Climate Change Is Very Real! (19 PICS)

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Many glaciers on the planet have been melting rapidly.

Because of their bright white patches of ice, glaciers reflect excess heat into space and help keep the planet cooler. But even they can’t help the new conditions and have been melting rapidly since 1900.


As long as the ice on land continues melting, sea levels will continue rising.

Numerous animal species have been forced to leave their natural habitats.

The melting of glaciers caused by climate change directly affects polar bears since they need sea ice to survive.


Fires consume vegetation and cause irreversible damage, even in protected areas like this one in Bolivia.

Some places have already changed completely.

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Coastline erosion in some places has accelerated and is becoming a risk.

Drought exposed a dolmen that was submerged in a reservoir.

The Aral Sea, which used to be the fourth-largest lake in the world, has been divided into parts.

Deforestation in Indonesia has made it one of the countries with the highest greenhouse gas emissions.

Prolonged drought and extreme heat have fueled Australia’s fire season.

Scientists say climate change has altered Australia’s climate, and the warming trend seems to indicate that temperatures could reach a record high sometime in the next decade.



Heat waves have also reached agricultural fields

The summer of 2018 was marked by extreme drought, and several countries suffered high economic costs from crop failure. On the left, you can see a 2017 image of green fields in Denmark, which were replaced by dry land in 2018.


Tree bark beetle outbreaks affecting the Harz National Park in Germany have increased due to climate change.

This lake was once the largest in the Middle East, but it has been shrinking for decades.

As Lake Urmia’s size decreases, it becomes saltier, which then allows for microscopic organisms to give it a reddish-orange hue.


Changes in the global sea level affect the city of Venice, which now has to deal with floods more frequently.


This glacier has retreated from the edge of the cliff.

The ice on the “Iceberg Lake” glacier is breaking up and melting at a fast rate.

Huge blocks of ice collapse.

As you can see in the images, blocks of ice fall, and enormous masses of the Perito Moreno glacier (Argentina) collapse.


This glacier, a famous tourist attraction, also raises concerns about its retreat (it has lost 60% of its size).

Located in Central Asia, it holds the third largest ice deposit after Antarctica and Greenland. It attracts millions of visitors each year for the beauty of its frosts. Yet somehow, these tourists also record the portrait of the loss of one of the world’s largest freshwater springs.



Quilla 4 month s ago
misleading fake news. the arrogance to think that we, mere humans, can control the climate. the leftist answers are Always more oppressive government, less energy, and higher taxes. Make a problem from thin air and then apply these bad solutions.
Tine 4 month s ago
Quilla, we cannot control it, but we *are* part of the environment and we *do* affect it. Why do people still refuse to try and be better?
Debra 4 month s ago
Climate change is very real. Man-made climate change not so much. The earth has been going through natural cycles in climate change for centuries. I get a kick hearing kids these days think they've stumbled on something new, "we only have 10/20/30 years left to save the earth", not knowing that snake oil salesmen have been saying the same thing for 50 years. But back then it was global cooling, then global warming, then cooling, then - well we better just call it climate change...
Cyphorus 4 month s ago
Where would you like the climate, would you like it the beginning of Earth all molten lava oh, would you like it to be the dinosaurs age or would you like it to be the Ice Age, what period you like the climate to be?
Ephraim 4 month s ago
Most of the pictures aren't shiwing "cliate change". They show the distruction of nature by stupid humans through idiocracy. Fire cleaning, water theft, waste... that's stupid and arkward. But it's not climate change.

Btw: do you really think the micro-Stonehenge in #7 was built under water? So it is at most a proof for climate change throughout the past. Water came... water goes ..
Jeanne 4 month s ago
The majority of the destruction shown is a natural evolution of Earth's atmospheric climate shifts, not unlike our magnetic pole shift, which is currently underway.

We have begun to believe our own myths that we are gods that control the universe. The universe will straighten us out soon enough. "We are nothing more than a collection of organic organisms, on a tiny planet, circling a relatively small star, located in the outskirts of a medium sized galaxy, in a universe with countless billions of galaxies!" ...sic: Carl Sagan 1980
Abner 4 month s ago
#4 Fire Happend from time to time, no direct realation to global warming.

#5 Idk what this Pic show us

#6 Different location, and maybe different tides

#7 maybe different tides or year season

#8 take the water for farming

#12 it is a problem with monocultural farming

The Rest is not complete false but also not complete true
Lanson 4 month s ago
When has the climate NOT changed?
Lanson 4 month s ago
Earth's sea level has varied over 300 feet since the beginning of time. What's the "correct" sea level?
Deidre 4 month s ago
Hogwash, the climate on earth has been changing always. It's never constant, it's always changing. What may be a rainforest one millenium may be an ocean the next. For all we know, we could switch to all those *green* fuels only for Yellowstone park to blow up (it's a super volcano) and then we'd have a nuclear winter. Yup, that's climate change for you. shoot
Lorry 4 month s ago

Human caused climate change is like a virus. Everyone dies, but a virus will cause suffering and death way faster than 'natural circumstances'.
Dotha 4 month s ago
Deidre, my question for everyone who thinks this way: so you're just fine with Earth becoming uninhabitable when the ice bergs melt in about 20 years because hey, that's what nature does? Like, you aren't worried about climate change because you don't believe humans caused it? Earthquakes still scare the hell out of me but I don't blame them on human activity. So assuming science agreed with you (it doesn't), you're watching the greatest extinction event in modern history and just don't think it's an issue???
Lainie 4 month s ago
It's funny how there is massive evidence out there, that the climate change happens too fast this time to be a natural phenomenon. The basics of this theory are known since about 100 years. Since about 40 years the scientific community is sure about it. 99% of climate studies show that the climate is changing and those changes are caused by us.
The story about climate cooling being predicted 50 years ago? A hoax. Stories about natural causes of climate change? Lies. The earth should be cooling right now by natural causes.
The influence of think tanks payed by oil companies on the public disinformation is well known and documented. But here you are, wining about fake news and sh#t dash
Chris 4 month s ago
Lainie, Hang in there, Biden will save the polar bears and the earth.
Martin 4 month s ago
Lainie, you can’t argue with people who just plug their ears and close their eyes to reality. None of these deniers have bothered to research the factual data because they simply don’t care about the planet or future generations. If they did, then they’d all have to admit that their Dodge Rams are part of the problem. It’s so trendy today for these types to just invent their own reality that always perfectly coincides with their beliefs and behaviors, rather than actually making an effort to help in any way. Fortunately, I truly believe there are far more educated people these days, who are aware of climate change issues and take actions in their lives to counter the effects. I have hope that despite the lazy deniers, the efforts of the majority will prevail.
Frannie 4 month s ago
What the hell happened to this website? It's nothing but boomers in these comments now.
Martin 4 month s ago
Frannie, I know, it used to be so much better. Not sure why they’re here and not over at Fox News or whatever garbage they like.
Edyth 4 month s ago
Dog sh#t.
Eugene 4 month s ago
The earth is warming up whatever you want to call that. Base camp Everest used to be on ice, but now it is rock with a small river running through it. Places that used to be glaciers high in the Himalaya are now lakes. Changing sea currents. But you know, everybody's gotta have the latest I phone so...
Lincoln 4 month s ago
#8 and 13 both caused because rivers were diverted for and ground water pumped out for other reasons. BTW Lake Urmia, #13, has been refilling since 2019.



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