Kids Who Are Too Kind For This World (41 PICS)

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"I’m So Proud Of My Son, He Seen A Kid Balled Up Into A Corner Crying, So He Went To Console Him, Grabbed His Hand And Walked Him Inside Of The School"

"It is an honor to raise such a loving, compassionate child! He’s a kid with a big heart, the first day of school started off right."


"Just Wanted To Shed Some Light In This Dark World We Live In"

"My beautiful nana passed away August 9th, peacefully in her home. Please never forget this beautiful story. It was meant to spread love and kindness, and unfortunately many have turned it into something so negative."


"12-Year-Old Kid Makes Shelter Cats And Dogs Stylish Bow Ties To Help Them Find A Home"

"Despite his young age, a 12-year-old from New Jersey with a heart of gold, Darius Brown has taken an initiative to help our furry friends get adopted much faster. He creates handmade stylish bow ties for four-legged companions (cats and dogs) and donates them to animal shelters to attract the attention of future owners."


Izismile Videos

"Late Last Night, Myles Went On And On About How He Had To Be Twins With A Boy In His Class For Twin Day Because They Look Exactly The Same — Same Eyes, Same Hair. He Was Adamant That They Were Identical"

"So, after the kids went to bed, I headed to Walmart at 9 p.m. to get matching outfits. Their teacher sent me this picture today. My heart melted. Obviously, they are two very different children, but Myles didn’t see that. Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we could all view it through the eyes of a couple 5-year-olds."


"A 7 Year Old Promise"

"A lot of grade-school aged kids may have stayed away from my sister Mary or thought she was weird because she has Downs Syndrome. But not Ben. He always looked out for her, always made sure to pick her on his team at recess and even made a promise to her in 4th grade to take her to the prom someday. 7 years later, he made good on that promise and in the process put a smile on Mary's face & restored my faith in humanity. Have a great time at the prom you two!"


"Boy Prevents Kidnapping Of A Young Girl"

"This is Tiernan McCready. This is what a hero looks like.

Last week in the Bogside he saw three males grab an 18 year old girl and try to get her in their van.

Most ADULTS would be paralysed in shock, confusion or fear and fail to act till it was too late. Tiernan reacted instantly and shouted at the males and led the girl away to safety. He then told his mum who rang Police.

Let that sink in

This could have been the start of a potentially serious and harrowing crime. That girl could have been my child, my sister, your child, your family member.

The Bogside, Brandywell, and The Fountain Neighbourhood Team presented Tiernan with a PSNI Badge of Honour (and some Malteasers). But this doesn’t go anywhere near to paying off the debt our community owes this boy. Our youngsters often get a bad rep but remember the vast majority are brave and big hearted just like Tiernan."


"I Can't Believe It, 6 Months Ago I Saved Your Life, And Today You Are Enjoying It, I Love You With All My Being"

"“If I Had A Super Power, It Would Be To Fly. I Would Tell Other Children From Around The World To Come And Play With Me And My Sisters, And To Drink Tea Together!” – Mohamad, A Syrian Refugee In Lebanon"


"Our Kindergarten Classes Learned How To Sign Happy Birthday For Mr. James' Birthday Today. He Was So Surprised"

"My Son Was Looking Out Of The Window. Then I Heard Him Fly Down The Steps. I Was Gonna Fuss At Him... Until I Saw Why He Did"

"He saw my elderly neighbor walking in the rainstorm without an umbrella on friday. And walked him all the way home. Wearing my slippers and my jacket. I love this boy yall."


"Crying In An Uber"


"14-Year-Old Ridan Al-Mashouly From Sana’a, Yemen Regularly Feeds And Provides Food For A Homeless Special Needs Elderly Man From His Paycheck"

"Ridan works in a restaurant and hopes that he can make enough money to go back to school after temporarily dropping out."


"My Daughter Said 'I Love You' For The First Time Yesterday, Of Course It Was To The Cat"

"I Am A Teacher. I Am Also Jewish. I Received This Message Today From A Student After My Introductory Lesson On The Holocaust."

"Kid Taught Himself To Crochet And Was Able To Master The Craft"

"These Belgian Kids Are Doing A Restoration On The Graves Of WW1 Soldiers"


"11 Year Old Chelsea Makes Art Kits For Kids That May Not Have Access To Art Supplies To Teach Them That Art Is A Start To Healing, Expressing Themselves And Communicating"

"I Got This Two Years Ago From A Neighborhood Kid, We Still Have A Long Way To Go For LGBTQIA+ Rights"

"I teach 8th grade. This week, my homeroom took an angel off the “giving tree” - a little girl. All she asked for was a bike & clothes. My kids all agreed to bring in $2 each & we’d buy her clothes because we couldn’t afford to get the bike. Then today, very quietly one of them came to my room with this."


"Whenever My 7 Year Old Daughter Who Has Down Syndrome Draws A Person, She Signs That It's "Dad." I've Saved Them And Put Them On A Canvas For Father's Day. Even Though She Can't Speak The Words, She's Still Able To Tell Her Dad How Much She Loves Him"


"My Sons (Age 4, Adopted From Foster Care) Insist They Are Twins"

"My 8-Year-Old Is Painting Pet Portraits To Raise Money For The Animal Shelter"

"These Kids From Daycare Saying Their Last Goodbyes Before Going To Separate Elementary Schools"

"A 10-Year-Old Boy And Family Friend Cleaned Snow Off 80 Hospital Workers' Cars During Storm"

"Kid Learning To Be A Good Person Early On"


"This Boy Offering A Bottle Of Water To A Policeman During A Hot Day In Baltimore"

"One of many pictures that I captured today in the midst of helping clean up the city and it speaks VOLUMES."



"My 3-Year-Old Son Was Worried People Wouldn't Be Able To Tell Him And His Best Friend Apart Because Of Their Matching Shirts"

"Two Street Children, With Barely Enough Money To Afford Slippers, Bandage An Injured Puppy"

"We Lost Everything In A House Fire Two Days Ago. Our Little Neighbor Did A Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Us"

"And the firemen who tried to save our house came by to support it."


"Had Her For A Week, I Think He Loves Her"

"This Is Sophia. She Just Turned Ten And Used Her Birthday Money To Purchase Toys For The Dogs & Cats At The Animal Shelter"


"Kate Yelled Out In The Store "Daddy I Have A Twin!" The World Could Learn From Kids"


Mira 6 month s ago
black history month was in February - not March.
Dotha 6 month s ago
Mira, yes, black people no longer exist or help others or are regular people during other months of the year.
Nicey 6 month s ago
A lot of great stories here!
Mortimer 6 month s ago
back in my Day we did this stuff without craving for Internet Points.



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