“Home Advisor” Shows Celebrity Bedrooms Using 3D Renders (7 PICS)

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Selena Gomez

Los Angeles, California"


Is Selena Gomez the new Tom Petty? Maybe not, but she did buy the Encino house that Petty built for himself in the ‘80s. The first master suite (there are two) is on the main level, although the bedroom itself steps up to an elevated sitting area and bathroom.

This curvy home takes in several architectural styles, including hacienda and farmhouse. The bedroom finds itself under a cozy (if oddly out-of-place) barn ceiling, while the ensuite leads straight out onto a veranda — ideal for a post-bath time songwriting session."


Ariana Grande

Los Angeles, California"


You have to search a while to find a curved edge in Ariana Grande’s modernist Lego house. But you’ll find one in her ensuite bathroom, where a deluxe oval bathtub gazes out towards Trousdale Estates and the canyon.

Grande’s master suite covers the entire top floor of the house. It includes a lounge area, terrace, and a walk-in closet we’ve left out due to lack of space. Wondering just how large it is? Here’s a hint: her wardrobe is bigger than the average apartment."


Jennifer Aniston

"'Sexy is important, but comfort is essential,' according to Jennifer Aniston. Her interior designer, Stephen Shadley, concurs: 'Jen is drawn to wood, stone, and bronze, materials that have real substance and depth. No matter how beautiful or glamorous something is, it has to be warm and inviting.'

The bedroom of Aniston’s mid-century Bel Air mansion is decorated in earth tones and packed with art and designer pieces. She also has plenty of relaxing chairs, including a pair of beanbags at the foot of her bed — perfect for her furry friends."


Jennifer Lawrence

Los Angeles, California"


Former owners of Jennifer Lawrence’s $8 million mansions include Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres. It’s unclear who made the renovations seen in the property listing, but its old Hollywood glam décor makes the home one-of-a-kind.

Accent and task lighting in the master bathroom blends functionality with the atmosphere. The chandeliers in this space are less imposing, but a nod to the home’s general decadence. The captain’s walk is another stand-out feature of the property. Framed by French doors, the balcony looks out on an incredible outdoor oasis – including outdoor lighting and an in-ground pool."


Travis Scott

Los Angeles, California"


Rapper Travis Scott got a deal with his $23.5 million pad in Los Angeles, California. It was first listed at $42.5 million. The extraordinary hilltop property features a master bedroom suite that resembles a cross between an art gallery and a luxury spa.

In fact, the entire home was conceptualized as a yacht on dry land. The bedroom suite, as with the rest of the house, is designed to Delos Well Building Certification standards – meaning it is optimized for healthy air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind."


Izismile Videos

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Montecito, California


"In 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invested in the $14.65 million “Chateau of Riven Rock,” located east of Santa Barbara. There are six bedrooms in the chateau itself and two additional suites in a separate guest house on the property.

Built in the French Provincial style, the chateau has a fairytale romanticism that’s hard to resist. But if the couple isn’t able to turn a blind eye to the property’s dark history, they may struggle to get a good night’s sleep under those storybook wood beams. There’s another threat to keep them up at night: the estate is at risk of disappearing under a sudden mudslide."


Justin And Hailey Bieber

Beverly Park in Beverly Hills, California


"Justin Bieber’s $25.8 million, 7-bed mansion is a study in modern architecture. The four-poster bed and free-standing bath in the adjoining bathroom offer a tranquil gaze over the Franklin Canyon Reserve.

The home also offers a 4K movie theater, home gym, epic wine closet, and outdoor pizza oven."


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All of these are probably bigger than my apartment...
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