So, What’s That? (21 PICS)

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"What is this thing that looks like superman’s pod? I saw while going for a walk in Burbank, CA"

A: "An old prop from the show Colony? This looks a lot like the pods that “outliers” (highly skilled humans) were scooped up by the aliens to go fight other aliens."


"These small “rooms” that are raised up from the ground are all over the Spanish countryside. Many of the old houses have one. What was/is it used for?"

A: "They’re grain stores called “hórreos”."


"An excessive amount of (chimneys, various vents?) on a house in Castile de Leon, Spain"

A: "I believe it is for cooling purposes. The chimneys cool the air as it enters the home. It’s ancient air conditioning on a modern home. Wind catchers."


"What is this thing? it is likely nautical in nature as i live on cape cod, its just sitting in my yard. about 18” long, and VERY heavy, 75 lbs. i would guess."

A: "It’s a capstan winch. Probably off a decommissioned ship. Navy historical museum might want it."


"In a UK primary school. I remember seeing these as a kid but can’t remember what they’re for! Holding something? But what?"

A: "We used in primary school to hold canes to jump over."


Izismile Videos

"Apparently it is filled with a water solution and the label just says to keep it frost-free once filled."

A: "It is a “phantom” for a ct/MRI scanner. Used for calibration/QA of the scanner. It is more likely to be an MRI device as it contains Nickel sulfate (NiSO4 H2O6) which is (from looking it up here is used for its magnetic susceptibility quality. Source: radiographer wife!"


"What is this the purpose of this paper Amazon often uses when packing an item?"

A: "It takes up volume in the package to help limit the shifting of the product within the box. Which does provide protection."


"It has a wooden handle and other parts are iron. All of them has balls except the last one is pointy. Think its old bc we found it at my granny’s attic."

A: "They are millinery tools — for making fabric flowers."


"What are these small brick buildings on the roadside near historic buildings in Georgia?"

A: "Natural springs"


"Glazed ceramic with open mouth? What is it?"

A: "Automatic plant waterer. Shove the tail into the soil of the potted plant, fill it with water. Water seeps through the unglazed tail to keep the soil moist."



"Little silver box. Looks like a pendant for a necklace. 1.2 x 0.8 inches (3 x 2 cm). There is an engraving: B&S, “anchor”, “lion”, b – There was a price tag inside mentioning: $ 80, Vesta Birmingham England 1901"

A: "It’s a holder for matches and striker."


"The cap on this tube of vitamin tablets tore open and there are tiny balls inside"

A: "They keep the tablets dry"


"Used as a decorative wall hanging. Notice the engraving, it might be relevant."

A: "It’s baleen from a whale, the “teeth” of filter feeding whales. Ironically, the orcas pictured on it aren’t baleen whales."


"Any idea what this thing with a timer and board is? The black part inside was soft and padded. Board did not go all the way out. Hanger shaped thing in the back."

A: "It’s for pressing pants, Salton model SBT-1M. It’s vintage."


"Metal locket thing attached to new Nike shoes"

A: "It’s a waffle iron hangtag, they are called waffle racers because of the shape of the outsole. The hangtag is nodding to that design choice. This is just an accessory, no real function. It should open to show a waffle print design like a real waffle iron."



"WITT – some kind of broken component, possibly high voltage?"

A: "Yep, electron gun from a CRT screen."


"This little black plastic nub on my key ring"

A: "Quick-release key chain part. It’s for the key fob for the security system."


"Washed up on the shore of Beara, Ireland. What is this?"

A: "I think those may be the corms of sea club rush but not sure."


"Found this while Cleaning out my Grandad’s Garage, Some sort of Mechanism with Moving Metal Parts inside a (Plastic?) Glass Frame has a 3 or 5 (Depends how you look at it) Point Stand that looks like its meant to hold something is my guess. Have never seen it before in my life."

A: "It’s music on hold for a home telephone."


"What is this wood? It is hollow and tropical-like, I bought it at an antique store."

A: "It is cactus wood. Cholla, perhaps."



"What is this (tool?) used for?"

A: "It’s the handle to a sad iron. The base is heated on a stove. A removable handle allows one base to heat while another is being used."



Amanda 8 month s ago
#13 Its schrimshaw. Sailors would carve scenes onto teeth,bones,baleen,etc. It may or may not be authentic. There's tons of fake schrimshaw out there.
Roger 8 month s ago
Good eye. I couldn't tell what the engraving was. Most scrimshaw I've seen has been done on ivory, bone or horns that were used to hold blackpowder. It is really some beautiful work.
Flossy 8 month s ago
#6 You'll find similar "phantoms# for CAT-Scan machines. I'm a radiographer as well!
Elsie 8 month s ago
#15 the eagle iron was not a design choice. The invented could not afford a mold. So the first speed were made in such a waffle iron. I had the Pre-Montreal cross country shoes with the real eagle iron souls.
Elsie 8 month s ago

Sorry, typo... Waffle iron.
Lissa 8 month s ago
I live in Montréal. What is pre
Montréal cross? I’m curious about the waffle iron.
Lissa 8 month s ago
These types of posts are one of my favourites. Please send more. L
Manerva 8 month s ago
#19 Since Acrylic Glass was only popular after second World War, I think it must have taken longer to reach ordinary users. So I guess possibly this was original in glass and later changed to acrylic.
Austin 8 month s ago
#3 I believe they have it backwards. The hot air from the home is drawn up the chimney (heat rises) which draws cooler air from ground level, especially at night.



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