Celebrities Have Idols Too! (14 PICS)

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Anne Hathaway — Leonardo DiCaprio

1 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

Is there anyone that doesn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio? Even actress Anne Hathaway is a fan of his. Of course, many fans fell in love with DiCaprio after seeing him in Titanic. But the actress confessed to liking DiCaprio since his days on Growing Pains and revealed in one of her interviews that even she confused the show with the other hit sitcom, Who’s The Boss?


Jennifer Lawrence — the Kardashians
2 Celebrities Have Idols Too!
3 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

Who would’ve thought that Jennifer Lawrence loves watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians? She has said, many times, that she likes watching the show and that she supports the family .


Billie Eilish — Justin Bieber
4 Celebrities Have Idols Too!
5 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

As it turns out, Billie Eilish has been a fan of Justin Bieber since she was a child. Her mother said that the young Eilish cried when she heard the song, “As Long as You Love Me.” And the girl’s dream came true at the Coachella 2019 festival . Bieber noticed Eilish and hugged her. These two people, who happen to be idols to millions, became friends and even released a version of Eilish’s hit, “Bad Guy ” together.


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Miley Cyrus — Hilary Duff
6 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

In a conversation between Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff, the star of Hannah Montana said that she was a huge fan of Hilary . Cyrus said that she went to her concerts when she was 11. She wore similar skirts and Uggs as Duff. And she sincerely hoped that Duff would notice her. She was obsessed with her T-shirt that had “Nashville” written in rhinestones on it.


Adele — Beyoncé
7 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

During the 2017 Grammy Awards, Adele said some very moving words that made Beyoncé cry. She said that she was very grateful and moved, that her life dream was to meet Beyoncé, and that her best album, in her opinion, was Lemonade. She said that the album was amazing and that Beyoncé’s soul was poured into it.


Taylor Swift — Justin Timberlake
8 Celebrities Have Idols Too!
9 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

It was never a secret that Taylor Swift has known all of Justin Timberlake’s song lyrics ever since she was a child. And finally, during The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she got to meet her idol. Since then, they’ve become friends.


Blake Lively — Emma Bunton
10 Celebrities Have Idols Too!
11 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

Blake Lively posted her childhood photo from the Spice Girls concert where she was dressed like Emma Bunton. The future actress convinced a 5-year-old girl near her that she was Bunton. Blake really wanted to be like her idol, pretending to be someone else since 1997. “Sorry not sorry that I tricked you into thinking I was Emma,” the actress said. Bunton has since seen the photo and even complimented  it.


Emilia Clarke — Matt LeBlanc
12 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

When the star of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke, and Joey from Friends were on The Graham Norton Show together, nobody expected Clarke to say that she was a big fan of the famous sitcom. Clarke even asked the actor to say his famous line, “How you doin’?”


Rita Ora — Madonna
13 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

According to Rita Ora, she was really scared before she got to meet her idol, the queen of pop music, Madonna. During a charity event, the eccentric Madonna even asked Ora to kneel on the floor next to her.


Bonus: Sophie Turner and Ryan Gosling
14 Celebrities Have Idols Too!

We don’t know if Sophie Turner is a fan of Ryan Gosling, but she wrote , “Sorry boys. I’m off the market,” under the emotional photo taken at the 2016 SAG Awards.



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Matty 1 weeks ago
And I didn't think it was possible to dislike Sophie I'm-only-famous-because-of-game-of-thrones-and-I-look-like-a-bad-wax-manneq
-under-pressure-with-urine-water-build-up-in-my-cankles Turner...anymore than I did before until I saw how stupid she looks in that picture in front of someone who can actually act and people enjoy watching.
Loomie 1 weeks ago

Go back to bed Karen you're too cranky for the people who want to enjoy themselves.



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