These Elderly People Haven’t Lost Their Cool Yet! (46 PICS)

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"My Grandmother On Her 100th Birthday"

"My 86yo Grandmother And Her Handmade Needle Point Chair. 25 Years In The Making And 14 Threads Per Inch"

"She used to pick up road kill from the side of the road to compare thread colours. She also bought a peacock for colour comparison. I am not allowed to sit in it."


"Bought My Grandma An iPad. She's 84 And Never Had A Tablet, And Wanted It For "Art". I Bought ArtRage For Her And Left Her Alone With Her New Toy For 30 Minutes"

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"I Just Found Out That My Grandmother Has Spent Her Time During Covid Hitting The Weights, She Turns 85 Next Week"


"This Grandma Just Turned 105 Years Old Today"

"My 101-Year-Old Neighbor Was So Ready For The Eclipse"

"My Grandpa Water Skiing On His 91st Birthday This Week"

"My 60-Year-Old Uncle Shredding In Kauai"


"My Facebook Friend Posted This Earlier Today With The Description: "How My Humble Great Grandmother Spent A Week With All Of Her Sisters After She Beat Cancer""

"My Grandmother 77 Graduated With Her PhD And Is The University’s Oldest Graduate. It’s Never Too Late"

"My 97-Year-Old Great-Grandma. She Lives Alone, Drives Herself, Mows Her Lawn, Loves Sexy Men, And Drinks On The Regular. This Is Her Proving She Can Touch Her Toes"

"Just Saw The Coolest Old Man At The Wine Festival"


"My 87-Year-Old Step Grandmother Decided It Was Time To Get A Tattoo"

"My Grandpa, At 86, Still Making And Improving His Death Star Fire Pits"

"This Was How My Grandparents Celebrated Their 60th Wedding Anniversary"

"I Ordered A Wonder Woman Costume Online. It Was A Little Big For Me When It Arrived And My Grandmother Said She Wanted To Try It On. This Is The Fabulous Result"


"Grandma Cosplayed As Olenna Tyrell"

"My Grandma Passed Away Recently, I Thought I'd Share This Favorite Photo Of Mine. This Was A Gift To My Parents Christmas 2008"

"My Grandfather Is A Champ"

"My Great-Grandmother, Born In 1899, Never Met Her, But Definitely A Legend"


"The Grandparents From This Weekend's Wedding. No Words"

"My 74-Year-Old Grandpa With COPD And I On A Roller Coaster. He Was So Excited"

"This picture is about a year old. My grandpa really wanted to go on the ride, told us he hadn’t been in so many years. The elderly man operating the coaster understood that and let us on. I’m squeezing the oxygen on the side so it didn’t slip. My gramps laughed the entire trip!"


"My Beautiful Grandma Doing The Splits After Her 80th Birthday Party Last Night"

"Nearly 100-Year-Old Woman "Arrested" To Fulfill Bucket List Item"


"My Grandpa Is A Retired Mathematician. He Got Bored, So He Decided To Build A Castle By Hand. It's Been Like 4 Years, But He's Gettin' There"

"My 106-Year-Old Great-Great-Grand-Aunt On Her 105th Birthday. She Acts Like She's Hardly 80"

"I Found Out Today That My Grandpa Ordered A Better Gaming Rig Than Myself And Any Of My Friends"

"This Is My 96-Year-Old Grandma That Lives Alone And Can Walk Around Without A Cane, Walker Or Wheelchair And Who Waters Her Flowers By Being Lifted Up On A Tractor"

"Also she can remember the thing she ate for dinner 3 years ago. Sharp as a tack."



"Today My 73-Year-Old Grandma Finally Graduates High School"

"She couldn't finish high school as a kid because she had to help the family, but she always regretted never graduating."


"My Grandma Died Today. In Her Life, She Was Kidnapped By Gypsys, Shouted At Ghosts, And Owned A Bar For 20 Years"

"Her last words to me before I moved out west were: "Whatever you do, don't marry an eskimo""


"Birthday Present From My Grandma. She Gets It, Man"

"My 90 Year Old Grandma Just Ran, Not Walked, Ran Her First 5k"


"My Grandmother Turned 100 Last October, This Is Her Doing The Plank For 30 Seconds"

"I Think My Great-Grandma Is Pretty Damn Stylish For A 95-Year-Old. And She Still Drives Her Own Car. Not At Night Though"

"74-Year-Old Grandpa Doing Some BBQ, Enjoying Life"

"My Friend Posted A Picture Of Her Grandparents On Thanksgiving, It Definitely Needed More Exposure. Cheers To Being This Cool When I'm Old"


"My Great-Grandma On Her 100th Birthday Today"

"What My 80-Year-Old Grandmother Did When Told To "Dress Up As A Ninja""

"My 76-Year-Old Grandpa Dressed Up As Elton John For Halloween. My Grandma Said It Was The First Time She Put Rouge And An Earring On Her Husband"

"My Grandma Texted Me Saying She Was Racing Today, Then Sent This Picture"

"My 96-Year-Old Grandma Playing VR Right Now"



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Paulina 2 year s ago
#6 He could have sat in any of the other empty seats behind him. No need to stand up and offer him one.

#12 Sixty is not elderly. Look at the age of popular Hollywood action stars.




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