Very Nice Encounters With Celebs (38 PICS)

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"Colin Firth

I saw him sitting in a cafe with his son. Extremely nice, I waited until they got up to leave before I went and asked if I could get an autograph for my mom (who’s a huge fan). He asked me a few questions about her and wrote a quite nice autograph, For her. He asked if I wanted one as well and I told him that meeting him was more than enough.

I had told him where she worked and he went in the next day and made a point to stop and chat with her. Truly a class act."


"I was lucky enough to spend 6 hours sitting next to Mr. Rogers on an airplane. I was 7. Highlight of my life.

We ate "lunch. I spilled on him. I thought I had ruined everything, but he just smiled and gave me his dessert."


"Steve Irwin hands down, I've met a few musicians and athletes who have been nice but none were as nice as Steve. I met him in an elevator at a hotel and I walked in soaking wet after swimming in the pool. I was only 11 and I was in awe that I was in an elevator with Steve Irwin. Straight away he starts a conversation with me, asks me what my name is, where I'm from and if there were any crocs in the pool and if I see any at the hotel to come find him. He then starts talking to the hotel worker who was in the elevator with us and staring at Steve the whole time. That interaction with him still makes me ridiculously happy whenever I think about it."


"Having met Hugh Laurie in person, I can confidently state that he is one of the nicest and most humble celebrities out there. Not only is he completely happy to interact with his fans, but he also does so in a way that makes each and every one of them feel like they're a friend. He remembers names and personal details with amazing accuracy, and he makes each conversation seem like it's an extension of a treasured (and ongoing) dialogue. Add to that the fact that the man is outwardly hilarious, and you've got a recipe for a genuinely great guy."


"Nathan Fillion when I was working at a movie theater.

Guy bought 6 large popcorns and a bunch of smart waters when I thought, “man this guy is loaded”. He was wearing a hoodie and glasses so I couldn’t quite tell at first. I eventually said, “Hey you kinda look like this guy Nathan Fillion”

He took off his glasses and said, “I sure hope so.” I stood at attention and said, “Captain”

He replied, “As you were, Browncoat”. Coolest moment ever."


Izismile Videos

"I walked by Anderson Cooper once in the west village and went "oh [email protected]#t Anderson Cooper!' as I walked passed, he turned his head back towards me and smiled and winked. I'm now gay."


"Robin Williams. Super normal, easygoing and smart. I was working the Cody’s Books booth at ComputerWorld in SF, 1981 I think, and he was hanging with Timothy Leary so I got to meet them both."


"Dolly Parton, a really great hugger and genuinely sweet person. She walked into Tower Records SF while I was there putting up promotional stuff for Columbia Records, probably 1977. She grabbed me for a hug and was stoked we were exactly the same height (even though she was in heels!). She asked me some questions and it felt like it was authentic. I’ve met hundreds of celebrities, but she and Robin Williams were far and above the nicest."


"Gene Wilder, but there’s a story behind this...

I worked at a pharmacy in the ‘80s and was asked to deliver medicine to Gilda Radner (Gene’s wife) during her cancer battle. After a long delay to make the delivery due to issues related to the getting in touch with her doctor, I was finally given the prescription and drove up to their house to make the delivery. During my drive, I was excited at meeting one of the brightest comedy stars of the time...

When I arrived, I rang the doorbell and Gilda answered. I knew she was sick, but even I was surprised at her gaunt appearance - she did not look well at all. Immediately, I realized she was very angry because of the long delay in getting the medicine to her. Unfortunately, she let loose all that anger at me. I apologized many times (even though I had nothing to do with the delays).

After she finished and I gave her the prescription, she closed the door on me. I was not upset at her, though - indeed, I was very sad - that this brilliant comedienne was sick and was going through such an absolutely awful ordeal... This was an awful situation and not at all as I had hoped my encounter would go.

As I turned around to walk away from the door, I went several steps before I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and it was Gene, letting me know that his wife was very sick and he apologized many times for her behavior. He then gave me a nice tip for the delivery service and shared his gratitude for the weekend delivery and work by my pharmacy.

I'll never forget the encounter and appreciate that I got to meet both of them, even for a brief time, under difficult circumstances..."


"Stan Lee. He was my neighbor for a while, and he directly wrote me letters which I now have framed on my wall. Tom Brady wasn't great, Steven Tyler was really cool/chill, but Stan Lee was the best by far."



"Anne Hathaway.

We were backstage waiting for her cue to go on started chatting. She told me how she was such a klutz and we joked around a bit. Then, when she was called on stage she tripped hard going up the stairs and face planted, then turned around to me and we both started laughing.

She’s a sweetheart and a genuinely nice person. I’m glad I got to meet her."


"The only celebrity I've ever met is Bill Murray

He made a joke I didn't get at the time and gave me wrong directions to the Asia exhibit inside the Dallas Museum of Art

10/10 would ask Bill Murray for directions again"


"I didn't actually meet him, but Tracy Morgan bought my younger sister an iphone many years ago. Hers broke, and his gf, now wife, at the time lost her phone at the Superbowl or something so that's why he was at the same Verizon store.

The Verizon employee said my sister's damage wasn't covered under insurance and my mom couldn't afford to buy her a new phone, and my sister I guess clearly got emotional because Tracy Morgan, who had been talking to my mom for a bit before while they were waiting (my mom and sister had NO idea who he was until my dad came in and recognized him) bought the phone for her.

My mom tried to say no but he said to just pay it forward."


"George Takei. Bumped into a little Asian guy in a white suit on my way out of a theater, he turns around and goes "Oh myyy, I'm so sorry."

Realized why the laughter from the front row had caught my attention."


"I worked at a Barnes & Noble in high school. LL Cool J lived right next to it and would come in almost daily. He knew most of our names, really nice guy."



"Alan Alda. I was at one of his book signings and I was so nervous to the point that all I could say was, “I love M* A* S* H!” And he took my hand for a second and made a joke about being surprised I knew about the show because I was young. Once I got past my absolute embarrassment, I realized he was so gracious and patient with me when he could have easily been a j#rk. Great human being."


"Dave Chappelle and his family live a few miles from where I went to college, and he and I frequented the same Starbucks. I ran into him about ten times. One day he sat with me for about 45 minutes and talked about screenwriting. It was amazing. He’s as down to earth as his stage persona suggests, and it’s no wonder he opted to raise his family away from L.A."


"Jeff Goldblum. Met his wife and children as well. They were all kind and sweet. His real life persona matches the on-screen one exactly."


"Bill Nye.

I was a concierge for a summer in New York City. I was working at the front desk of his building, unknowingly. Typically, residents are pretty familiar with the front desk guy and I was an unfamiliar face. He was leaving his apartment and waved quickly towards the desk as if to say bye, but then did a double take. He looked over and said “you’re new. What’s your name? I’m Bill” to which I told him “yeah I’m just here temporarily, it’s nice to meet you bill. I’m TommySalami40” he shook my hand and you said “it’s nice to meet you. I’m gonna go grab some Chinese food and come back home and finish writing my book”. And then he left and when he came back in he told me to enjoy the rest of my day. Was pretty cool to be acknowledged like that and for him to go out of his way to introduce himself to me."


"Scarlett Johansson back in 2011 at a Starbucks.

Super sweet and really bubbly. Thought she would come across as a b#tch or standoffish, partly because it was early in the morning, like 5:30-6:00 am. Not at all, she was so nice. Made her laugh after I told her I was a huge fan of one of her earliest films, Home Alone 3 (which really is one of my favorite childhood movies).

She just had this charming aura about her."



"Peter Dinklage is a lot of fun! Really cool guy. His laugh is incredibly infectious"


"Met Weird Al at a film screening a few years ago - I've been a fan of his since I was 8 and he's legitimately an influence in my own music/comedy.

I saw him when I sat down which happened to be right in front of him. I heard him introduce himself to some older ladies who had sat next to him, just very genuine like "Hi, I'm Al!"

I turned around and said hello, said I had just seen a show at the Greek and said it was great, and said this is a great moment of my life and he cracked a joke and said something like "well I guess your life hasn't been THAT awesome!" or something like that. We took a selfie and shook hands and it was awesome."


"Adam Sandler. He is super nice we met him at my aunts lake house. Such a sweet guy he brought his family over and we hung out with him for like 3 hours and we just chilled. He is an amazing dude."


"Taylor Swift - met her after the 1989 show in my city. Super nice and easy to talk to, felt like we were old friends. But what was crazy was she knew the guy standing next to me just from Tumblr (this was back when she used it a lot and he ran a TSwift fan tumblr). She knew his name, knew all these personal details about him and was really excited to meet him! It was very sweet."


"I knew Shaquille O'Neal in college occasionally. I wasn't associated with the athletic program at LSU but had friends who were, so I ran into him often enough to kinda-sorta get to know him.

He was a huge goofball back then too."



"Kevin Hart

I worked retail in early 2011, and there was this guy who needed some clothes shipped to Atlanta, and I hooked him up with a surprise discount, and he was grateful. He then asked what I was doing that night, I said nothing, and the guy introduced himself "I'm Nate, I'm Kevin Hart's manager, he's performing tonight, here's my card, I'll get you in for free."

So I go that night, thinking I'm just going to go watch the show, but Nate sees me, bring to the VIP Lounge where Kevin and 2 other opening comics are drinking Ciroc & Pineapple Juice, and Kevin was the chillest dude, really nice, talked about Philly, comedy, etc., and the show was basically his 'Let Me Explain' material.

Mind you, this was early 2011, so it was right before he took off, but it was still cool.

Nice dude though!"


"I checked John Mulaney into a hotel room once. He wanted to pay for someone else’s room so he was at my desk for like 5 minutes while I set that up. He’s a genuinely nice guy."


"Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame.

Tall as [email protected]#k, and really cheerful. I was working the front desk for Newbury Comics' corporate office and he and his assistant came in. I didn't even process the name when his assistant said it, just called back to the buyer whom Bruce was meeting. Then it hit me: "Wait. The Bruce Campbell"?

Bruce is standing to my right, looming like death. He smiles, extends a hand, laughs, and asks me my name. I made the requisite boomstick joke, and he also laughed at that.

Much better behaved than Juliette Lewis, who showed up so drunk she couldn't walk down the ramp in front of me."


"Danny Devito. I ended up at a hotel bar in Philly with this girl I was hanging out with and her friend. Turns out the cast of Always Sunny was filming the 10th(ish?) season and staying at the hotel and hanging out downstairs. So girl’s friend flags down Danny as he’s walking by and he ends up sitting with us for a solid 2 hours. Buys us a couple rounds. And tries to invite the girl up to his hotel room. A weird turn but he also introduced us to Charlie Day so I’m calling it a win."


"Lenny Kravitz was one of the most humble people I've met. Incredibly down to earth, laid back and friendly."



"Met Matthew McConaughey at a subway in Ohio when he was staying in my hometowns fancy treehouse hotel, walked up to him and was like are you Matthew mcconaughey and he’s like yeah, and I said cool, so he said you want an autograph and I said I guess, so he signed a subway napkin for me."


"Nick Jonas is extremely soft spoken and really kind. He called ahead to the restaurant I worked in at the time to book a table for his family— him, his parents, both grandmothers, younger brother, and one of his grandfathers. His younger brother was moving in to college and Nick was in town for a show, so he took them to brunch. He was incredibly kind to the staff, tipped really well, and was adorably teasing Frankie about being the kid their parents would be most proud of— Frankie is the only one of the four Jonas brothers to go to college."


"I have told this story on here a couple of times, but here it is again!

I used to work in an upscale hotel in West Hollywood. I was in one day when a beautiful brunette about my age, another pretty blonde woman, and an older lady who I assumed was the mother of one or both of them came in. She looked vaguely familiar, and it dawned on me that I was serving Annie from Community (Alison Brie) whose wikipedia article I had recently looked up. I glanced at their reservation. Schumerhorn. That's her real last name.

Before I even realized who she was, I noticed she must literally have a magical aura around her that makes everyone within 10 feet feel special. I got to wait on her, and she [email protected]#tted with me like I was an old friend. By the end of the afternoon we were talking to each other in stupid accents and laughing like hyenas, and to top it all off she left a great tip and her friend told my boss what a great job I'd done. Nice to meet someone you love from a show and it turns out they're cool as [email protected]#k."


"John Barrowman (Captain Jack in Doctor Who and Torchwood and also Malcom Merlin in Arrow) is so cool and gives amazing hugs."


"Pierce Brosnan. Literally bumped into me at a coffee shop in Hawaii. Could not have been more gracious.

I didn't recognize him until he sat down, and when I called my wife she begged me to go over and put him on the phone.

Of course I didn't."



"Bam Margera. Back when Jackass was a thing and I was in middle school in about 2003 he had a signing at the local mall and my mom and I waited in line for about four hours so I could meet him. I had him sign a pair of skate shoes that I was wearing to school with the fat shoe laces that I put into a checkerboard pattern. He took about ten minutes to talk to me and compliment me on how cool that was and ask how I did it.

Meanwhile at school, all of the skateboarders made fun of me for wearing skate shoes and constantly gave me grief. Having a celebrity who I really looked up to give me such high praise saved my self esteem for the rest of middle school. Being nice is easy, but Bam Margera went above and beyond."


"Vanessa Hudgens, I was walking in a breezeway and a girl introduce herself as Vanessa and started to talk to me about my job on the lot. She was very nice but I didnt catch on who she was until I remember what production was going on in the sound stage nearby. I said Vanessa Hudgens and she confirmed laughing. I apologized and told her I'm not really the type to get caught in with celebrities but she was cool with it. She appreciated that I treated her like a normal person and I'm not a crazy fan."


"Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter in the MCU).

Very pleasant to talk to and may I say even more beautiful in person."



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