Barber Gives Homeless People Free Haircuts That Completely Change Their Image (And Sometimes Life) (31 PICS)

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Jason Schneidman, now 50, has been cutting hair since he was 14 years old, and he has always remained passionate about it—he said the first time he cut hair, he thought the whole transformation was amazing, and has enjoyed contributing to making people change. One day, he and his business partner went out with a backpack and cordless clippers, and kept asking homeless people on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard if they needed haircuts.

Fast forward five years, and their initiative has evolved into a movement to help the homeless. Eventually, Schneidman started a nonprofit organization called “THEMENSGROOMER”. Now, he and his team host big events in Venice, California, where the homeless can get haircuts, food, and socks donated from people all over the world who follow and support Schneidman through the Internet.

"Leon 54 years young, and I say it like that because it’s never too late all it takes is a willingness and a surrender We spoke today a lot about his life his journey his family his daughter who’s 27 years old, he’s been off of meth for a little bit over 30 days he’s been going to LA fitness and working out he talks about doing his daughter proud I tried to FaceTime with her but he says he’s not ready yet he’d like to put some more time together we talked about rehab.he’s missing his bottom teeth so I’m putting it out there now if anyone wants to donate to themensGroomer -VenmoFoundation I will be putting it together for him ! I’ll be seeing Leon in 30 days for another haircut #recovery & #service I believe if we all do a little we can help out a lot!"


"I Meet Marty yesterday morning at Themensgroomer shop, he was looking in the dumpster for recycling , The night before we had a big party and we covered the parking lot with hey .So I approached Marty and asked him if he wanted to make some money helping me clean up, He didn’t Hesitate, so we all continued to clean up together for about two hoursI I asked him how long hes been on the street he said he’s been out there for 40 years, He told me a bit about his upbringing and how he’s gone through the foster care system, I just loved him immediate, his sense of humor had us all dying laughing., One of my employees sam and Marty figured out they share the same birthday, next month on the 27th so we asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said a new sprocket for his bike a backpack and a sleeping bag and some money for food, because McDonald’s prices are so high , marty doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs at all, I had a busy day yesterday with clients so I told Marty if he comes back at 2:30 I’d hook him up with a #haircut I had so much fun cutting his hair and beard laughing talking. And cleaning his hands & face w/ hot towels , I’m so lucky to be given this opportunity to help people . I Liked Marty and trusted him from the moment I meet him. So we will be seeing him at the shop, Wednesday morning at for some more work, and continue to talk about these birthday wishes!"


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"This is DARIO ,He’s going through some tough times he used to work on tv shows at Paramount Pictures transcribing And graphic design , Both his parents passed away in the last 10 years and his roommate just died recently and was kicked out of his apartment immediately ! Super great normal Coherent dude! He was ready for the transformation he had a softball dreadlocks stuck to the back of his scalp, I kept reaching for tools not knowing how to get rid of it and it just came down to a slow scissor cutting of this matted dread lock ! I was able to salvage the hair in the back and do a killer clipper cut , I felt The freedom personally that he got from removing this dreadlock! so powerful he ran his hands Through his hair over an over !"


"I met Muhammad yesterday in Venice beach he is a character ,Mo has his 50th birthday coming up on September 12th he was loving the fact that I made him look younger we had a good time he took me on a wild ride With his life stories , he speaks 5 languages , he is Originally from Morocco but moved to Tampa Florida with his brother Abraham 30 years ago they at one point owned a successful Moroccan restaurant together but now He’s broke and living in a tent He’s keeps in touch with his family through a tablet he said he likes to write ,So that’s how they communicate, after the haircut he had positive energy about bettering his current situation ! I asked him what he was going to do for his 50th birthday he said he’s going to swim in the ocean for couple miles"


"Meet brian today in Santa Monica he likes to fix electronics .he's been homeless for about seven years. he has a storage unit full of his possession that are safe. he has a cell phone and he's in contact with his 77 year old mom. seeing the transformation today and having the human interaction was super good for brian and me. I believe a haircut can change someone's life"


"I Meet Diedrich today, in. Hollywood, he came up to me today and said will you make me look like a normal gentleman I’m going to try and get a job I’m headed out to some job interviews! I was like hell yeah! I got you dude! We talked a bunch he is super nice straight up normal dude trying to better his situation, turns out he’s a graphic design artist, we started talking about themensgroomer foundation that Is just starting to happen and grow , And he said he’d make us our logo so I’m excited to get him on board and also a woman from the mayors office came to the event today to introduce herself to me and we spoke about really ramping this movement up one haircut at a time! Also special thanks to the big turnout of hairstylists Barbers and esthetician’s , you guys all make it happen! so many big hearts and big smiles, thank you so much for your service, can’t do it without you!"


"This is Star Lee , He is one of the many people that we were able to help this Thanksgiving! Stars Thanksgiving wish was to get a bus ticket to Miami so he could work, he has a job lined up there so through all the donations to ThemensGroomer Venmo from everybody we were able to purchase him a ticket and he’ll be leaving tomorrow he was also grateful to get his face and hair cleaned up a hot meal & a shower from @powerofashower There were so many hearts and hands out there today everybody got what they needed it was an amazing turn out what away to start"



"This is big Richie,Used to work in Florida in 2013 he was project manager at ATL, he would book talent for music events After that job he moved on later to become a BMF at coyote ugly “I was like what’s a BMf? he said bad mother f**ker , bouncer at coyote ugly ,his current situation is he’s living on the streets of Hollywood After talking he agreed that alcohol has led him to where he’s at now he promised to hit up 4 meetings of recovery this month between his next haircut Visit with me ! That’s what I’m doing out here just carrying the message of recovery one haircut at a time,hopefully Richie can get back on track!"


"I met Chris 52 years old he’s was the original Superman that stood up on Hollywood Boulevard since 1991 greeting tourists he’s is also an actor he’s been in a number of movies. coyote ugly was one I remembered chris and his wife split up a couple of years ago and he really went down hill he’s been living on the streets and says he’s been “drinking his wife” I said your “drinking your life” he drinks five bottles of vodka a day , he is shaking really bad I was cutting his hair I asked him if he has a disorder because the shakes and he said no it’s just because he hadn’t had a drink yet today. As he got his haircut he was drawing really great comic sketches , he was really nice he knows a lot of people in Hollywood on Boulevard. I started telling him about my story about how I got off of drugs and alcohol 14 years ago and I asked him if he was sick and tired of being sick and tired, he got real quiet and teared up and said yes And I said if you’re willing to do what it takes you can still have a life he said he was willing so I gave my number hope he calls! If you or somebody u know is sick and tired of being sick and tired please reach out to somebody there’s places and people that want to help and it’s not too late!"



"In Houston , got to meet Virgil underneath the bridge he's 35 and he's created so much wreckage that he feels like he can't get back. I told him it's not too late I really liked him and connected while talking to him ! he's got a light in his eyes and I can see that he wants so much more for himself .He told me about his younger brother and sister and how they have families of their own and I told him about my situation when I was 34 and how I made it out. I gave him my phone number, and I am willing to help when he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired!. One day at a time."


"I meet ryan yesterday in Hollywood he's currently living on the streets of Hollywood with his girlfriend he's 25 from Ohio , i can relate to him because he's just kinda a big kid , he's into music and unfortunately he is not sick and tired of being sick and tired hes using drugs and I really think that's why he's on the streets ! he's choosing #weed and #speed as his self medication , I offered him help with his drug use but he's just not ready . You can't help someone whos not willing to help themselves ,all I can do is try and be at the right place at the right time with the right person ! I remember before I got sober I had no intention on stop drinking and using until the burning bush moment ! when I was like I can't do this anymore and there was someone to help me!"


"This is ROBERT he’s been homelesss for three years Got to talking About why he is where he is and he believes and I believe that it’s the drinking and using ! he’s was drinking a small Dickie cup of straight vodka at 9 am while we did a haircut and told me he’s hooked on herion I asked him if he was ready to get off the [things] and off the streets He says he’s super trustworthy and can hold a job if he was able to get clean and sober I believe him I thought he was really super cool such a sweet & super smart dude ,we spoke for a while and he told me he used to be a semi pro Baseball player moved out here from a small town in Ohio to be an actor he had some acting gigs and was managing a restaurant here in Venice for 3 years until consequences of his using lead him to the street his dad is in Ohio a retired paramedic and fireman mom passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease and stepmom is head nurse. I gave him my phone number we’re gonna go to a meeting of recovery this week and there’s talk about getting him. Into treatment if he shows a willingness, when I got home he texted me this , “Your right....I'm taking it all in and it sucks....reminders from people that reach out and care is far and few.... “ I feel like a lot of these guys that are out on the street are looking for a miracle or somebody to help There’s also a lot of people that aren’t willing to do the work but the more people I meet I get to kind of figure out how and who I can help!"



"A Subtle transformation in the grooming department here for David but major transformation in the Opportunity department ! while cutting David’s hair today , we discussed his current situation of homelessness and no job. A woman named Joan who works with @foodonfootla . Who’s been seeing David around the community, offered him a job and housing. David also was givin a cell phone from the source a local service here in LA, where we were cutting hair today. that’s what it’s all about everyone doing a little in order to help out a lot !! Another great day of #love and #service #helpthehomeless #themensgroomer ps.special thanks to all the hair people that came out today to help, we had an awesome turn out !!! I"





Lonzo 3 year s ago
All great looking men and woman! heart
Zeph 3 year s ago
and transes...
Cally 3 year s ago
Heart breaking how US uses up it's people.
Martin 3 year s ago
Cally, homelessness is certainly not an issue unique to the US. Every single country has this problem - forgotten people who fall through the cracks.
Hugh 3 year s ago
#8 Ron Livingston?
Nathaniel 3 year s ago
If you want to help people...that's great.
But, don't picture or video them so you can have more fan on your Instagram..
Martin 3 year s ago
Nathaniel, they may get attention from it, but it also inspires others to do kind acts. For that reason it’s important to normalize kindness and publish it to offset all the horrible cr#p in the news.
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