Ah, Yes, THAT Phase… (48 PICS)

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"Somehow Removed The Period Of Time That I Would Draw Glasses And A Smiley Face On My Face Every Day From My Memory"

"My Mom Calls This Photo A Family Heirloom Lol. 16 Yrs Ago, Me (F 13) And My BF (M 13) At The Olive Garden"

"Age 8 Or 9, Cosplaying As Marie Antoinette. I’m A Guy"

"I Think I Was The Youngest Loan Shark In History"

"Here I Am At Six Years Old, Going On 40, Looking Like I'm Ready To Do Your Taxes"

Izismile Videos

"My Parents Kindly Supported My Peak Edgelord Phase"

"Me At 11-12 Trying To Look Too Cool For The Pirates Ride At Disneyland While Simultaneously Dressing Specifically For It"

"I Call This Look “Christian Granny Goth” And It Was Pretty Bold For A 12 Year Old In 1995"

"Anytime My Wife Sees This She Burst Out Laughing... I Thought I Looked Cool"

"In 1987 I Permed My Mullet To Look More Like Patrick Swayze. I Ended Up Looking Like A Lesbian Biker"


"Me And Friends Before A Disturbed Concert In 2006. We're So Cool Posing In Front Of Mom And The Van"

"Prom 2009, I Was A Sophmore In High School And I Took School Dances A Litte Too Seriously. Also I Didn't Have A Date"

"On The Left Is My Son Callum At 8 Years Old On Halloween. He Is Dressing As Eminem. On The Right Is Me At 8 Years Old. I Dressed As Steve Urkel. I Stand By My Choice"

"Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It"

"Good Ol' Facebook Reminding Me Of How Cringey I Was In Highschool. Hot Pink Fishnets Stuffed With Grass"


"Whilst Taking A Passport Photo I Was Told To 'Open My Eyes And Smile More'..."

"When You Go For The Kurt Cobain But End Up Getting Called “Mmm Bop”"

"Me, Circa 1991. My Mom Let Me Get The Laser Background. I Am So Proud Of This Pic!"

"I Was Like 9 And I Got A Little Obsessed With The Hippie Aesthetic"

"My Dad Found My 2011 High School Id Card In His Closet Today"


"I Don't Even Know What Happened In 6th Grade"

"Playing In An Irish Folk Band 2002, At 15 Or 16 For The Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations In The Local Rec Of My Hometown. I Went On To Say "God Save The Queen And Her Fascist Regime" Down The Mic. The Violinists Parents Went Mental At Me"

"At 16 I Was A Seasonal Employee At Hot Topic. I Got 3 Hours A Week And Spent More With My 20% Discount Than I Made"

"My Best Friend Wanted Me To Show Off This Beaut To This Subreddit, Dated 15 Years Back. Our College Dayz.. To Answer Your Question, Yes She Had An Assortment Of Bob Marley Posters In Her Dorm Room And Yes Her Parents Gave Her A Full Ride To Pursue An Art Degree"

"Halloween 1998 When I Thought Dressing As A Giant Milkbone Would Make Dogs Like Me"


"Tbh, I Am Not Even Ashamed Of 2001 Me. I Miss Her"

"I Wasn’t Very Popular At Catholic Youth Group"

"I Liked Turtles Before It Was Cool"

"My Friends Daughter Found Me In Our Junior High Year Book. And They Laughed, And Laughed..."

"My Mom And I On Christmas... Around 2010"


"13-14 Year Old Me During My "Eminem Phase". That's A Hairbrush Hanging From My Lamp And All Of My Pictures From That Time Are Made Black And Grey With Gimp. Good Times"

"My Kindergardern School Pic. My Mom Asked Why I Didn't Smile I Said " I Was Embarrassed To." 5 Y/O Logic"

"I Lived Nowhere Near Cows Or A Farm"

"My Sister And I Had These Shirts Custom Made In Middle School. Yes We Also Used To Cut Our Own Hair"

"15 Years Ago We Called Our Senior Photos, "Senior Sweeties". I Only Had 75 Of These Bad Boys Printed And I Thought They Were Lost Forever After I Handed Them Out Like Trading Cards. But One Of My Friends Sent Me This Picture The Other Day. This May Be The Last Smgulz Senior Sweeite In The Wild..."


"Blund, James Blund"

"This Was Me At 16... I’m A Dude"

"98 vs. 2020 I’m Still 100% Skateboarder"

"Had A Blonde Mohawk, Cut The Rest Of My Hair, But Still Wanted Bangs. Behold"

"Highschool, 2011. Why Yes, I Did Own A $15 Butterfly Knife. How Did You Guess?"


"I Know A Lot Of Us Went Through A Goth Phase. Here’s A Few Of My Goth/Jrock Phase In Highschool, Was 1 Of 3 Goth Kids At My School, Circa 2005-2007"

"In Case You Couldn’t Tell, I Was Really Cool In High School"

"1972 Calm Down Ladies, A Fine Woman Married This 20 Years Later"

"My Actual Senior Photo, Yes That Is A Real Sword I Worked For A Year To Buy"

"First Day Of 5th Grade, Looking Like I Walked Out Of A Limited Too Catalog"


"This Picture Haunts Me Every Year On This Date. Got My Drivers License Though (2009 vs. 2019)"

"The Year Is 2006, My Dad Found This Fly @$$ Shirt At Walmart And I'm Ready To Get Down At The Middle School Dance"

"My Boyfriend Rawring Hard In The 8th Grade"

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Mortimer 1 year ago
the good old days, no instagram no filters just pure Joy. heart heart heart
Josey 1 year ago
Been there , done it. Who ever say they haven’t are lying.
Roberta 1 year ago
ah yes when we used to laugh at these fools, now they are an oppressed class and if you laugh, you go to jail
Relief 1 year ago
Roberta, ignore the downvote, you nailed the snowflake era perfectly.
Bridie 1 year ago
sm_80 sm_80 sm_80 sm_80 sm_80




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