Zero Idea What That Is… (21 PICS + 1 GIF)

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"Glass vase thing found in a thrift store in Navarre, FL."

A: "It’s a kind of wine bottle used in Spain, specifically Catalonia. You drink from it by pouring a stream through the air and directly into your mouth. It’s called a Porron."


"What is this brick pyramid/steps structure in basement of historic house- there is no opening that I’ve found"

A: "Probably a simple buttress"


"Found this thing in a jar full of old buttons, what is it?"

A: "I’d assume an old belt buckle from a belt, saved for reuse after the original belt wore down."


"What are these cutouts on the cover of my notebook?"

A: "The slots are for card holding. If you google pirate journal 6 ring binder, or jack sparrow journal, something like that, you could find a whole bunch of them with this design."


"What would cause my friends lawn to look like this after the snow melted"

A: "That’s some major vole activity. They look a lot like mice, but tend to be very active under winter snows and like tunneling."


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"What is this banister railing (on the left going up) I found in a home listing in what looks like some kind of bunker? It looks like it has some purpose."

A: "Speculating here but looks like an old root cellar kind of storage. The bannister has a gap at the top but in looking closely there appears to be hinges. It probably flips up through the floor to allow ease of sliding(?) Items down?"


"[Northern Oregon] Buried metal plate found in side yard, stamped ‘Harvard’ ( sandal for scale )"

A: "That’s your average well head."


"What is this plier-handled tool with gear-toothed rollers turned by a wing crank at the top?"

A: "It’s for the ribbons on old pillowcases."


"What is this golden metal item, heavy with a flat bottom?"

A: "A fancy paper weight"


"Found this Instrument with a Prisma and some turning wheels in a river"

A: "Found it! It is part of the gunsight for an M60 tank, either the commander or the gunners position. This is a component of the Elbow Assembly: #11733401, is a module unit of the Tank Commander’s Periscope: M36E1 or the Tank Gunner’s Periscope: M32E1 and M35E1 primarily used in the fire control system of the 105 mm, Gun Tank: M60 Series."


"What is this 6 inch by 6 inch square stainless steel item with 25 holes in it labeled 1-5 across the top and A-E down the left side? Found in a thrift store in Buffalo, NY."

A: "An old school test tube rack."


"Voss tool? Quick google comes up with some hydraulic compression company. Red arms runs around as bottom needle goes down then gets so far and retracts"

A: "Looks like an automatic camera trigger. Wind it up and after 10 seconds it pokes the camera to take photo."


"Small mesh bag filled with small pearl like balls"

A: "They are silicone desiccant balls."


"Giant metal thing I found on the side of the road."

A: "That’s a decorative jack from Hobby Lobby. They are sold as doorstops, bookends and just as general decor."


"Wood thing that spins, all parts come off. Has weird loops in corners like if string can be attached"

A: "It’s a Japanese model of a pagoda. The loops in the corners are to attach bells."



"What is this thing protruding from the tail light? It looks like an antenna but not sure."

A: "It is the screw that is supposed to hold it on. It has vibrated loose and is about to fall out."


"Wooden bench with a long board and 3 places for it"

A: "Wood Lajin bench for stretching"


"What’s this thing I found on the floor of my bathroom? Between 1 and 2 cm in size and the black ring is a magnet that can rotate within its axis."

A: "It looks like part of the diffuser in the faucet fixture, if you unscrew the round part under the faucet spout there are often little pieces like these that either help regulate flow or restrict, regulate the flow."


"3cm diameter metal disk with a screw back. Looks shiny and new, no idea what it could be."

A: "It was from our upstairs radiator! Apparently our toddler must have put it in the washing it goes on the end of the knobs to turn it on."


"What is thing found in a backyard in south central Illinois? A dart with a bent tip that looks like a textured Hershey’s Kiss? Appears to be about a foot long and made of plastic or metal."

A: "It’s the weapon from a toy Tuscan raider (Star Wars)"



"Metal detector was going crazy… 3 inches thick… Wife told me to stop digging because we are closing on the house in a month"

A: "It’s an abandoned Septic tank.



Sheila 1 month ago
#10 Damn,'re good!
Derrick 1 month ago
Cora 1 month ago
Thanks Izi.
I like these "What is it?" posts. good
Cora 1 month ago
#19 Please don't use metric measurements.
It confuses the Americans.
Swene 1 day ago
Cora, Not really. Unlike Europeans, we have the mental capacity to convert cm to inches, meters to feet and kilometers to miles.



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