Share Your Favorite Pet Story! (4 PICS + 13 GIFS)

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"My Dalmatian jumped on an outdoor glass table but we had taken the glass out to clean it, he was so confused for about 30 seconds….priceless."


"When I was about 12yrs old I forgot to close our backdoor. My mom walked in the living room to our neighbor’s dog pissing on our couch. She screamed and chased it out. 2 days later our neighbor called yelling cause our dog broke in their house and ate their couch. My boy knew how to settle a score."


"Another dog/cr#p story. It was my son’s birthday and I got him a dog. On the way home we stopped by the store to get a few things and we left the puppy in the Jeep. When we came out, the puppy had cr#pped in the back seat and stepped in it, multiple times. Then it ran all over my Jeep and tracking dog cr#p everywhere! Windows, seats, dash and so on….Had to drive all the way home with cr#p all over the place. It took forever to clean and get the smell out…"


"I was in a very abusive relationship and after a bad altercation, I went home crying for hours in my bed when I was about 18. My cat I had since I was a baby had come up, nudged away my hands and started licking my tears away. Probably because they were salty To me, it felt symbolic that she was tired of me going home in tears. I built up courage & left the man I dated for 7 years soon after."


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"I had a mastiff mix who would howl throughout the song “Let it Go”. It was funny when he bowled to other songs because we rarely heard a song like “Stay” by Sugarland. Two little girls later, his howling during “Let it Go” became less fun. Once the mastiff started howling, it was only a matter of time before the other dog would howl, then the kids would cry."


"I was playing N64 with my brother and our Husky/Shepard cross came and sat down between us and absolutely let one rip. My brother and me blamed each other obviously then we looked at her and there she is just sitting there happy wagging her tail…then the smell hit us and cleared the room. Best damn dog and I miss her."


"I had been trying to convince my husband for years to get a cat, but he always said he was too allergic. Then a work colleague of mine passed away and left his beloved cat without an owner. This guy would always chat with me about her, and it broke my heart that she was now without him. My husband agreed to take her in, and fast forward three years, now they are the bestest of friends.

They absolutely adore each other, she lays on him and they are constantly cuddling (I’m actually a bit jealous ). And I have not brought it up, but he has not really ever mentioned his “terrible cat allergy” since bringing her home."


"Our friends watched our dog whilst we went to away for the weekend. They went out one night and had a friend of theirs get really drunk and stay the night. Their friend ended up puking in their toilet and our dog decided he was in the right position and started humping him whilst old mate was barfing his guts up…"


"Had a lab-pit mix who chased squirrels. One day he got ahold of a lower tree branch that had a squirrel hanging on for dear life. He pulled the branch back then let it go. The branch slingshot the squirrel across our yard, over the neighbor’s fence and partway through their yard. The squirrel took off after bouncing a few times. My dog just stood there watching and wagging his tail, gave a single “woof” and trotted back to the house.

You could see how proud he was of himself. I was setting g myself laughing."


"When I rescued him from a shelter and he became my best friend in the whole world…"


"I took my Australian shepherd puppy to the park last year and he jumped up on me in the parking lot and pulled my pants down in front of about 20 people. It was great."


"Buddy of mine used to have a English mastiff and a French bulldog. Mastiff thought he was a small dog and one day the frenchie was laying on the back of the couch like a cat and the mastiff ran over and headbutt the frenchie off the couch and though the screen of the open window into the front lawn.

This happened years ago and I just finished laughing about it."


"When I was in college I was hanging out at the lake before a big concert. Since I was there so early I had a great parking spot, so I decided to sit in the back of my truck with my two-year-old Catahoula pup to watch to show. A guy pulls up next to me tells me he will give me some beer if I’ll watch his truck while he’s inside. Sure, no prob. He sets a sixer of Bud tallboys in the bed.

Couple hours later of me drinking my own beer I hear the unmistakable sound of a beer opening. I know I’m the only one in the parking lot and I look around. My pup has chewed on the can til he bit into the side and he’s sucked all the beer out. I check and he’s already finished 4!!! He stumbles around the truck bed and passes out. An hour later and he wakes back up long enough to piss all over himself before passing out again. Best dog ever. RIP Buford"


"When I first got my cat, she was an itty bitty kitty, she refused to come out from under my entertainment unit for like 3 days, that weekend my girlfriend came over and in the middle of the night I woke up with my cat squeezed in-between us as we slept, the blanket acting as a little hammock for her to sleep in. Was the first time she came out from under the TV."



"My father-in-law was eating a cheeseburger and leaned back in his chair with the burger by his side. My wife’s golden retriever, who was sitting quietly by my father-in-law, simply leaned forward and gently took it right out of his hand. It was completely gone in half a second."


"When my son toddler was learning to walk my rottweiler would see him beginning to fall and he would hastily lay down beside him so my son will fall at his back and it wouldn’t hurt. It was something amazing to see. True story bro!"


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