Here’s Some Wholesomeness To Cheer You Up! (42 PICS)

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"I Met This Kid At An Orphanage In Tanzania A Few Years Ago And Told Him That If He Studied Hard, I’d Pay For His School To Help Him Towards His Dream Of Becoming A Doctor"

"He just got into medical school. I don’t have kids but I’m proud like a mother hen."


"My Daughter Finished Chemotherapy Today"

"I Overcame My Depression And Went For A Hike. It's The Small Things"

"I Won Second Place For My Painting! I'm Very Excited So Hope You Guys Don't Mind My Sharing"

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"4-Year-Old In Virginia Today Went Outside To Play Then Came Back To The Front Door With A New Friend"

"Villagers In India Made Giant Sweaters To Keep Rescued Elephants Warm"

"I Was A Homeless Heroin Addict For 3 Years. Monday, I Begin My Career As Coordinator Of A Homeless Shelter"

"My 8-Year-Old Is Painting Pet Portraits To Raise Money For The Animal Shelter"


"My 90-Year-Old Nana And Her 23-Year-Old Cat Love Sending Me Goodnight Selfies"

"I Decided To Finally Go Vaccinated Behind My Anti-Vax Parent's Back"

"Nike Surprises Justin Gallegos With A Contract. Justin Is Their First Professional Athlete With Cerebral Palsy"

"I Came Out When I Was 14 (Now 35) And To Say My Parents Weren’t Thrilled Is A Complete Understatement. But Last Night, 21 Years Later, I Saw This Little Ornament On Their Tree"

"I really can’t believe how far they’ve both come as humans."


"I’ve Hosted A Friend Since November Due To Her Depression. Today She Made Her Bed For The First Time. She’s At The Store Right Now"


"Best Way To End Year. My Lil Dude Is Officially My Son"

"10-Hour Shifts 6 Days A Week In 100 Degree Florida Heat Wearing Face Masks, If We Can Do It So Can You"

"Bought Something For Our Dog On Chewy, But He Died Before It Got Here. Not Only Did They Refund Us The Money, But Also They Sent Us Flowers That Were The Color Of His Fur"

"That's Why Dogs Are Human's Best Friends"

"My Grandmother Turned 100 Last October, This Is Her Doing The Plank For 30 Seconds"


"Stray Doggo Interrupts Street Performance In Turkey To Help The Actor Who Was Pretending To Be Hurt. What A Pure Heart"

"12 Years Ago I Was Homeless. Today I'm A Homeowner"

"Pilot Celebrates At Her Graduation As The First Black Female Tactical Jet Pilot In US Navy History"


"Turning A Dead Tree Into A Small Free Library That Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Fairytale"

"Randomly Reunited With My Sister Tonight After She Ran Away From Home In 2005"

"The story is quite long and painful, but the summary is that we were raised in an abusive home. She had an undiagnosed mental illness and ran away at 17, I was 16. She was on the streets and dealing with addiction, in and out of rehab but she's been clean for nearly a year now. It wasn't random in that we accidentally bumped into each other, but random in that I assumed I'd never see her again as she became a distant memory, but that all changed overnight. I received a call before bed yesterday from another family member that they'd made contact with her, and that she'd actually moved back to our home city 2 years ago. Less than 24 hours later and she's back in my life again. The whole thing feels very surreal and I'm still trying to wrap my head around what just happened."


"Things Have Changed"

"The CEO Of My Company Doing The Dishes After Buying Everyone Lunch. This Is Why I Love My Job"


"The Man Standing On The Left Is The Patient's Uber Driver. He Went Inside With Him Because He Had No One Else To Keep Him Company While In The Hospital. So Kind"

"My Friend Eating A Burger With Prosthetic Hands I Designed And Built For Him"

"Someone In The Apartment Across From Mine Is About To Get Proposed To"

"I Put Out A Request On Facebook In November For Mail For My 19-Year-Old Son, With Autism, Who Loves Walking To The Post Office"

"He has lost over 75 lbs from keto and these walks. He has received over 3200 letters and parcels with kind words and encouragement from over 24 different countries."


"My Father Said He Started Leaving Food Out Like I Do, I Visited Him Today And Saw This"


"Today My Daughter Is 5 Years Cancer Free! I Took This Photo To Commemorate Washing Away 5 Years"

"Dad Sleeps Downstairs On The Sofa Bed With Elderly Dog To Keep Him Company Since Dog Can’t Get Up The Stairs Anymore"

"What Started As An Accidental Text Turned Into An Annual Tradition"

"This all started through a message sent to the wrong number about a Thanksgiving dinner. The man in the middle asked if he could come to Thanksgiving anyway even though they were complete strangers. They've been having Thanksgiving together for years now."


"This Caring Dog Was Worried The Baby Isn’t Visibly Eating"

"Their dog hasn’t eaten well since they brought their baby home - the dog kept taking food into the living room and leaving it there. Someone suggested the dog might be worried the baby isn’t visibly eating, so is “feeding” the baby. They tried giving the baby a bowl of food at the same time. It worked."


"True Love Knows No Fences"


"My 8-Year-Old Daughter Has Been Growing Her Hair For Nearly 2 Years To Donate It To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Cancer Kids That Cannot Afford Them"

Abednego 6 month s ago
#2 Sad as hell, unfair... c´mon world... a newborn with that illness?... not fair.
Hope she has the best life ever, she deserve it. Enjoy little thing!. heart
Sina 6 month s ago
Abednego, I also hope she has a long and happy life.

Dyer 6 month s ago
Sister delegated the job, too much trouble to do it herself. Yay! sisterhood.
Edmund 6 month s ago
Dyer, Yah but they won't let that get in the way of the self-congratulation.
Onnie 6 month s ago

"Sister" in the female camaraderie sense.
Rickie 6 month s ago
That would be the black female member of the sisterhood.
They have an exclusive on it, you see.
Telly 6 month s ago
#29 Historic City Hall in Frankfurt, Germany
Izzy 6 month s ago
NUMBER 14 - So your parents weren't human prior to putting a trinket on a tree ???????
Obie 6 month s ago
#9 I was a serial killer and cannibal for 5 years. Monday, I begin my career in Human Resources.
L.b. 6 month s ago
Asinine, negative comments on a wholesome pic dump astound me.

Room temperature IQ is alive and well on Izismile.



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