Texas Is Dealing With The Coldest Weather In Over 30 Years (39 PICS)

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"Texas Game Wardens Rescued 141 Sea Turtles"

"Texas Game Wardens assigned to Cameron county rescued 141 sea turtles from the frigid waters of the Brownsville Ship Channel and surrounding bays. The sea turtles were transported via the PV Murchison, operated by Sgt. Game Warden Duke and B/M Bowers-Vest."


"My Friend In Texas Swore He’d Never Fly In A Chopper After Iraq. Today He Broke That Promise To Care For Patients. At His Own Expense He Got To The Er The Only Way He Could"

"My Parents Let The Dog Go Outside After The Storm. These Are The Resulting Footprints"

"Probably The Best Picture I Have Ever Taken Of Mops. She Enjoyed The Texas Snow Today!"

"Plowing Snow With A Cardboard TV Box"

Izismile Videos

"My Mother In Texas Made Some Incredible Octopus Art Out Of The Snow To Bring Some Light Into The Dark Times"

"At Least One Guy Is Enjoying The Texas Blackouts"


"Left The Faucet Dripping To Keep The Pipes From Freezing. It Didn’t Work Out. Taylor, Texas"

"24 Hours Without Power Here In Texas But This Is The First Time Either Of Us Have Seen Snow"

"Massive Cold Stun Of Sea Turtles Here In South Padre, 1500 Turtles Rescued So Far...and No Power To Warm Them Up"


"Don’t Have Power But Got This Photo Of A Guy Skiing Down Congress Yesterday!"

"Im Mean.... Its Not Often You Can Say You Went Snowboarding In Texas"

"It Finally Snows In Texas And The Only Local Ski Slope Is Being Guarded"

"Hello. My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare To Die"


"I Saw German Outdoor Freezers And Decided To Share Mine From Texas"

"2021 Houston Valentine's Day Freeze"

"Seeing Snow On Our Cactus Is So Surreal!"

"24+ Hours No Power (Some Sparse Moments Of Relief). 40 Degrees Inside But Eating Warm Food Tonight"


"I Kinda Felt Like I Was In 30 Days Of Night. It Was Beautiful Out There But Also Slightly Terrifying"

"Going To The Restroom In Texas Today. (Real Pic From A House In Dallas)"

"I Was Basically In My Car With My Mom From 8 Am Until Close To 6 Pm Today Just Staying Warm, Finding Food And Getting Gas. Welcome To Houston Aka Ghetto Narnia. I Miss Last Week"

"Beva The Longhorn Isn’t Phased By This - Just Wanted A Bit Of Love"


"Props To Our Local Canyon Lake Farmers, Who Are Caring For Animals (And Plants) Through This Weather"

"This Winter Storm System Is Testing Us In Many Ways. Pushing Us To Our Limits. Creating Challenges We Didn’t Expect And Requiring Us To Make Tough Decisions"

"It’s hard to see the beauty in any of this snow through the pits in our stomachs, shivering animals, no running water, and no power for over 100 hours at the farm. We’ve all been doing our best to keep the eggs warm and the animals fed, but this egg got away.

Here’s the inside of a frozen chicken egg.

It’s times like these we look to our northern farmers and old pioneers for guidance and encouragement. We imagine our forefathers over the last 166 years going through similar conditions never having known the comfort of a lightbulb. We take these as lessons but it’s hard when you’re actually going through it.

We will not be on the roads this week and will not be supplying our beloved club members, markets, and chefs any eggs this week. We wish you all safety and comfort during this difficult storm."


"It’s Hard To Believe I’m Still In Texas"


"Texas Knew For Years Power Grid Was At Risk But Did Little About It. Unbelievable"

"Dinner Prep By Headlamp! This Is Unreal"

"What In The East Coast Nonsense Is This Texas?!?! Who Do I Need To Write About This Snowy Situation I Am Not Pleased! This Is My Backyard And I Have Questions!"

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

Nicholas 4 month s ago
#21 If you do that here in northern Minnesota that sh#t will freeze. As I recall, 100 proof liquor freezes at -25F. The liquor in the photo is 80 or maybe as high as 86 proof.

We just had 2 weeks of subzero temps. Morning lows ranging from -42F to -28F.

Spring is coming- woke up this AM to a balmy -12F. It's supposed to get up to 29F this weekend. T-shirt and shorts weather.

Raymond 4 month s ago
....guess windpower isn't reliable after all. time to build more natural gas power plants.
Rube 4 month s ago
The amain problem is that long ago, Texas opted out of federal regulation and national energy plans. So, rather than being able to pull in electricity when the local power grid fails, they are not connected. There are essentially three power grids in the United States. The Eastern grid, the Western grid and then there's Texas. Other states go through cold and power failures from time to time, but they can pull in electricity generated in neighboring states until things are fixes. But Texas wanted to remain its own country, and this is the result. Remember the Alamo? Remember this disaster!
Mira 4 month s ago

ENRON - rings the bell? So obviously being connected to the grid didn't help Governator's state at all... Every Fed. monies have lots of strings attached, so ...
Mally 4 month s ago
Rube, That does not belie the complete line of BS that wind power is a viable alternative to fossil fuels.
Zeph 4 month s ago
Not a 100% replacement but it helps to keep the climate out of f###s way. And you of course can f### everything by mismanagement and use the disaster caused by your failure as a blame to socialists in your opening line at Qanon church prayer. Save me from myself please. yeah right.
Russ 4 month s ago
They cheaped out when they got the wind generators. Didn't see the point in adding 'extras' like heating units etc. They froze. But maybe someone saved a million dollars 10 years ago.
Amelia 4 month s ago
I’m guessing Beto is working on his speech to blame cold turtles on Republicans too.
Dickon 4 month s ago
Amelia, only after he takes their guns away from them.
Mira 4 month s ago
... Huston, Huston - we have a problem! Probably _THE_ problem, and those ppl think they can survive nuclear winter??? HA HA HA
Anna 4 month s ago
Welcome to my world Texas! Snowing right now in Massachusetts! ❄☃



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