Never Hog Airplane Middle Seat… (8 GIFS)

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"After seeing another post about a middle seat @$$hole, it reminded me of what happened back in 2004. And this is unintentional pro revenge on my part.

This happened on a flight back after dropping my MIL off at home. She was in her 80’s and didn’t like flying alone, so I whenever she visited with my wife and me, I ended up flying down to pick her up and flying back with her to take her home. I liked earning the miles, plus I enjoyed it a lot because I genuinely adored my MIL."


"Anyway, I had the aisle seat (which I always book) and the guy in the middle seat, who was there before me, refused to move his leg and kept his arm on the armrest. I get in my seat, but he’s really pushing back hard. If feels like he’s basically trying to take over the entire row. I’m pushing back too, but refused to continue to this the entire flight even though it’s barely a 75 minute flight."


"As the flight attendant walked by prior to lift off, I purposely commented loud enough for her to hear, “Dude, stop trying to play footsie with me, I’m not interested!” He got all flustered and moved a little bit, though not a lot."


"Fast forward to just after takeoff, seat belt sign is turned off, and they’re getting ready to serve drinks. Now he’s spreading out again, but even more than before. I unhooked my belt and jumped out of my seat and yelled at him to stop touching me. FA and the air marshal rush up to me as quickly as they could to see what was going on, while he’s trying to form words. I tell them he keeps rubbing his leg against me and won’t stop even after I tell him to."



"Before this guy could respond, the passenger in the window seat says he’s rubbing up against him too. He gets taken out of the middle seat, protesting the whole time. He’s sat down in a “jump seat” with the marshal next to him. The FA comes back to me and the guy by the window and offers us a free alcoholic drink for our inconvenience. We both accept gladly! Free beer is always a good thing."


Izismile Videos

"About 20 minutes before the flight is supposed to land, the marshal comes back to me and asks if I wanted to press charges. I seriously thought about doing it, but said no. I’m just glad he’s not next to me and pushing up against me. The guy in the window seat said the same. And figured that was that."


"After the flight landed and we had exited the plane, I see the middle seat guy in cuffs and a couple of cops talking to the FA. The air marshal saw me standing there and walked over to me. I asked him what happened. He said the guy called the FA a bitch and a few other choice words and she was pressing assault charges against him because he did make a threat of bodily harm. He asked me again if I wanted to press charges and again I told him no, the guy’s already in enough trouble."


"As I walked away, I looked at the idiot and started laughing. Maybe next time he’ll just move. I didn’t want him arrested, I just wanted him to stop being a [email protected]#k. He’s the one who decided to make it worse for himself."






Barby 1 month ago
You may have ruined someone's life over an arm rest?
Pinckney 1 month ago

i think the middle guy was sourrounded by two karens...
Marissa 1 month ago
Barby,he ruined his own life by being an "A" hole
Pinckney 1 month ago
the left and right arm rest in the middle seat is for the dude in the middleseat...its an unwritten law ... but this stupid [email protected]#ker yelling at him like he get touched in a sexual way... the @$$hole in the story is the guy who told it and i am pretty sure he skipped a few details to get more likes ...
Marissa 1 month ago
Pinckney "the left and right arm rest in the middle seat is for the dude in the middleseat...its an unwritten law ."

an unwritten law is not "the law", i'm a big guy who's been in the middle seat on airplanes and i grin and bear it for the ride never trying to take up too much space, after years of doing this i solved the problem by upgrading to first class every time now and it's worth the extra expense, another plus is i get seated first and depart first and free beer
Angelina 1 weeks ago

Unwritten laws may not be "the law", but it is simple courtesy. Middle seat gets both armrests. This is known. So just save your 1st class money. As Jim Jefferies tells us, Window gets one armrest and the window, middle seat gets 2 armrests, aisle gets 1 armrest and a little extra leg room. We're not animals, we live in a society
Angelina 1 weeks ago
Permelia 1 month ago
I'll have to remember this! Usually I give the middle passenger the arm rest because it is a $h#tty seat to have, but you still have to stay in your area and not be an a-hole about it.

If everyone just started acting with a little common decency and respect for others our world would be a much better place (especially in the USA).
Tish 1 month ago

under our current government it shall be called the U.S.S.A(united socialist states of american)
Robbie 1 month ago
Everyone chill. This is a BS story that never happened.



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