If Only Everyone Had Neighbors Like These… (49 PICS)

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"Lost My Husband Suddenly 6 Months Ago, Lost My Cat Last Week. Today, My Neighbor Brought Me This Baby Girl. Smiled For The First Time In Days And Haven’t Stopped"

"A UPS Driver Went Above-And-Beyond This Year, Delivering Nearly 200 Packages A Day Through Lockdowns. Hundreds Of Neighbors Came Out To Give Him A Hero's Salute"

"One Of My Neighbours Slipped This Under My Door While I Was Practising, I Thought They Were Going To Make A Noise Complaint But They Just Had A Request"

"I played it with my windows open and I heard really loud clapping come from a balcony a few stories up which was super lovely. I'm in such a lovely mood now it's so nice to be appreciated."


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"Some Guy Spraypainted Some Very Explicit Anti-Gay Slurs On A Garage Down The Street (A Gay Couple Live There), So Our Neighborhood Got Together And Painted This"

"Our Neighbor Gives Treats Through The Fence. Recently He Has Been Giving My Daughter Treats Too. This Is Them Waiting Patiently Today"

"So My 102 Year Old Neighbour Was Admitted To Hospital With A Stroke And She Still Remembered My 21st"

"Relationships Like These Are A Gift"

"In 2019, This 15-Year-Old Kid Started To Take Care Of His Elderly Neighbors Every Single Day After They Had Medical Setbacks. God Bless You Romemylion"


"Learning Sign Language For A Deaf 3-Year-Old Neighbor"

"A Note Left For A Neighbor"

"We Ran Out Of Toilet Paper And Asked Our Downstairs Neighbor If We Could Borrow Some. This Is How It Arrived, Delivered To Our Door"

"Our Neighbor Doesn't Have Wi-Fi, So We Talked Her Through Joining Ours. Once On She Received 70 Messages From Her Children Living Overseas"


"Apartment Complex Flooded At Least 3 Feet. Good Neighbors Saved Dogs Trapped Inside"

"These Kind Neighbors Repaired And Painted The House Of A Lonely, Retired School Teacher For Free"

"My Neighbors Brought Me A "Plate" Since I Didn't Go Anywhere For Thanksgiving"

"My 90-Year-Old Neighbor Hasn’t Walked Her Dog In Years So I Volunteered To Do It For Her. So Proud Of Buddy’s Weight Loss"

"Someone Stole A Kid's Razor Scooter In Our Neighborhood. An Anonymous Neighbor Decided To Restore Some Joy Back For The Kid"


"These Young Guys Saved Their Elderly Neighbor Mr. C From A House Fire"

"This is Bridgeton. Mr. ‘C’ has lived here for nearly 50 years, and is well known in his neighborhood. Yesterday, unknown to him while he was watching television, this group saw smoke coming from the roof of his house. Rather than ignore it, they were concerned for their neighbor and alerted him. They got Mr. C out of his house while a neighbor climbed out the window with a fire extinguisher and slowed down a burning exhaust fan that was on fire."


"Being Wholesome To Their Neighbor"

"Neighbors Helping Out Strangers During The Australian Bushfires. Everything Helps And It All Adds Up"

"After Bad Storms, This Retired Old Man Goes Around Our Neighborhood And Cleans The Debris Out Of Yards And Catch Basins"

"When I asked him why he said “because I am retired and have the time to help”. 10/10 great dude"



"My Neighbor Painted My Dog For Me And My Brother For Absolutely No Reason. We Love It"

"When You Do Not Have A Doggo But Your Neighbor Does"

"Neighborhood Kids Were Using This Lady’s Yard For Sledding Without Asking. She Responded By Blasting Xmas Music Out Her Window, Putting On A Santa Hat With A Beard And Joining Them"

"Left This In My Neighbor's Garden To Cheer Them Up"


"My Son Was Looking Out Of The Window And Saw My Elderly Neighbor Walking In The Rainstorm Without An Umbrella On Friday. And Walked Him All The Way Home"

"I’m On Vacation For A Week And Asked My Neighbor To Go Check On Our Cat. He Checked On More Than That"

"90-Year-Old Neighbor On Strict Quarantine Put Out A Table Of Roses From His Garden In Wood Vases He Made By Hand"

"My Old Man Removed A Fence Panel So He Can Share A Beer With His Neighbor"

"Neighbour Complained About Kids Being Too Loud"


"This Is My 98 Year Old Neighbor And Friend. She Is Afraid To Go To Church So Every Sunday I Go Over And Set Her Up To Watch A Livestream Of Mass"

"Recently, I found the book of Sunday’s so she can follow along. She is such a blessing to me."


"An Offer From The Neighbor"

"So My Cat Died A Few Days Ago And The Neighbors Kids Found Out And My This Collage Of Him. I'm In Tears"

"A Neighbor I've Never Even Spoken To Saw That I Was Home Alone All Day On Thanksgiving And Brought Me This"

"These Neighbors Adjusted Their Fence So They Could Enjoy A Beer Together With Social Distance"


"Our 4 Year Old Twin Neighbours Left A Little Gift For Fira. She Loved It So Much She Carried It For Her Entire Walk"

"My Neighbor Just Passed Away And His Wife Is Still Quarantined Which Means Nobody Can Go Over To Comfort Her"

"He was a public school art teacher so the neighbors got together and made this for her to let her know how much he meant to us and our community."


"This Mailman Decided To Retire, The Whole Neighborhood Throw Him A Goodbye Party And Raise Money For His Dream Vacation"

"Once his very last shift was finally over, the neighborhood had another surprise for Mr. Floyd. 300+ people came to a covered dish block party in his honor. People stood in line all night for hugs and photos. Floyd's known these guys since they were babies. "Now you guys are as tall as I am!". Floyd said tonight’s sendoff was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him. His parting words: “Continue to take care of each other, and smile when you think of me.”

He hopes to go to Hawaii one day, so neighbors have launched an official Go Fund Me to help Mr. Floyd realize his dream of visiting Hawaii one day."


"I Had Such A [email protected]#tty Day. Valentine's Day, Husband Away, Alone With 3 Boys And Too Busy To Even Make Food For Myself"

"My Iranian neighbor just brought over abgusht, a stew with lamb and chickpeas. Just because she thought I could be hungry."


"My Elderly Neighbor Moved Out And Left This For Me"


"We Just Moved Into A New Neighborhood, And When I Went To Mow The Front Lawn, My New Neighbor Was Already At It"

"Said he does it once for all the new neighbors as a welcoming gift."


"We Lost Everything In A House Fire Two Days Ago. Our Little Neighbor Did A Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Us"

"The firemen who tried to save our house came by to support it."


"I Mentioned That I Am Out Of Work And My Elderly Neighbor Left This On My Doorstep"

"We Recently Had A Death In Our Family. That Usually Means Families Will Come Over Every Day For A Couple Days - At Least 25-30 Kids Outside Out Of Control And Wild For The Entire Day"

"Today the neighbor rented a bouncy house for the entire day, just for the kids."


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Hal 1 year ago
Alphus 1 year ago
#22 oh no, we're supposed to hate white people, especially men, and particularly if they didn't vote the way you want. Didn't you get the latest DNC memo?
Lawrence 1 year ago
MTG talking.
Alexandra 1 year ago
Calling BS on that woke little story.
Delbert 1 year ago
loving our neighbor has nothing to do with aprove/disaprove his/her acts
Didi 1 year ago
Delbert, upvotes times ten on this one.
Didi 1 year ago
There something very contrived about a lot of these.
Maggy 1 year ago
#34 & #40 Our neighborhood never stopped getting together for a couple beers and to shoot the $h!t. What's wrong with people?
Denise 1 year ago

they didn't want to kill each other accidently. You took the risk. That's all.
Maggy 1 year ago

No one died. No one was even hospitalized. Don't be so paranoid and self-righteous.
Sydney 1 year ago
#22 "no exceptions" unless of course they voted for Trump and are wearing a red MAGA hat then it's perfectly fine and actually excepted to not just hate you but physically attack you
Eph 1 year ago

It's called "tolerance paradoxon".
Quillie 1 year ago
dammit!! I came here to write a negative comment and find that all the 12 year olds have beat me to it. dash vomit
Valentine 1 year ago

Don't worry, in a few years you'll be 12 too.
Clementine 1 year ago
Children "out of control" and "wild" because of the death of a relative? What's f***ing wrong with parents nowadays? Teach them respect and a proper way of mourning.
Daisy 1 year ago
I agree with the respect, but you can't teach someone how to mourn. Everyone does that their own way




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