Fascinating Facts And Photos About The World (45 PICS)

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"Microscopic look at a bee stinger vs. The point of a needle"

"Albert woolson, last surviving civil war veteran ever, enlisting at 14 and dying at 106 in 1956. (colorized by me)"

"107 Years ago the Press reported Climate Change"

"We've been feeding a small family of four crows (mated pair and their two year old kids) for several years. Last week two days in a row they left these gifts, pull tabs threaded onto pine twigs. This isn't only generous, it's creative, it's art. My mind is blown."

Izismile Videos

"What an empty 787 looks like"

"Nepali festival Kukur Tihar is all about celebrating doggos"

"Scientists believe that a function of a zebra’s stripes is to deter insects, so a team or researchers painted black and white stripes on several cows and discovered that it reduced the number of biting flies landing on the cows by more than 50%."

The instructions read:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.



"Squirrel nest against a window."

"This mirror portrait was taken 100 years ago in Japan"


"Here's an example of a so-called "trees knee", that is, a living stump of a Douglas-fir that has healed over with bark and is kept alive via mycorrhizal fungal connections between its roots to the roots of living trees surrounding it, who send it nutrients to survive in this sort of zombie nub state"

"This wolf and husky for the size comparison. The wolf is nearly three times the size of the husky. Wolves are HUGE."

"Young eggplants look like eggs"

"Lumpsucker, found in the freezing waters of Arctic, North Atlantic, and North Pacific. It swims at depths of 1,700 m (5,600ft)"


"The fish known as the most ugly, actually..."

"Today I learned that the hats on Tequila bottles serve a purpose - to salt the rim of your shotglass, and/or squeeze limes"

"Complete Ancient Rome replica 36 years in the making"

"This is what Tokyo, the largest city on Earth, looks like from a plane."

"The Arctic 103 years ago compared to today."


"48 different colors of the moon, all photographed in a time span of 10 years"

"Dolphins Use Pufferfish to Get High"

"The water in both tanks is from the same time and place. The tank on the right has oysters, natural purifiers."

"Fulgurite. What happens when lighting hits sand and creates glass"


"The prop of The One Ring used in close ups in Lord of the Rings."

"A train car in Minnesota carrying corn had a leak."

"1400 year old Ginkgo Tree."

"An extraordinary discovery in Pompeii - an untouched "street food" shop with "food in pots"."


"Forced perspective used in the movie Elf to make Will Farrell appear larger than the other elves."

"UFO themed McDonalds in Roswell, New Mexico."

"This Mine Shaft In Iran"

"Scientists have managed to revive a plant from the Pleistocene in their vials! This guy is 32,000 years old."

"This Is What An Illegally-Taken Picture From One Of The Great Pyramids Looks Like"


"The Easter island statues have bodies"

"During World War II, the statue of David was surrounded by bricks to prevent destruction from bombings."

"Bipes Biporus, the mexican mole lizard, is so rare that it's almost mythical."

"World map drawn by fishes."

"The true length of fire hydrants"


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Jedidiah 10 month s ago
#9 aside from being nearly worthless, one of the first things tyrants and monsters do is tear down monuments and art. And when rebuilding, people tear down structures to make homes out of.
Lincoln 10 month s ago
#1 Commandments No.1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature .. err GENOCIDE anyone??
Chan 10 month s ago
Quote: Lincoln
Balance personal rights with social duties.

Or... Family planning with birthrate at or slightly above replacement (2.1-ish per parentpair).
If civilization is ever wiped out, then you might not have a ton of people to start with... Keeping it at arguably sustainable level when total world population is maybe 100M won't seem like a problem.
Ignatzio 10 month s ago
NWO, It's now happening, unfortunately. Pfizer, moderna, astra zeneca. People will be fertile.
Prudence 10 month s ago
whoever designed #9 is an idiot. anything accurate in it is common sense. as far as the population limit goes, that has no basis in reality and is just a number pulled out of their @$$.

we can pack the whole human population into a small area if we wanted to, we already produce more than enough resources for everyone to be healthy.

the issues are mismanagement and greed fueled stupidity. until we learn as a society how to stop trusting evil and selfish hypocrites to make our decisions no growth limit will keep us from destroying ourselves.
Tine 10 month s ago
Dacey 10 month s ago
In regards to #9 in the case that is ever needed, what is the likelihood that monument will still be standing or even legible? Yeah a couple planks of granite will save the human race. Gotta say I have my doubts.
Clare 10 month s ago
#9 This is no guide to 'restarting society'. It's a bunch of liberal hogwash by wishful dreamers who hate humanity and WANT a apocalypse to reduce populations to under 500,000,000. AS IF people surviving an apocalypse would: worry about population maximum, implement any kind of reproduction limitation (they're going to want to repopulate as fast as possible), create a new language, need to be told to have fair laws or prize truth. After a real apocalypse it's going to just be survival of fittest. A much more helpful 'restarting society' guide would include imporatant guides for math, science and technology: electricity, light bulbs, plans for making fuels, newton's laws, etc. They do have a few astronomical bits which is nice but super minor (north star, solstices and equinoxes).
Martin 10 month s ago
Clare, you never know. Maybe a devastating apocalypse is what it will take for humanity to learn from its mistakes. Instead of going full on kill or be killed, as you believe, people might finally realize war and greed aren’t the best ideals for a healthy society. And with a manageable population, maybe so many wouldn’t fall through the cracks, and people would learn to value life above all else. Hopefully humanity will redeem itself instead of sealing its own coffin with the same bs that likely will cause such an event in the first place.
Roberta 10 month s ago
lmao. you must be a young millennial fulled with hopes and dreams and don't recall say a world war or the crusades etc it's human behavior to conquer.
Martin 10 month s ago
Roberta, gen x, actually. And barely past the previous generation threshold. Also from a military family with members who fought in every war dating back to the Civil War. I seriously doubt you are that old either so I don’t see your point. Wanting a better world free of war and greed is not unique to millennials. I’m not actually sure why this post has everyone so riled up anyway. Seems to hit a lot of nerves of people who don’t want humanity to change for the better. That is mind boggling to me. But I suspect that attitude comes from out of touch elderly people who are severely threatened by the idea of a peaceful, greed-less society, and who couldn’t care less about the state of the world they leave to future generations.
Shirley 10 month s ago
Ah, yes, I see now. It's all the Boomers' fault. You do realize that we weren't even born for so many of the things that your generation blames us for, don' t you? Yes, we've managed to make our fair share of mistakes, but your statement about us betrays your generational bigotry.
Danny 10 month s ago
#9 This is not how to "rebuild" anything.
That's thea actual AGENDA of the elite. They f*** wrote it in stone for everyone to see.
Lincoln 10 month s ago
Danny, not elite of anything, but satanic deluded parasites that are at the 11th hour of their own demise. We will soon celebrate when they are eradicated!
Hephsibah 10 month s ago
#9 Georgia Guide Stones is the name of them, wonder why the left off the 'Guide Stones' part of it. Trying to hide that they're authoritarian Sh**heads who can't stand that other people have different beliefs and ideas. f*** those arrogant f***s. Saying Everyone has to 'Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.'
Who the hell do they think they are telling people how to think, what to believe and how to act. F*** those @**holes.
Demaris 10 month s ago
I like the gifts from the crows. I hope they take over after the humans.
Clarissa 10 month s ago
i liked everything except number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9.
Hugh 10 month s ago
#17 I want the Jeep in the box!
Stephanie 10 month s ago
Hugh, Radar O'Reilly beat ya to it.



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