Five Funny Facts About Online Dating

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There is a misconception that dating sites are all about finding love and being serious. According to Badoo reviews, dating websites are not always a solemn service where you can find dates. Instead, they have the potential to be fun and funny according to their uses. We’re going to take a look at five different facts about online dating that will help you overcome your fears and ensure you get the best outcomes from romance.

Five Funny Facts About Online Dating

     1.   Online Dating Can Be About Vanity

One fact that you need to know about online dating is that a lot of people are not just using the sites to find love. According to some experts, a large number of people simply use the online dating app as a way to bolster their self-esteem. Rather than looking for love, they use the profile to attract matches and then never follow through with them! They just want people to tell them that they are hot and desirable despite never going on a date with them!

     2.   You Can Bounce Back from an Embarrassing Episode (Like These)

Another fun fact about online dating sites is that they are perfect for people that have suffered from embarrassing dating mishaps. Maybe you are like this guy and decided to pop the question too soon. Perhaps you had a lot of people on the hook at the same time and accidentally sent the wrong thing to the wrong person. No matter what the problem is, dating sites are made so you can get past those problems and focus on getting to the next step. You will have egg on your face, though.

     3.   People Tend to Do a Little Stalking

Another funny fact about online dating is that roughly half of all respondents to a survey admitted to doing a smart yet creepy thing—checking up on their date’s social media accounts before they start dating. On the one hand, it is only natural for you to wonder about what your date is like when they are not trying to impress a romantic partner. On the other hand, it can be a little strange to know that someone is looking through your personal photos and statuses before getting to know you.

     4.   Most Meetings Don’t Start with a Creative Pickup Line

A funny thing that guys should learn is that they are not likely to be successful if they have a creative pickup line in mind. Few women responded well to having a pickup line hurled at them, but guys insist on trying. The funny part here is that the common wisdom about talking to ladies is that guys should have some kind of pickup line, but it’s actually counterintuitive.

     5.   You Shouldn’t Smile (If You’re a Guy)

Women are told to smile over and over again, especially if they are making an online dating profile filled with their pictures. Guys tend to smile as well. The only hitch here is that the guys that smile are less likely to get their profile looked at or liked by a woman than if they kept a serious face. Again, conventional wisdom says to smile and that women like happy men. Men are more successful with a scowl that is designed to make women think they’re aloof and hard to please!


Online dating sites can be interesting or downright entertaining. As we’ve shown, there are several ways that online dating sites can be intriguing and humorous, even though it is often because of unnecessary miscommunications. Our love lives are a comedy of errors, and you just have to wade through it all to find some happiness with someone!

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