know they’re not as good as the first three seasons, but it’s still pretty hilarious. I try not to compare the last two seasons to the earlier ones, and I think it’s really good – it’s got some good new jokes and does a great job of wrapping things up.”


“Twilight. They’re totally campy, but in the best way. I’ll die on this hill.”


“The Hobbit. It’s just a fun adventure romp for us non-die hard Tolkien fans.”


“Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride is the superior Lion King movie. I am widely hated for this opinion hahahaha.”


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“I liked Gigli. I still don’t think Jennifer Lopez is a great actor, but felt Justin Bartha got screwed by the trend of hating on Bennifer.”


“The Star Wars prequels

I understand that they have their downfalls but they really enhance the whole franchise. When you combine them with Clone Wars and the main trilogy they complete the universe, create heartbreaking backstories, and develop some of the most interesting characters.”


“Home alone 3. If you ignore the fact that it’s part of the Home Alone franchise, it’s nowhere near as bad.”


“The new Charlie’s Angels. Everyone said it was so bad, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe it was a little too in your face with girl power and stuff but, IMO it was a good movie.”



I was a big fan of the movie growing up. I loved the soundtrack and thought it was well put together, but apparently, it is thought of as the worst superhero movie ever made.”



“Dude wheres my car?”


“Glee. People assume it’s cheesy because there’s singing and it’s high school but it is genuinely hilarious, especially Sue.”


“The Big Bang Theory

It’s funny and enjoyable. Yes, it’s stereotypical, but so are most shows. The science was real and I learned stuff from it, nothing I can use ’cause I don’t have a working understanding of physics but I know about the Doppler effect now.”


“The final season of Game of Thrones. I know many people didn’t like it but I loved it. I didn’t even like Daenerys. I always felt that she was power-hungry, so I didn’t feel that bad when she died.”


“A movie called Freddy Got Fingered. This film is absolutely horrendous and disgusting and yet genius in a way. It’s my guilty pleasure”



“I really liked Cats. I think it has a great soundtrack and the plot is decent. In my honest opinion, if the CGI was better, everyone would love it and it annoys me that whenever anyone mentions it, all they seem to talk about is how bad it looks.”


“Super Mario Bros.

Okay…bear with me. Video Game adaptations are usually more miss than hit. This movie is objectively pretty bad. But I watched it as a kid a lot, and I enjoy the heck out of it. So please guys…stop hating Super Mario Bros.!!!”


“The Star Wars sequels. They have some issues, don’t get me wrong, but they’re really entertaining.”


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Matty 3 month s ago
These are the same people who think a dumpster sitting behind Taco Bell in July smells good.



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