People Are Making Fun Of New “Target” Dresses (30 PICS)

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#TargetDressChallenge is going viral as people go for farm photoshoots to show how funny these dresses can look.

"My Whole Family Thinks I’ve Completely Lost It (And Maybe I Have), But I Surely Hope This Makes Someone’s Day"

"We Really Wanted A Holy Bible For The Shoot But Roads Are Bad And I Couldn't Get One From The Dollar Tree"

"I had no problems looking this mean and crazy but Meliyah had a hard time not laughing. Thanks to Lexi for the photography. She didn't have a target dress so she missed out.Gilead won't be taking over this damn homestead anytime soon!"


"As Sexy As Robert Plant Wearing A Blouse In Concert. "Barefoot With A Chicken" And Showin' A Little Skin. The Hat Doesn't Match The Dress But The Coors Bottle Does"

"Amazingly, he saw the dress hanging after being washed and came up with the idea himself, no inspiration or alcohol or coercion needed!"


"Journal Entry 324: Another Day In The Life On The Homestead While On Lockdown. Made Myself A New Apron And A Bonnet. Recently The Town Accused Me Of Witchcraft And Only Spared My Life Because They Believe I Can Conjure Up Some Cure For This Virus. At Least Now I Can Fly My Broom Around In Peace"

"From My Husband Matt, “We Have Been Seeing These Funny Target Dress Challenge Shoots, And She Gave Me That Look"

"At first I laughed when she and our boys suggested it, then I was like, ‘You know what!? The world has seen so much sadness and really bad stuff this year, my family has suffered some serious losses this year, it will make my boys laugh and maybe someone else. Plus, I love using our little farm for the shoot and making my photographer wife smile, you know? And, the boys are going to learn to make pillows out of the dress fabric when we are done—we all win. If you can make someone laugh or smile, why not!?’”"


"No Chickens Were Harmed During This Photo Shoot"

"It’s Day 329 Of The Great Plague. The Target Mercantile Has Blessed Us With New Fabrics To Enhance Our Pandemic Fashion"

"I feel Margaret got a little bit risky in her decision to flaunt that racy lace seam. After all we are modest women out on the farmstead. Unwanted stares from the menfolk is unholy.

Supplies were getting scarce. We needed to venture out for food. Trudging uphill, both ways in the snow as our ancestors once did. Margaret was able to keep us safe with her trusty 22 and her deadeye for shots.

We were able to make dinner from an elegant goose that will feed the kin for a fortnight. We shall milk the goats (oops they’re boys) and churn some butter and feast.

Lastly our local gymnasium allowed us to get some physical fitness in to keep up our health and our spirits."


"The Two Aught Two Aught Year Of Our Lord Hath Vexed Me"

"I am vexed, I say. The earth has been salted, the chickens refuse to lay. Donkeys born without a tail and other such ominous signs. But Providence has left me my solitary sister in poultry. And we stubbornly refuse to yield. So let the year two aught two one breathe it’s impotent fire. I stand or squat ready."


"Good Bye '20, Fling That Sh*t Behind You"

"Quarantine Day 329: Pa Said If This Winter Holds Out Much Longer He’ll Need To Butcher The Hog"

"I don’t reckon I’m ready to say goodbye, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a hankering for some fresh bacon. These grits ain’t cutting it, and dine-in just ain’t an option round these parts anymore."


"Alright Y’all, Confession Time! Lol.. I Really Like The “Target Dress”.. And I Personally Think I Rocked It"

"Sometimes You Just Need A Snowy Day, A Good Friend To Agree To Shenanigans And Partake In A Good #targetdresschallenge"

"My Poor Girls Are Terrified Of This Dress And Ran Away Screaming, So I Had To Substitute. Including An Earlier Photo That Shows I Do Indeed Have Chickens"

"Day 93 At The Wiggins Homestead: After Putting The Babies To Sleep I Gathered Wood And Finished Churning The Butter. After A Little Break, I Done A Little Work On The Farm And Climbed A Big Hill"

"This One’s In The Pot Tonight"

"Carin' For Critters"


Mira 3 year s ago
Boobs? what happened to the boobs? where did they go?
Winnie 3 year s ago
Seriously? What a sh#tty meme
Harry 3 year s ago
#4 - they ain't missin' any meals
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