No Idea What That Is… (19 PICS)

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"Unknown glass object filled with unknown liquid, found in an early 1900’s barn. Any leads?"

A: "Fire extinguisher."


"They’ve been showing up on the beach by the hundreds for the last month!"

A: "Bio filter media"


"This rack type drawer is mounted in a kitchen cabinet. This is as far as it pulls out and the bars do not rotate or come out."

A: "This is to hang washcloths and gloves. My stepmother installs them under her sink, since they don’t come standard."


"Floating home found tied to a fence on the beach in Southern California"

A: "It’s floating duck house or similar structure for local waterfowl. They give ducks a place to sleep safe from predators or to escape water predators (usually snapping turtles and such)."


"Found at antique store. Label said “key”. Key to what?"

A: "It’s a water meter key"


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"Does anyone know what this is? Is it military or just decorative."

A: "25 year membership pin awarded to a member of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES) a woman’s auxillary group for female relatives of Freemasons."


"Some weird Russian thing I found in my garage."

A: "This is a Komsomol emblem. The front reads “ВЛКСМ” which stood for Всесоюзный ленинский коммунистический союз молодёжи (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League)"


"Hanger like thing found buried on my land."

A: "It’s a Polaroid vintage auto sun visor frame. 1940s. There was a tinted plastic screen held in the curved frame."


"A grey device with a cord on it.. I thought it was a game camera of some sort but I don’t think it is. Found at a park"

A: "Trail cameras are not always for hunters. they use them to check wildlife numbers and interactions too. It’s most certainly a cam"


"Coworker bought a really old Masonic mansion to convert into a haunted house. They found this in it. Any idea?"

A: "Jewel for the Jr Warden to wear"



"Wooden objects. Ball is roughly baseball sized. Found while cleaning out an old desk"

A: "Darning ball, glove darner and darning mushroom."


"Found during cellar renovation in Belgium. A sealed container mounted on the wall with a mysterious red liquid inside."

A: "Carbon tet fire extinguisher. Liquid is likely to be very toxic. Should be removed and disposed of by a specialist."


"So, I found this thing on google maps, it’s a very strange feature that I can’t find anything but conflicting info about online. Google maps says it’s a train but how??? Why?!!! Does anyone have any solid facts about what this is?"

A: "It is a block of ice thrown from the near by mountain in an avalanche."


"Heavy, made of cast iron. It’s from the 1970s, or older. Given to my dad by his mom- might be something she bought, or passed down from her own mother. They live in a majority Amish town in Ohio."

A: "It looks like it may have been an egg timer originally"


"Found on my ceiling in my apartment. WITT?"

A: "It’s a laser that spins to keep your pets occupied."



"There’s definitely mercuty inside … what’s this?"

A: "It’s an electrical switch often found in old thermostats. When the mercury slides to one side it connects the two metal contacts inside the tube."


"A friends banjo passed down for generations. Any way to discover the maker?"

A: "Pretty sure it’s a circa 1910 C. Bruno & Sons model. Made in New York. A lot of those would have slight variations in hardware or decoration."


"We noticed that the shower was getting white spots where the water comes out. We isolated it with a plastic bag, and after a week this white powder accumulated. Is it something added to treat the water?"

A: "Probably Limescale. Mineral buildup in hard water. Typically harmless, but that looks like a lot of that’s what it is."


"There’s no markings anywhere (except for the clock like numbers.) and it fits in the palm of my hand. No idea what it is!"

A: "It’s a pill box with a reminder clock on top. When you take your pill, you set it for the time you’re supposed to take the next one."



Viola 7 month s ago
#18. Solution: get a water softener, or if you already have one, it almost certainly needs salt added. That will reduce or end the scale build up.

To remove the scale that's already there, just soak the faucets in simple lemon juice, available at any grocery store. Cheap, no harsh chemicals. Wipe away scale after 30 minutes.
Daph 7 month s ago
Good post. It’s interesting.
Obediah 7 month s ago
#13 Is South Georgia and Sandwich Islands. For the curious:,-36.19531314,957.24274773a,559.044623

The beacon says "UFO crash"



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