Unique “McDonald’s” Restaurants From Around The World (35 PICS)

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"The Smallest McDonald's - "Mchive" (2019)"

"Originally constructed in Sweden; current location unknown.

"Active (for bees only; inaccessible to humans)""


"Dallas Zoo McDonald's (Date Unknown) Dallas, Tx"

"Various zoo animals adorn the front, marquee, roof, and interior of this location, as well as wall murals and a jungle-themed playplace."


"Airplane McDonald's (1990) Taupo, New Zealand"

"Awarded the "world's coolest McDonald's title" in 2013, after which it was repainted to match the current black and yellow styling of McDonald's restaurants. Prior to this, its paint job was red with black accents (though not the pantone 485 c red used in McDonald's branding)."


"Dinosaur McDonald's (Mid 1990s) Tucson, Az"

"In 2020, a group known as Christians against dinosaurs petitioned for the removal of this location's dinosaur statues. The franchise owner stood firm in response; no plans are in place to remove the dinosaurs."


"Crocodile McDonald's (Date Unknown) Lisbon Zoo, Lisbon, Portugal"

"This location within the Lisbon zoo is directly adjacent to its crocodile enclosure, with glass that lets guests get an up-close view of its residents."


Izismile Videos

"Mcski (Date Unknown, Possibly Early 90's) Pitea, Sweden"

"Martinstor Tower McDonald's (Date Unknown) Freiburg, Germany"

"Bray Town Hall McDonald's (1997) Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland"

"Giant Fries And Oda McDonald's (Date Unknown) Las Vegas, Nv"

"A&s Plaza McDonald's (Early 90's) Manhattan Mall (Formerly A&s Plaza), NYC"


"Au Roi De La Bière (King Of Beer) McDonald's (1998) Saint-Lazare, Paris, France"

"Originally a brasserie opened in 1892, the namesake king of beer and members of his court can still be found all around the facade of this location. Unfortunately for him, this McDonald's location does not serve beer. McCafé coffee, however, is available."


"Black Arches McDonald's (Date Unknown) Monterey, Ca"

"The interior of this location features unusual decor, including faux brick arch portals, chandeliers, a false cathedral ceiling, and murals of what may be California wine country."


"Art Deco McDonald's (Date Unknown) Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia"

"Originally built as the united kingdom hotel in 1937. Listed as a heritage landmark in 1988."


"Southwest Turquoise McDonald's (1993) Sedona, Az"

"Astronaut McDonald's (Date Unknown) Houston, Tx - Near Nasa Space Center Houston"


"Giant Happy Meal McDonald's (Early 1990's) Dallas, Tx"

"This location featured massive sculptures of McDonald's menu items, as well as graphics/statues of the McDonald and gang. Through a front door beneath an enormous big mac, guests would enter a faux-wood paneled dining area. This location was standardized in a 2016 refurbishment."


"City Hall (Gradska Kuća) McDonald's (Date Unknown) Subotica, Serbia"

"This location is tucked into the first floor of Subotica's historic city hall, completed in 1912 and famous for its bold and colorful Hungarian art nouveau motif. Much of that grand and ornate design remains inside, including chandeliers, stained glass and wood paneling."


"Mcboat (Date Unknown) Hamburg, Germany"

"This location is an otherwise standard McDonald's offering a typical auto drive-thru. in addition, though, this location offers the "McBoat", a pickup location for boaters traveling down the adjacent canal."


"World Of Warcraft McDonald's (2014) Various Locations Around China"

"This themed overlay of otherwise standard locations was part of a promotion between McDonald's and Activision-Blizzard in 2014, where customers would receive a rewards card that could eventually be redeemed for in-game World of Warcraft items."


"Radio Station McDonald's "Wmac" (Date Unknown) Opryland Area, Nashville, Tn"

"While not a functional radio station, this McDonald's does embrace the Opryland spirit by featuring its very own venue stage and live performances. Various memorabilia, such as historical instruments and radios, are on display inside. While the location did receive a paint job sometime in the late 2010's to bring it up to current McDonald's colors, its theming remains entirely intact."



"Clock Tower McDonald's (Date Unknown) St. Petersburg, Russia"

"Undersea McDonald's (Date Unknown) Navarre, Fl"

"This location, inspired by nearby Navarre beach, is packed to the gills with undersea imagery, including dolphins, manatees, sharks, divers, and submarines. A unique playplace, tablet games, and a small theater are also present. Designed by Bruce Barry of wacky world studios."


"Vegas Strip McDonald's (Date Unknown) Harrah's Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nv"

"Stained Glass McDonald's (1976) Ann Arbor, Mi"

"Designed by Ann Arbor architecture firm Hobbs and Black Associates. Stained glass window by state street stained glass works."


"Mountain Frontier McDonald's (Date Unknown) Lone Pine, Ca"

"Nestled in the Inyo mountains east of the Sierra Nevada, Lone Pine is a small town that proudly bears a frontiersman theme in its architecture. This McDonald's, with its decor, murals, and set of saloon doors below its sign, is no exception."



"North Pole McDonald's, Santa Claus Ln, North Pole, Ak"

"Times Square McDonald's (2003) Times Square, New York, NY"

"This location closed, in part, due to the opening of a new times square flagship McDonald's at 45th and Broadway in 2019. Ironically, this new location was constructed at the former site of toys 'r' us times square, another recently deceased example of nonstandard American retail. It appears that this new McDonald's shares the same complex as the former Toys'r'Us, but does not occupy any of the same footprint. thanks to all followers who helped clarify!"


"Old West McDonald's (Early 1990's) Davie, Fl"

"Gennevilliers Station McDonald's (Date Unknown) Gennevilliers, Near Paris, France"

"Coolsingel McDonald's (2015) Rotterdam, The Netherlands"

"Once voted the ugliest building in Rotterdam prior to remodel, this longstanding McDonald's was revamped in 2015 to feature a spiral staircase and more elegant, modern design with lots of natural light."



"Langtree Mall McDonald's (1990's) Langtree Mall, Mildura, Victoria, Australia"

"This location was closed as part of a redevelopment of the Langtree mall, which better connected it with the nearby Murray river. However, not all locals were pleased with the decision."


"Viru Gates McDonald's (Date Unknown) Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia"

"Getreidegasse McDonald's (Date Unknown) Salzburg, Austria"

"The Getreidegasse ("grain lane" in English), one of Salzburg's most prominent and resplendent shopping districts, is known for its ornate "guild" signage - which this McDonald's proudly wears above its front door. Inside, it features patio seating, and touches of local decor."


"Barber Shop McDonald's (2020) Stockholm, Sweden"

"Here, guests can book a virtual appointment with a hairdresser for a one-on-one "COVID cut" session, and be instructed on how to style their hair into the "golden M", a branded reinvisioning of an iconic 1990's haircut. Post-lockdown plans for this location are currently unknown."


"Dinkytown McDonald's (1963) Minneapolis, Mn"

"Deceased as of 4pm cst yesterday, 12/14/2020. This McDonald's long served as a late-night oasis for university of Minnesota students. Its closure comes in the wake of a proposed new mixed-use development in the area. If this plan comes to fruition, a new McDonald's location is set to open in its first floor."



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Les 8 month s ago
What about the McDonald's in Milano . Google it.
Tiffany 8 month s ago
I thought that Belgium is the only country where Mc Donalds isn't the biggest burger resaurant (well, that is if you want to call this cholesterol-factory a restaurant). They tried, but Quick is still bigger.
Lillah 8 month s ago
50's McD in Best, Netherlands
Alfred 8 month s ago
I’ve been to #3 in NZ - you can’t miss it when driving through town. Definitely worth stopping for although most people (locals probably) just sit in the cafe. The cool thing is that the cockpit is open and not closed off.



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