Why Your Kids Might Need A Dog… (47 PICS)

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"I Volunteer For A Dog Rescue, We Love Seeing Updates Of The Dogs In Their New Homes. This One Made Me Smile"

"My Son Has Autism And One Of His Unique Trait, Is His Need For Physical Contact At All Times. Barb Came Into Our Lives And Elected Herself To The Position Of Weighted Blanket & Bodyguard"

"We Told Lincoln To Watch Some Youtube Videos On How To Train His Puppy"

"Their Dog Hasn’t Eaten Well Since They Brought Their Baby Home - Dog Kept Taking Food Into The Living Room And Leaving It There"

"Someone suggested the dog might be worried the baby isn’t visibly eating, so is “feeding” the baby. They tried giving the baby a bowl of food at the same time. It worked!"


"So, Cassidy (My Daughter) Was Snuggling Elsa (Our Rescue Pup) Under Her Hoodie. I Walked Into The Room And Asked "Where's Elsa?" Well, Elsa Tried To Get To Me"

Izismile Videos

"And I Never Thought That 17 Years Later, My Best Friend Would Live To Meet My First Child"

"My Daughter Has A Huge Heart For Dogs And Begged For Months To Get Another Rescue. She Even Used All Her Money To Pitch In For The Fees. Here She Is With Our Third Rescue Pupper, Daisy"

"Our Neighbor Gives Treats Through The Fence. Recently He Has Been Giving My Daughter Treats Too. This Is Them Waiting Patiently Today"

"My Moms Rescue Dog Rico Is Best Friends With My Baby. I Interrupted Them Watching Peppa Pig"

"A Sleeping Baby, Dog, And Cat. I Think I Win The Internet High Score"


"Just A Boy And His New Dog"

"I Knew My Senior Dog Loved Babies, But Seeing Him Love My Daughter Makes My Heart Burst"

"Peeking Buddies"

"My Best Friend Has Four Paws. CJ (5 Years Old) And Chance (3 Months Old)"

"This Bulldog Squish Into Any Space As Along As He’s Close To His Human"


"My Dog Thinks My Daughter Is His Baby. They Love Each Other So Much. This Is How They Fell Asleep Yesterday During Nap Time"

"6 Years Of Friendship"

"Had To Put My Dog Down A Few Months Ago. My Son Will Never Know How Much Griffin Loved Him"

"In Their Mind They Are Secret Service"

"My Baby With My Dog’s Babies"


"Our Dog Has Hardly Left My Wife’s Side Since Baby Arrived. He’s A Proud Older Brother"

"My Brother’s Daughter And New Puppy Are Already Best Buds, They Even Have Matching Outfits"

"Took My Dog And Daughter Out For The First Time Together, In A Winter Wonderland"

"My Daughter Was Nervous Around Dogs, And Then She Met This Guy. He Let Her Love All Over Him For 20 Minutes And Afterwards, Her Fear Was Gone. Thank You, Sweet Boy, For Making Her Into The Dog Lover She Is"

"It’s My Dogs 4th Birthday, My Daughter Spent All Her Pocket Money Buying Her A Steak"


"My Dog Is 18, Has Trouble Standing. Since Clare Was Born, He Stands For Hours Watching. Good Boy"

"This Kid Walking His Dog In Full Astronaut Gear"

"Our Son Had A Heart Transplant. My Wife Made Him A Tin Man Costume. Cowardly Lion Played By Murphy Jenkins"

"The 12-Week-Old Guarding The 1-Week-Old. Something Tells Me This Is The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship"

"My Son And Daughter"


"Our Daughter Was Visited By Maddie, A Therapy Dog, Before Her (Successful) Surgery At Phoenix Children’s Hospital ... This Dog Helped All Of Us More Than She Will Ever Know ... She’s Not A Good Girl, She’s A Great Girl"

"She’s Loyal, Protective, And Goofy. Meet My Daughter’s Best Friend"

"Step 1: Try To Take Cute Pic Of Dog And Baby. Step 2: Dog Sneezes During Pic. Step 3: Accidentally Capture My Dogs Inner Demon, And My Son Thinks It's Funny"

"Our Good Girl, Stella. Picked Her Up A Year Ago At The Pound. The Best Farm Dog Ever"

"I Waited Over Ten Years For A Dog, Finally Have A Backyard. We Tried For Two Years To Get Pregnant, Finally Had A Daughter. Last Month My Heart Became Complete"


"My Son And His Puppy - They Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other"

"This Pretty Girl Came To Visit My Daughter"

"We Were So Nervous To Bring Our Newborn Son Home To Meet Our Beagle. Best Friends Right Away. Meet Oliver And His Doggo Sophie"

"They Bonded Before We Even Left The Parking Space"

"Gentle Giant"


"Now This Is Just Perfect"

"I Just Finished This “Fort” For My Son So He Could Look At Trucks Out The Window. Now He Can Hang Out With His Best Friend"

"My Oldest Has Been Battling A Cold. 95 Lbs Of Lap Puppy To The Rescue. Such A Good Boy"

"My Son Broke His Arm And Ever Since He Came Home My Girlfriend's Dog Won't Leave His Side"

"Beginning Of A Great Friendship"


"My Wife And Her Pupper 30 Years Ago, And Our Daughter And Her Pupper"

"My Nephew Meeting The Puppy"

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Lila 10 month s ago
I'm not crying, you're crying..... heart heart heart
Leroy 10 month s ago
I'm sure Griffin will watch over him for ever.



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