Australia Is VERY Different… (51 PICS)

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"A 6 Month Old Baby Kangaroo I Am Raising Is Very Impatient At Bottle Time...."

"This Interesting Plant Is Native To Australia"

"Rainbow Wrasse Caught Off Christmas Island"

Izismile Video Collection

"This Is How Much Food You Can Get For The Cost Of A Pack Of Cigarettes In Australia"

"Just Pan Over To The Left Barry"

"Finally, Something In Australia That Doesn't Want To Kill Me. Banana For Scale"

"Lizards In Australia"

"Camping In Australia"

"Two Extremely Cute And Endangered Barking Geckos Waring Up On My Hand On A Cold Morning In Western Australia. These Are The Only 2 I've Ever Come Across So Was Pretty Awesome"

"It’s So Bloody Hot Here In Australia At The Moment, And I Wondered Why Birds Weren’t Using Our Bird Bath"

"He Came Down Through The Fireplace And Trashed The Place, Ate My Bananas And Jumped On Me At 2am"


"In Australia, This Is Why We Check Our Shoes"

"Still A Better Receptionist Than The One We Had On Check In"

"Im Stuck In Europe Because Of Covid And Then My Family Took This Photo And Sent It From Their Camping Trip At Skenes Creek Victoria... Ok, Now I’m Really Homesick"

"You Know You're In Australia When Frogs Eat Snakes"

"Rose-Breasted Cockatoo, Aka Pink And Grey Galah"


"An Emu Just Cruising Around My Rural Towns Little Airport"

"Honey, There Is A Kid On Our Bug..."

"Flushed All The Cane Toads Out Of My Brothers Dam. Some Of Them Took The Easy Way Out - Hitching A Ride On The Back Of A 3.5m Python"

"Don't Expect Thanks From Loretta If You Find Her"

"Selling Point For Aussie School"


"This Tree In The Daintree Rainforest (Queensland, Australia)"

"March Of The Hairy Caterpillars"

"That’s A Blue Ring Octopus, Whose Venom Can Result In Death Within Minutes"

"Australian Moth"

"Jesus Sydney Take A Chill Pill"


"Australia. Where Even The Hail Can Kill You"

"This Roo In A River"

"What Ever Your View On Today Respect Your Neighbours"

"Summer In Australia"

"40 Degrees Up North Vic Today. Had A Little Visitor Come And Smack The Door With His Tail Before Taking A Dip In Our Pond"


"My Daughter’s Boyfriend Has Been Helping At His Parents’ Farm In Kingaroy, Queensland. He Took This Shot When The Sheep Came Up To Say G’day"

"I See Your Possum Outside Your Window And Raise You Our Break And Enter Culprit Last Night"

"New Coat Of Arms For Australia?"

"They Did Not Find The $1.47 A Litre Emusing"

"Maybe I’ll Just Hold On

"A Seal Chilling Outside Sydney Opera House"

"Felt A Tickle On My Leg, Australia"

"Eastern States Are A Bit Warm. My Motorbike Stand Was Sinking In The Asphalt"

"A Massive Earthworm Found In Queensland, Australia"

"Picture Of A Termite Mound In The Northern Territory Of Australia, Termites Build The Tallest Structures Out Of Any Of The Creatures On Earth"

"My Mate Named Him Swoop Dogg - What's Your Best Name For An Angry Magpie?"

"My BBQ Is Nearly 70°c. It's Not Turned On"

"The Two Standard Price Options To Ship Anything To Australia"

"So Having My Lunch Break (Working From Home) When I See Something Moving Across The Living Room Floor. Looks Like I Have A Little Friend Trying To Get Out Of The Heat. Though I'm Damned As To How She Got In Here With All The Doors Shut"

"Weird Critter From Australia. Hairy Backed Pie Beetle (Helia Perforata)"

"Only In Australia Can You Eat The Two National Animals As Pizza Toppings! This Would Be Like Eating A Bald Eagle Burger"


Dre 2 month s ago
Yes, Australia is very different. One of the most racist countries in the world. Try living there with tanned skin. The natives might give you a heads up about that. Beds are burning by Midnight Oil is a true story. They burned kids and other in their beds down under. Of course some years ago. But, take it into to you, to read about how fssed and racist thtis country is. Take it from a pale guy, who tried to be friendly about people with dark skin there. You will be kicked silly in a bar..
Naldo 2 month s ago
Dre, Wipe your chin you're talking S**t, you were likely beaten up because you're a tool and Koori Aussies would have joined in. Go back to whatever WOKE hole you came from, mate
Vet 2 month s ago
Piss off mate
Sabrina 2 month s ago
Vet, go eff your hat. Been there and had the time of my life! They are crazy fun MFers.



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