People Share The Details Of Being Blocked By Celebrities On Social Media (21 PICS + 1 GIF)

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"Made fun of Kim Kardashian for being a plastic bottle. "


– Reddit_boi_lol_69420


"My friend got blocked by Dr. Phil for calling out his exploitative and abusive treatment of the mentally ill when she was 14. "


– Im_extremely_bitter


"Jason Statham was talking about his crossfit stuff and I responded with “crossfit, why don’t you [email protected]#k off”.




"John McAfee blocked me on Twitter because I offered to [email protected]#t in his mouth."


– _bitcoinbillionaire


"Stephen King blocked me because after he posted a TBT pic from 1979 I asked him if it was the last time he had an original and good idea. Didn’t go down well. "


– cheekysi


Izismile Videos

"I got blocked by Ricky Gervais on Twitter. I went to watch him live and went to @ him that I was at the gig but couldn’t find him. I thought he’d come off Twitter or something but then my wife found him quite easily. Anyway, after finding him I clicked on his profile to find out I’d been blocked! The only thing I could think was that about a year earlier I said that Derek wasn’t very good. Didn’t even tag Ricky in it just commented that I watched it and didn’t like it! For a guy who talks about people getting offended too easily he sure likes to block people that don’t like his work. "




"William Shatner blocked me because I said something like he had an assistant running his Twitter."


– pistonkamel


"I called Hulk Hogan a piece of [email protected]#t. "


– Idrathernottellyou


"I’m blocked by Kumail Nanjiani for some reason, I don’t think I ever interacted with him, so I don’t know why. "




"I was blocked on Twitter by famous “This job is beneath me” Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist, and all-round weirdo Ronda Rousey. I didn’t say anything to her but I did keep replying to all of her tweets with this GIF. "


– Jalsavrah



"Got blocked by Dana White for saying something along the lines of “UFC is fake WWE is real lol” "


– ThatsNotPossibleMan


"Lol John Mayer just blocked me on TikTok because I kept making jokes about his obsession with and emotional abuse of Jessica Simpson. "


– trailblaiser


"Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife. I tweeted at Dog asking if his hair is just a wig made of his wife’s pubes. He said, “no it’s ur moms,” and they both blocked me. "


– HubeyNoodle


"Not blocked, but ominously followed by Criss Angel. "


– WatNuWeerJoh


"Meek Mill blocked my husband because he called Meek out for only giving $10 to kids selling water bottles on the street to share amongst each other. "


– IllWeekend2



"My very small hometown was bankrupted by our local sheriff, because for a “small donation” he was selling celebrities and rich people (who lived nowhere near said hometown) licenses to be reserve police officers, which allowed them to conceal carry weapons pretty much anywhere they wanted and even make arrests.

Naturally, when the locals found out what was going on they wanted to know who these reserve officers were, but the sheriff refused to release their names. A couple people filed FOIA requests, the sheriff and city clerk still refused to release the list, the townspeople sued, the sheriff lost in court, the town’s insurance refused to pay the settlement, and the city declared bankruptcy.

BUT as a result of the lawsuit, the names of all of the donors/reserve officers was finally released to the general public. I was in college at the time, and was writing a paper about the situation for one of my classes, and decided to tweet at some of the celebrities who had been reserve officers to see if they’d comment.

And that’s the story of how I got blocked by Kid Rock on Twitter lol. "


– NK_1989


"Jessie James Decker blocks anyone who comments something other than praise on her posts. "


– rncardsne


"Calvin Harris on Twitter. Absolutely no idea why he blocked me as I’d never tweeted him or about him."


– ilovepaprika-


"John Cusack… He was going on a tangent and blocked anyone who disagreed with him lol. "


– jenskal


"I was blocked by both Jake and Logan Paul on Twitter. I messaged them both and said something along the lines of, “Imagine making a living off of scamming kids lmao.” "


– BizzareCringe



"Zayn Malik cus I made a Twitter impersonating him and essentially calling him the imposter. Not my brightest Middle School idea… said account I made got reported and banned a few days later. "


– ThrowAwayAnyMouse


"A friend of mine was not just blocked, but got a Cease And Desist order from Dwayne Johnson because he had started a Twitter called “Dwayne The Bop Johnson”. It was The Rock’s face on a Bopit, doing all the things the Rock does. "


– demonchefofportland



Thirza 1 year ago
Why do we even care about celebrities blocking someone?
And no, I didn't read this post, because I don't care about celebrities
Hezekiah 1 year ago

Why comment? Screaming in the dark make you happy? I read them and true or not, some are quite funny.
Johannah 1 year ago
are you the iron sheik?
Caldonia 1 year ago
If you disagree with ME, you shall be BANISHED from the public square and NOT allowed to speak. Your opinion SHALL be the same as MINE!
Natalie 1 year ago
Interesting, no one's been blocked by the FBI or Homeland Security.

BTW reCAPTCHA, a street car is not a bus



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