Explain Your Tattoo… (26 PICS)

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“I got a green ribbon (a symbol of organ donation) tattooed on the scar I had left after donating a kidney to my cousin.”

“This tattoo represents my parents. They have been married for almost 50 years and are sweethearts, spouses, friends, and confidants. My example to follow, they love each other to this day.”

“I tattooed a guitar in honor of my father who loved music — even on his tombstone, we engraved the image of his guitar.”

“And it’s not self-flagellation, because the truth is that it didn’t even hurt to get one, but just seeing this mark on my skin reminds me of the joy my father had while playing his guitar and it helps me to keep going even though he’s not with me anymore, because life is to be enjoyed, and nothing is more beautiful than music to make it better.”


“Mine is of my dog who passed away in August 2019. 14 years she accompanied me, since her 43 days of life, my faithful companion. I now have her 7-year-old granddaughter and her 2 great-grandchildren, ages 5 and 4.”

“My son’s initial and a puzzle piece, he has autism.”

“I have 5 hummingbirds for my sisters and me because our parents taught us to fly and be free. And on my back, I have the tree of life for my 2 daughters who are everything to me.”

“A tribute to my grandfather who took it upon himself to help my mother raise my sisters and me when my father abandoned us. He planted coffee that he sold to add to his pension and be able to provide for us anything we needed.”

“I have the WhatsApp chicken head on my wrist... I’m learning how to tattoo and did it myself, so that’s why it has mistakes that I improved on in the next tattoo I did.”

“The names of my children”

“My only tattoo, which represents my 4 loves: my children. The tattoo was handmade by my daughter...”

“A mark of a real kiss from my grandmother — I had it made with my sister.”

“Grandma would always give us a kiss every time she could, but gradually her dementia and Alzheimer’s made her less affectionate. She hardly ever gives kisses anymore, but my sister and I will carry one with us forever.”


“My 3 children, represented by We Bare Bears, a cartoon that we used to watch together.”

“In honor of my family: 3 birds of different sizes because we are 3 children. I’m the middle one, so the medium bird carries my father’s last name. And the origami birds because my mother knows how to make them perfectly.”

“In memory of my 4 babies that I had in my womb but never in my arms”

“I am 43 years old and was very scared but still had just one of these done with my son since we always play the Bubble Bobble game. It was worth the pain, they are beautiful.”

“I have one on my forearm in honor of my daughter.”

“My baby — he was like a son to me and I have never met anyone nicer or more obedient than him.”

“I have my grandmother’s palm print on my left arm, very close to the heart. It’s her real print and has her name on it. She is still alive, but I made it in honor of her. I adore her.”

“This is a drawing that my sister made 3 years before she left us, and it’s been 13 years since that happened.”

“Last year, on the day of her twelfth death anniversary, I drew it as a tribute to her memory. That little monkey that she drew stayed in my memory forever, I was very young when it happened. I feel very comforted since I carry a part of her with me...”


“A tattoo with my best friends: my brothers and sisters”

“In memory of the first kitten I loved with all my soul — 2 years ago, he went missing...”

“Well, I have a tattoo, which is a phoenix, with the names of my mom and my brother written in Arabic on its tail... I got it tattooed because I got out of a toxic relationship of 5 years with the support of both of them.”

“The meaning it has for me is my family (my husband, myself, my daughter, and my son), cared for by the universe and united by it.”

"My brothers and I got this quote tattooed when we found out my mom had cancer. My mom’s name is Alice and my sister loves Alice in Wonderland. Thank God my mom is doing well today."

“They are my children, the middle one is no longer with us.”

“My kids and I are on the left hand, and my mom and dad are on the right. They flew off together 6 years ago...”

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Nibby 10 month s ago
Damn ... so much lazy excuses and some horrible tattoos too. Not all, just to be clear. Some folks had great reasons to do, but others ... dash
Bradford 10 month s ago
Quote: Nibby
Nibby 9 min ago
Damn ... so much lazy excuses and some horrible tattoos too. Not all, just to be clear. Some folks had great reasons to do, but others ...

Go back to watching p0rn old man. No one cares that you hate tattoos.
Jay 10 month s ago
No one cares that you're obviously too hip to live past 25, little girl.
Metta 10 month s ago
Quote: Jay
Jay 21 hours ago
No one cares that you're obviously too hip to live past 25, little girl.

Weird saying this to a 42 year old man....
Cathy 10 month s ago
You shouldn't have to explain your tattoos.
Wesley 10 month s ago
Nothing better to do with one's life than draw on one's self?



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