They Have No Idea How Technology Works… (49 PICS)

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“The Printer Isn’t Working”

"This Is How My Auntie Blocks Ads From Her Computer Screen"

"Oh, Dear, Dad Tried To Print A Video"

"End User Had A Heater Next To The PC Which Was Randomly Shutting Off And She Thought She Had Smelled Burning A Couple Of Times. It Is Literally Screaming"

Izismile Videos

"My Girlfriend's Grandma Thought The iPad Was A Cutting Board"

"Asked My Dad Why He Was Reading Through The Camera App On His Phone. He Said He Wanted To See What It Would Be Like If I Had A Kindle"

"Some Karen Raged Into The Apple Store And Asked For A Refund For Her iPhone 5. I Didn’t Listen To The Convo But When I Walked Past I Heard The Manager Asked Her If She Charged It, She Said No"

"My Dad Says, “Google Is Doing This Stupid Thing Where The Blur The Top Left Part Of The Results. Facebook Is Doing It Too Actually.” He Melted The Top Left Corner Of His Screen"

"Should I Tell My Mom She's Supposed To Take The iPad Out Of The Box?"


"Student Uses Light On Phone To Charge Portable Solar Battery So That He Can Charge His Phone"

"I Decided To Upgrade To An Electric Kettle This Week, A Detail I Remembered As It Burst Into Flames On The Gas Stove"

"I Set Up A Lock Screen App That Takes A Photo If You Put The Password In Wrong Trying To Catch My Daughter On My Phone. I've Only Caught Myself So Far Mostly First Thing In The Morning"

"My Dad's Way Of Transferring Pictures"

"iPhone X That Came Into The Shop Today. Customer Said “I’ve Never Dropped It In Water”"


"Saw My Mom's Phone, And Investigated. She Used The Screen Protector's Throwaway Film Instead Of The Actual Screen Protector"

"My Mother-In-Law Keeps Complaining That Her Kindle Wouldn’t Charge"

"I Couldn’t Find My Phone But It Was Connected To The Bluetooth So I Figured It Was Somewhere In... Or Out Of The Car"

"Dad Accidentally Turned Off Keyboard Backlighting And Couldn’t See The Keys"


"Nothing Like Pulling Out A Warm Pillow Out Of The Dryer Right Before Bedtime"

"My Professor Got Bored In Class So She Went On Facebook. She Really Didn't Seem To Notice Her Laptop Was Still Connected To The Projector"

"My Dad Photocopied His Phone To Use A Money Off Voucher"

"My Sister Was Putting On Her Make Up In Front Of A Window And The Mirror She Was Using Burnt A Hole In Her Screen"

"Candle Was Super Fragrant Last Night. Now I Know Why"


"Customer Brought In This iMac For Not Powering On. This Is How He Apparently Uses It"

"For further context: I'm 99% sure the customer has been running his iMac with the shipping plastic in place since 2015, including on the bottom covering the vents, as there's airflow patterns of dust and certain areas where the plastic has melted/deformed; note the scotch tape ON the plastic covering the camera.

EDIT: Just called the customer and asked/confirmed the plastic has been in place; "I guess that's why I hear the fans ramp up!" And he wants to keep the plastic in place, lol. But I got him to agree to at least let me clip the bottom portion so it no longer wraps around the vents."


"Ripped Off What I Thought Was Protective Plastic From A New Monitor. It Was The Polarizing Film"

"Customer Came In With His iPhone, His Glass Cracked, He Thought He Could Peel Off The Glass So He Wouldn't Notice The Crack Anymore"

"Wondered Why One Of My Earbuds Wasn't Going In The Charging Case"

"Thermostat Had Hardly Worked All Winter, A Friend Suggested I Open It And Look For A Switch"


"Xerox Fault Error 072-210"

"Found Out My Toaster Can Work As A Timer, Even When Not Plugged In. Now I Have To Wait Another 20 Minutes To Find Out How Good These Fish Sticks Are"

""But I Like It This Way, It's Convenient" - My Tech Savvy Aunt

"I Was Really Pleased To Find That My Left-Behind Charger Had Arrived In The Mail. Because I Am My Own Worst Enemy, I Hastily Opened"

"If You Spill Acetone On Your Table, Make Sure You Clean It All Up"


"Obviously Scatterbrained Today, I Put A Laundry Detergent Pod In The Dishwasher"

"Brother Couldn’t Figure Out Why His Wi-Fi Signal Was Terrible"

"Broken Clip? No Problem"

"Just Found Out Why My Mom's Laptop Wasn’t Charging"

"My Mom Using A Magnifying Glass To See My Phone Better. Love Her To Death But She's Not The Best With Technology"


"It's Hard To Hear People Unless I'm On Speakerphone"

"Girlfriend Turned The New Iron On Without Checking The Bottom. She Turned It Into A Boiling Plastic Spreader"

"Spent 10 Minutes Looking For The Drip Tray For The Forman Grill, After I Turned It On"

"My Sister Unplugged My 3D Printer With Only A Few Layers Left On This 20 Hour Print"

"My Dad Didn’t Realize You Could Screen Record Videos"


"My Mom Didn't Know How To Take A Screenshot So She Improvised With The Scanner"

"My Wife Washed My USB Drive Because It Was "Sticky""

"iPhone 12 Pro Cracked In Under 6 Hours Of Owning"


Monna 2 month s ago
#27 BS
Margo 2 month s ago
#11 stupid student --- he forget to plug it in.....
Di 2 month s ago

..its not how it works.
Gabriella 2 month s ago
35 35 35 sm_80 sm_80 sm_80
Penny 2 month s ago
J#rkface making fun of grandma because she used the iPad as a cutting board. Grandma, however, knows how to bake a delicious Cinnamon braid. Despite knowing how to use the iPad those dumb kids would starve to death without her.
Phillip 2 month s ago
If it looks stupid and it works, then its not stupid.
Hugh 2 month s ago
#’s 32, 36, 42 and 43 - just honest mistakes, not lack of tech knowledge.
Elbert 1 month ago
#4 lol it looks like the front IO is looking at the melted plastic.



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